Summery: "Apparently, I managed to piss off a God from a video game. To the point where he cursed me to live life in the form of some, legendary creature thing from his universe. Being a "Pokemon" in real life, modern day America… That's definitely going to be fun."


"This is supposed to be their God?"

Valon could not help but laugh at the device's shown image, that his friend had revealed onto him. He had to stifle his amusement, however, to not attract the other students' attention towards them. He quickly regained his composure to reply. "Ah man, just when I thought these designs couldn't get any uglier."

Jason frowned a bit at his buddy's reaction, his glasses drooping slightly. He took a check of the surrounding passengers' sights, before glancing at the digital picture himself. "What? I think he looks cool. And you don't have to be so rude about it, dude."

The device in question, was a Nintendo DS handheld, emulating a very popular game, known as Pokemon Platinum. Particularly, the game was on to display its owner's, Jason's, recent completion of the Pokedex, or so it was titled. The origin of Valon's snicker came when the game cursor moved to the final entry, "NO. 493 - Arceus." Valon scoffed again, although much less loudly.

"But you would think that Nintendo could think of a better look than a stupid horse, right? And why does he have a hula hoop around him?" He merely shook his head sideways. "Seriously Jason, I'm amazed you actually like this stuff. Especially since we're in high school."

"Hey, stop dissing Arceus, man. He's freaking God. How can anything be cooler than that? Besides, the game is a lot of fun!"

It had been a seemingly vain attempt at the start, but Jason had been constantly pressuring his friend to give the game a chance, instead of just writing it off as kiddie, or a joke. He had seem some gradual success, managing to grab Valon's attention and explain the basics and features of this virtual world. Soon, he was hoping to, at last, convince him to buy the actual game itself, but at the current moment, he felt doubtful. Still, he felt he had to take a shot at it.

"Listen Valon," Jason started, "I'm really sure, that if you just gave it a go yourself, you'll like it!"

"Look dude, I've humored you. I've watched you play, and heard everything you had to say about it, but I'm not-"

"Oh please, Valon? I just want to have someone I can play beside… I'll even lend you my game to try!" Jason then made his classic begging motion, with the imitation of puppy-dog eyes, and hand gestures to accompany them. And, like always, Valon made a groan and a shift in his posture, exposing his submission. Well, it was called classic for a reason.

"Fine, I'll give the thing a go. Even though those designs are ridiculously dumb." Valon chuckled again, the sight of the apparently divine horse reappearing in his mind. Jason nearly jumped off the seat, the glasses nearly flying away from his face, in cheery excitement.

"Awesome! Thanks, Valon!" Jason grinned, before calming down. "Oh, and don't forget the weekend party tomorrow afternoon, it's supposed to be a costume party! I'll pick you up and we'll go together, okay?"

"Yeah, alright." Valon confirmed, although showing a hint of self-embarrassment, from falling for the infamous beg once again. And, unbeknownst to either of them, the still emulated image of the virtual deity, started to flicker a little…

A short time afterward, Valon entered his own household, Jason's still functioning DS being stuffed half-way into his jeans' pocket. The interior itself was nothing special. Your average couch and TV, along with a normal-sized dining table, took up much of the living room. The nearby kitchen had the simple necessities; An oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher, among other appliances scattered around, and a small counter in the center.

As he walked in, his mother waved to him from the kitchen, smiling, as she spoon fed his infant sister , who was practically entranced by the portable DVD player atop her booster seat, running her favorite film, E.T. Valon viewed the movie for a minute, watching how the government went to great lengths to capture and examine the strange creature. Remembering what he was about to ask, he shook off the hypnosis and closed in onto his parent.

"Hey mom. Hi Isabelle." Valon initiated, giving his little sibling a light pat on the head.

"Hello honey. How was school?"

"Same as always. Is Fran back from work, yet? I was hoping to use the shower first."

"Sorry, she beat you to it. She should be done soon…" Lifting her eyes away from her child, to down the hall, she witnessed a figure emerge from the end doorway. "There she is, just like I said."

The figure, covered in towels to dry herself, moved towards the group with a small, almost rascally smile donned on her face. Mimicking his previous action, she reached over with her free hand and roughly patted Valon's cranium.

"Don't worry, little bro, I'm finished." Fran said with a slight chuckle.

Valon mumbled under his breath. "Yeah, but you probably used all the hot water…"

Ignoring his comment, Fran's eyes noticed the hurriedly pocketed DS in his jeans, and she shifted her hand to pull out the handheld and open it fully, all in a casual manner. Deducing what it was, she started to giggle. "Really now, Pokemon? I didn't realize you were still into this stuff."

Valon, feeling his face starting to redden, tried to snag the gaming device, but Fran anticipated such a motion, and jerked it away before he could touch it. "No, that's my stupid friend's game! I'm just keeping it for him." He defended himself.

"Now, now, no need for excuses," She countered, "It's kinda cute, really. Plus, I like how this guy looks on here. How do you say it, 'Are-see-us?'"

Valon, not bothering to answer, took the opening to swipe back the DS and shove it back. "Who cares, it's a dumb-sounding name in the first place!" He retorted. "But I guess it suits an equally dumb-looking monster thing, anyway."

The mother, not wanting an argument with her infant nearby, intervened. "Calm down, you two. No reason for fighting, especially when Isabelle is trying to watch her movie.

Her reasoning seemed to work. Valon took a deep breath to recollect himself, while Fran merely shrugged.

