Disclaimer: I own nothing, and only borrowed these characters for a while.

"Penny!" came a loud clear voice across the room.

Penny stopped talking and cringed. Surely not. Excusing herself from the man she was running lines with, she turned. "What are you doing here?" the blonde actress asked, moving toward the Sheldon Cooper who should most certainly not be here.

"You forgot your bag," said the genius succinctly before summarily handing over said object.

"How did you get here?" Penny asked worriedly. "Where's Leonard?"

"When Leonard advised me that he was to come here, I told him that it would be a futile exercise to park in this part of town at this moment in time. I was right of course," he inserted with a self-congratulatory smile. "But unfortunately that meant that I had to accompany him whereby he forced me out of the car and into this building as is apparently custom for the passenger, aka me, to do as he looked for a park. And by the way, your clothing choices do not suit."

Lost after he'd spoken his third word, Penny latched onto his last sentence with indignation. "You looked in my bag?" she asked incredulously, pulling it closer to herself as if it to protect it from the tall man before her.

"It was in your best interests," said tall man replied with disinterest before he looked around and ran a critical eye over the props planned for the advertisement. "I need to have a word with the director. Those screens are not 18th century."

Penny grabbed the genius before he could do any damage. "Sheldon, sweetie," she gritted through a tight smile. "Leave."

"I can't possibly depart yet," he replied, horrified at the prospect. "You need my expertise."

"Is it your goal in life to make my life miserable?" the actress asked exasperatedly as she released her grip on his arm and stepped back, throwing her arm out in defeat.

"Don't be silly," the scientist scoffed seriously and she was momentarily appeased. "You don't factor anywhere near my top ten goals in life. In fact, you're at goal number 46."

"Oh yeah?" she asked in a tone that would have any sane man shutting his mouth and taking a step back. "What's that?"

Not Sheldon Cooper.

"Goal Number 46 – Own a whole floor in a building," he recited as if to an audience. Sheldon snapped his head around to her as he elaborated. "I'm sorry Penny," he declared, "but at some point, your apartment is going to serve its purpose as my store room."

"For what?" she taunted. "Your precious gadgets?"

"Don't be ridiculous," he replied. "That's what apartments D and E are for. Once I knock down non structural walls and install the appropriate cooling systems that is." His piercing eyes settled on the exasperated blonde woman's. "Your apartment will hold my comic books," he declared proudly.

Penny's jaw dropped before she managed to collect herself. Turning on her heel, she marched away. "I give up!"

Leonard dashed into the large room then, and seeing their beautiful neighbour storming off, and justifiably concerned, he turned his eyes on his roommate. "What's wrong with her?" he demanded to know. "Or better yet, what did you do?"

Sheldon sniffed. "I fail to see what it has to do with me. I think that Penny is suffering through that female business that arrives once a month."