I am at this point in time the happiest I have ever been, we haven't had any trouble with the Cullen's, there has been no vampires in the area, we haven't had anyone phase recently and most of all I have my Bella. I really didn't want to leave this morning, but work is work. I was looking around Mrs Benson's house when I started to feel funny, I can't explain it, I am not hurting but something is not right.

"Hey George, I have finished everything that I need to do here, do you need any help or can I go?" I asked, hoping that he didn't need help.

"No everything is fine, I just have a few more questions then I am done as well, you might as well go home, Thanks for coming in on your day off" he replied.

"No problem's, see you at work" I yelled back as I ran out the door. As soon as I was far enough away I started running, I just knew I had to get to Bella.

"Bella where are you?" I yelled as soon as I ran through the door.

"Bella, Honey are you home" as I raced through the house. I got to the kitchen and I noticed that there was a note on the fridge.

Dear Sam,

I have to go away for awhile, Just know that I am not leaving you and I will be back, But I need to have some time to myself. I love you I really do, I just can't do this with you around.

I love you and always will

That was as far as I could read, she left me, how could she leave me. I raced outside and phased.

"Hey man, what's up" Paul asked.

Shit I forgot that he would be on patrol. "Nothing just had to get out of the house"

"Ok cool, everything ok with Bella" Paul asked.

And just like that I broke down, started thinking about the note and Bella leaving me.

"Oh shit, come one Sam lets go home" Paul said.

"No just leave me alone, I can't go back there" I replied.

For the next few days everyone tried to get me to phase back and come home, but I just couldn't it hurt too much, Why did she have to leave me?

Bella POV

I don't know how long I have been driving for, but I ended up in Texas. All I could think about was Sam. I mean I left there to have some alone time and try and get my head around everything and all I end up thinking about is Sam. I started getting pains in my chest a few hours after I left, but I don't know what caused them, but they haven't gone away.

Knock knock

"I looked out my window and there was a Police Officer.

"Excuse me, are you OK, you have been sitting here for over five hours now and not moved" He asked.

"Yes thanks Officer, I was just thinking" I replied.

"Well you should be leaving now, you are parked in a restricted area" he said.

"Oh sorry, Yes thanks Officer I will be one my way now" As soon as I said this, I had my seat belt on and was driving, I knew I had to get home. Of crap, I didn't even tell Dad what was happening, Oh Shit I am so dead. I didn't want to ring, I just wanted to get home. So I floored it. Three days later I pulled into LaPush. Oh it felt so good to be home. I drove to Sam's house first, because I knew I had to see him first. I walked in and the house was quiet, which was really unusual. I heard noises coming from the backyard and headed out there. Once I got to the back door, I saw everyone was here except for Sam.

"Hi guys, I'm back" I said as I walked out the door. Everyone looked at me completely shocked to see me.

"What's going on" I asked as everyone started glaring at me.

"What are you doing here?" Paul asked

"What do you mean, I live here" I said.

"No you don't you left" Paul replied.

"What, where's Sam, I explained everything in the note I left for him, he did get my note didn't he" I asked.

"Yes, he got a note, but it didn't say that you would be back." Leah said.

"What, no I said I would be back in a week. Look where is he" I asked.

"He phased when you left and we cant get him back. He is in the forest" Leah replied.

"Samuel Uley, You get your furry butt out here now" I yelled. I sat down on one of the chairs out in the back yard and waited. Fifteen minutes later I saw Sam walk out of the forest.

"What are you doing back here, you left me remember" Sam growled at me.

"Oh give it a rest, did you or did you not keep the note I left for you?"I asked

"I did, its on the kitchen bench why?" he asked.

"Just wait here" I said and I turned and walked into the kitchen. My note was where he left it so I picked it up and took it outside. I walked up to Sam, gave him the note.

"What am I supposed to do with this" he asked.

"Read it out loud, all of it" I stated.

Dear Sam,

I have to go away for awhile, Just know that I am not leaving you and I will be back, But I need to have some time to myself. I love you I really do, I just can't do this with you around.

I love you and always will


P.S – I will be back in a week

"Oh crap"he said, looking at me guiltily.

Sorry it took so long guys, really not sure where to go from here, so any ideas are welcome.