Sort of depressing Roy/Riza fic I wrote half a year ago! Still not too happy with this drabble but blah.

Set just post-Ishval.

It's been a few years.

The smooth skin of her back, threads of brown lines twisting, intersecting and arcing in a nauseating display.

Over the curve of her shoulder she glances back at him, eyes blank, and it reminds him of a far-away desert street filled with rubble and a woman staring sightlessly up at the pale sky with her red eyes, red blood spilling from her stomach to the stone beneath her.

He wants to wince. Bury his face in his hands. But he pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes away the thought, letting it fall to the edges of his mind where other similar thoughts wait.

Clearly, she is aware of what he saw, but she says nothing. Her own brown eyes watch him with slight recognition, and the dark circles under them are telltale signs that she, too, experiences the same.

They both have not been sleeping well since they got back and they will probably never sleep well again.

Dark circles are the only things that will disappear eventually with time.

When he finally decides on an area, he presses his fingers against her through gloved hands.