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The sliding door swished open, gliding silently on its well lubricated track. Cyborg had always been meticulous, correction, fastidious when it came to the Tower's maintenance. The room the door led into was a dark, untidy room. The desk was covered in papers and disassembled gadgets. There was a half eaten hamburger sitting on it, clearly forgotten as it was now getting moldy. The young man who had just entered saw it and picked it up. After examining it he made a gesture of disgust and tossed it down the incinerator chute. He then returned to the desk and after sitting down on his aero chair he reached for the small banker's lamp on his desk, a gift he received from his girlfriend last year on his birthday. He switched it on and it lit up the room with its faint glow. The walls were now visible and they were covered with newspaper clippings, about half of which were dedicated to Slade Wilson.

Robin sighed and dropped the hard copy of the email that he had just received on his desk. An email that was going to change life as they knew it in Titan's tower.

Change. It was said that the only thing in life that could be relied on and expected was change. Robin had always known this truth, but he didn't care for it. It had been two years since they returned from Tokyo, two relatively blissful and carefree years to be precise. Slade had moved his base of operations down south to Los Angeles where he was now butting heads with Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man. This of course meant that life had become a lot more predictable for the Titans and a lot easier. With Slade away and Brother Blood clearly AWOL after all these years all they had to contend with were lightweights like Control Freak, Dr. Light and Mumbo. Things had gotten so slow that they were routinely involved in dealing with more ordinary crimes: shoplifting, muggings, stolen cars, etc.

Curiously Robin seemed to be the only one dissatisfied with the status quo. Cyborg relished the free time to work on never ending projects. He had build a "moped" for Beast Boy that could outrun most crotch rockets and had performed countless upgrades to the T-ship and the T-Cars, of which there were now 7 different models, 2 of which could fly.

Starfire had used the free time to learn how to properly cook food that wouldn't kill her boyfriend, and had actually become quite good at it. She and Robin had remained a couple since Tokyo but their relationship had moved forward excruciatingly slowly. Raven had once asked her if she had ever got past "first base" with Robin. The Boy Wonder recalled having to explain to Starfire what the baseball terminology actually meant and why humans used such "whimsical" slang to express what they all were too embarrassed to admit they were infatuated with. And after two years of dating they indeed had not gotten past first base, which was OK with Robin. He barely had enough time for Starfire as it was.

And speaking of getting on base, there was Raven and Beast Boy. On the surface it had been clearly business as usual for them. Raven would be snide to Beast Boy, insulting him and calling him stupid while he continued to annoy her and occasionally return the not so friendly barbs back to her, which invariably meant he would end up tossed out a window or with one of Raven's signature black energy wedgies. Robin had been glad, knowing that there were some things that could be counted on.

That is until that fateful night.

He had been up late that night, obsessing over work, piles of evidence and reports to make out for the police and the district attorney. Starfire had even asked him to spend the night with her, coyly suggesting that a surprise was waiting for him. He had asked her for a rain check, which he always did even though he never collected on them. He had been working until 2 AM when he finished his paperwork and with a yawn of relief shut down his office for the night.

He exited his office, making sure that the door was locked as he kept sensitive materials in there that even his teammates were not allowed to see, including highly sensitive dossiers on each one of them.

He rode the elevator up to the habitat level of the Tower and as he exited the elevator he heard shouting, screaming actually from the east wing of the Tower. His adrenaline kicked in and he raced down the hallway. The screams led him to Raven's room where he punched in the override code on the door which silently slid open and he charged in with his bo-staff already extended. He was not prepared for the sight that greeted him.

The room was illuminated in the warm amber glow of dozens of scented candles, which wasn't all that unusual for Raven. That wasn't caused Robin to go slack jawed, to stop breathing from the shock.

Raven's screams were of pleasure, not pain. She and Beast Boy were lying on top of her bed, their clothes strewn over the room and they were in "intimate embrace" to put it politely.

Robin didn't move as he watched the couple engage, quite expertly he thought, in their bedroom gymnastics, as this clearly wasn't their first time. Beast Boy acknowledged his pleasure with grunts and an occasional "I love you" while Raven continued to shout and scream her approval. Robin noticed that her eyes were in their demonic configuration, all 4 glowing red.

Robin snapped back to reality and decided that he needed to get out of the room ASAP. As he silently turned around he saw the door begin to slide shut. He made a quick dash but wasn't quick enough. The door slammed shut with a loud thud before he could escape.

Raven and Beast Boy both paused in their lovemaking and turned to the door. Raven was the first to see a cowering Robin, his faced smothered in terror.

And every window in the Tower shattered.

