Ring Ring Ring

Come on Dad you have to be home, I said to myself.

"Hello" I heard someone answer the phone but I couldn't speak.

"Hello is anyone there"

"Charlie there not talking do I hang up" I heard I think it was Jake ask my Dad.

Dad must of taken the phone "Who in the hell is this – I have just about had enough of these prank calls"

"Daddy" I whispered.

"Bella! Is that You" he said.

"Daddy, please help me." I was sobbing by now.

"Bella what is wrong" he said.

"Daddy you have to come and pick me up" I said.

"Why, what's going on, Where's your mother?" he said. I could tell he was starting to get really confused now but I can't tell him everything over the phone it would kill me.

"Daddy calm down" I said

"Isabella, you cant ring me out the blue, start crying, then tell me I have to pick you up and expect me to calm down" He shouted.

"Well I am not going to explain everything over the phone and I don't appreciate you yelling at me." I yelled back. He was really starting to get on my nerves, does he know how long it took me to make this call, and then of course it took longer to actually talk, because he never answered his own phone. So I decided that I would go a different route.

"Daddy, please put Uncle Billy on the phone" I said.

"Bella you still have to tell me where your mother is." He said.

"Not now Dad" I said



"Bella – fine you are not talking to me, you are exactly like your mother" he said.

Of course him saying that started me off again. I mean I know he didn't mean it, and he doesn't know what happened but it still hurts.

"Bella, Honey you there?" said Uncle Billy.

"Yeah I am here." I said.

"Honey, what's wrong? You can tell me." He said

"I need to come and live with Dad" I said

"What, Why, How When – Where's your mother honey?" He asked.

"She's dead" I whispered.

"She's what?" he asked me in shock

"My Mother is dead Uncle Billy." I said in a normal voice so that anyone that was listening in could hear.

"Have you told your Dad yet honey?" He asked.

"No, that's what I have been trying to tell him, but the one time I actually start talking to him…" I said

"Wait what do you mean the one time you start talking?" he asked.

"Oh you caught that, yeah um well you see I sorta…. " I was trying to come up with some reason but nothing come to mind.

"Hang on all the prank calls in the last two days, they weren't prank calls they were you" he said

"Yeah, every time I rang someone different picked up and I just couldn't talk" I said.

"Oh Bella" he sighed. "you have to tell him"

"I know, has he calmed down any yet?" I asked

"Hang on let me check" he said

I could hear him put the phone down, and all the whispers in the background but most of all I could hear my Dad ranting and raving in the kitchen. It suddenly got quiet so I knew Uncle Billy must have told him something.

"Bella, Baby talk to me" Dad said

"Dad are you sitting down?" I asked.

"Yes I am now what is wrong and where is your mother?" he asked softly.

"Dad I need to come and live with you if that's ok?" I asked.

"Of course its ok baby you know you don't have to ask, but where's your mum?" he replied.

"Mum's dead Dad." I replied calmly.

The next thing I hear is a crash on the phone. "Dad what happened?" I yelled.

"Dad, Dad, DADDY"

"Honey, your Dad's fine he just passed out is all?" Uncle Billy came back on the phone.

"But he told me he was sitting down, the stupid old fool, does he ever listen to me, no what would I know I am only his eighteen year old daughter." I ranted.

"Bella, Honey calm down – I will get him to drive down tomorrow and pick you up. Now is it only a one person job or do I have to send more people?" Uncle Billy asked.

"Maybe just one more person to help pack up my stuff." I replied.

"Ok are you at your place?" he asked.

"No, No I couldn't stay there anymore, I am at the Motel down the road from the house." I answered

"Ok, well your Dad and help will be there tomorrow to help pack, and I will see you shortly after that Ok?" Uncle Billy said.

"Sure that's fine, just tell Dad to ring as he gets here" I said

"Sure no problems honey, Bye Bella" he replied

"Bye Uncle Billy" I said and I hung up the phone.