Robin sighed as he picked up the print out of the message he had received just minutes before. Raven had never fully forgiven him for what had happened that night and she temporarily broke up with Garfield. Fortunately they eventually got back together and publicly announced their relationship to their friends. Beast Boy moved into Raven's room and at her request Cyborg installed extra sound insulation. Six months later they announced their engagement and while a year had passed since their announcement they still hadn't set a date. Robin knew that Starfire was becoming envious of the chromatically challenged couple and was getting impatient with Robin. Very impatient.

But that was the least of his problems. He now had to ask Raven for a favor, one he knew she knew wouldn't like doing. Then, as if on cue, there was a knock on his office door.

"Come in, it's open."

The door slid open and the gray sorceress floated into the room, her hood was up and her face was concealed in the relative darkness of the room.

"You wanted to see me Robin?"

"Yes." He replied. "Please have a seat Raven."

Raven sat down and lowered her hood.

"What do you want Robin?"She asked bluntly. Robin looked up at her blank, unexpressive face. He wondered what Beast Boy saw in the cold, unemotional demoness, but quickly shook away the thought.

He handed her the email print out which she quickly read.

"Whoa!" Was her only response.

She looked up at Robin.

"Yeah, 'whoa'." He replied.

"So what does this mean to the team?" She asked.

"It means I have to return to Gotham, immediately. And I need you to take over the team while I'm gone."

"Why me?" She asked hesitantly. "Wouldn't Cyborg be a better choice?"

Robin shook his head. "Cyborg is too emotional. He's a natural leader but I trust your decision making more. You're more level headed and analytical."

"I don't want to do it." She snapped at him.

"But why Raven?"

Raven rolled her eyes.

"And you call yourself a detective?"

Robin sighed. "What is it Raven?"

"Haven't you been wondering why Gar and I haven't set a wedding date yet?"

Robin looked away from the penetrating gaze of her amethyst colored eyes.

"I'll admit that the thought has crossed my mind, but it's none of my business, so I kept my nose out of it." He had learned his lesson that night he caught them with their hands in the cookie jar.

"Well allow me to enlighten you. Gar and I have been struggling in our relationship. I'm by nature the dominant one …"

No shit Sherlock.

"… in our relationship, excessively dominant in fact, and we've been 'working' on that. We both agreed that we won't tie the knot until we resolve this issue, and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears we've made enough progress …"

Really? I sure haven't noticed.

"… that we think we should soon be able to announce our wedding date."

Robin sat up straight in his chair.

"Well that's good news! Congratulations. So what's the problem?"

Raven frowned at him.

"The problem, bird boy, is that if I become my lover's boss it will undo everything we've been working to achieve. And I'll quit the team before I allow that to happen."

Robin sighed and rubbed his forehead. He then had an idea.

"How about if the two of you run the team together?"

Raven stroked her chin.

"I'll think about it."

"I need to leave today Raven. If you don't accept I'll have to bring someone from outside."

Raven subtly flinched at the threat.

"OK, but let me talk to Gar first."

Robin smiled. "I knew I could count on you Raven."

The dark sorceress levitated out of her chair and glided to the door which slid open as she exited the room.

"You're welcome." She deadpanned as the door slid shut behind her.

Robin shook his head.

Run for your life Beast Boy. There's no way you could possibly be happy with her. Even Terra would be a better choice.

Robin sighed as he picked up the print out and re-read it for the umpteenth time.

"From: Alfred Pennyworth

To: Robin of the Teen Titans

Dear Master Richard:

I am writing you this missive so that you will hear the news from us before you hear it in the mass media. Master Bruce is unwilling to communicate this to you, but I believe that it is imperative that you know.

Yesterday the Bat clan suffered two tragedies.

Jason Todd, your replacement as Master Bruce's partner, was murdered by the Joker yesterday. I will spare you the details but his demise was carried out in a cruel and horrifying manner, done clearly with the intent of affecting Master Bruce, which it did.

Unfortunately there was a second incident later that day. The Joker ambushed Barbara Gordon and shot her. She is in intensive care at Gotham Mercy Hospital and while she will survive the attack she has been left paralyzed from below the waist.

Master Richard, I implore you to return to Gotham to assist Master Bruce. I know that when you departed that Master Bruce was not happy with your decision and has not spoken with you since that unfortunate day, but he needs you now more than ever, even if he won't admit it. And let it not be forgotten that the Joker must be stopped, and Master Bruce cannot accomplish this without your help.

I have sent a corporate jet to collect you in Jump City. Master Richard, I beseech you to return. Master Bruce and Miss Gordon need your help…"

Robin dropped the hard copy on his desk. He stood up and exited his office. He still had to pack his bags. And tell Starfire he was leaving.

And might never return.

OK, this is something I thought of as I was walking the dog earlier. It's a first for me, a Robin specific story.