"Whatever," Fran replied. "I'm going to my room to get dressed, it's too cold out here with just towels. Later, Valon." She playfully winked, as she retreated into the hallway to her domain. Valon grumbled a few remarks, such as, "Just go to college, already," and the like. Recovering from his agitation, he simply nodded in his mother's direction, before walking to his room, chucking the object of problems onto his bed, and headed into the washroom. The object's screen, like before, began to flicker, but within a much more rapid execution.

Shiny, clean, and feeling refreshed, Valon put on a new outfit of a casual blue T-shirt and pants from the closet, and shortly laid upon his mattress, at the opposite corner of said closet, and scooped up the earlier thrown DS into his palms, albeit with a sigh. He swiftly browsed around his room with his sight, longingly gazing at the Playstation 3 console that sat next to his small TV set to the left of the bed, before refocusing at the dual-screened mechanism.

"Well, I'll try to get this done with quickly, so I can actually play something fun…" He planned with himself, as he pressed the start button to reinitialize the game.

But nothing happened. The screen was at a standstill, the image of the divine creature frozen in place.

"What the hell?…" Valon questioned with slight irritation. He mashed the rest of the buttons, and even pushed the power switch a few times to get a reaction, but to no avail. He was confounded, and frustration was building stronger within him. "Are you kidding me? The system locked up! What a piece of garbage!" The complaints grew. "On top of it all, I have to stare at this ugly thing! This stupid, cheesy horse reject that's supposed to be a God! What a pathetic joke!"

Outraged, he tossed it into a unused corner of his room, uncaring what happened to it, nor paying attention to the fact that the image was now flickering at a violent pace. After several minutes filled with shouts of obscenities, his anger slightly subsided.

"Ugh… Screw that faulty trash. I'll just play some Modern Warfare. If Jason asks, I'll say I accidentally brought it in the shower, or, whatever."

So, with that put aside, Valon took a few steps to his Playstation 3, and edged his arm around the machine, feeling for the power toggle to initiate the system.

And that, was when it happened.

"Halt, human."

These two words boomed throughout the room, rattling the occupant and its belongings around, as if they were frail rag dolls. Items, like the gaming console and the television set, fell down to the ground in a smash, but miraculously avoiding an incredibly baffled and disoriented Valon. Having fallen himself, he slowly picked himself off the floor, cautiously dusting off his body. He was startled, to say the least.

"What the… Was that some sort of earthquake or something?" He wondered out loud, while slowly investigating his limbs for any signs of injury.

"I, am no mere quake, mortal."

Another tremor shook the area, but much less ferociously than before. Valon hastily gripped onto the floor, to secure his being from collapsing again.

"Okay, what exactly is going on in this place?" Valon stated , totally baffled. Suddenly, a small, white light emerged in the bedroom corner, where the handheld was formally flung in fury. Faintly gleaming initially, the light began to grow in radiance, until it illuminated the entire section, and earning Valon's undivided attention. He couldn't keep line of sight for long, however, as the flash heightened to such a point, where all anything could possibly see, was white.

The brightness soon faded, and the room's environment returned to it's previous hues and tints. Valon, covering his eyes from the shining, gently peaked his pupils between his fingers to study what had taken place. And what welcomed him, was nearly unbelievable.

A strange silhouette, at first, emerged from the void of light, but as features began to reveal onto itself, one could say it was shaped similarly to a equine. It's fur, or what resembled fur, matched the whiteness of the glow it came from, excluding a grayish underside with a vertical stripe pattern. Especially peculiar, around it's abdomen, was what appeared to be a cross-like wheel of some sort, a golden color that matched the creature's pointed hooves and forehead, and four jewels attached near the ends. The mane and tail were near identical, extending away from the body. Upward its somewhat long neck, with spiked protrusions on the sides, awaited a face the gave off a most unexplainable, yet ominous vibe, with solid green eyes and red pupils, and green circles below them, put together in a completely emotionless expression, that some might find it possibly horrifying.

Arceus. The Original One. Floating in the corner of your room. Not many people would believe they would ever see that.

Certainly, Valon was no exception, either. In fact, after a completely awed stare, he rubbed his eyes a bit, then did the same for the top of his head.

"Man, I must've really smacked my head hard, or it could be the school's lunch affecting me…"

"Are you calling me an mirage, human? Your species' ignorance is evident in you."

There was no shake at all this time, but the extreme feeling of fierceness was still felt in the words. Valon, whose common sense filled him with assurance of protection, simply shrugged. "Considering you aren't real, I'd have to answer yes to your question. Now, I'm just going to check on my family, get something for my headache that's probably causing you, and lie down somewhere. Later." And with that, he dismissed the supposed illusion, and started moving over to his door to leave.

But, he soon noticed, he wasn't moving at all, despite his walking. In actuality, he was slowly flying above the ground, defying all the laws of gravity that clashed with this occurrence. The 'false' deity continued looking at the young male, never once blinking or moving its mouth.

"Uh… I must be as disoriented as hell..." Valon commented on his physics-ignoring experience, his hand still fixed on his head.

"Listen, and listen well, mortal, to what I am to state to your feeble mind."

Valon, although aching, rolled his eyes a bit, not bothering to heed the hallucination. "As if I had a choice…"

A slight pause of silence overtook the environment, and then, speech.

"When your universe's 'Nintendo' company created those cartridges years ago, it had secretly created a, shall you say, link, between the continuum of this and my realities. Although I knew of this link from the beginning, I could not seem to access it myself until recently. So, intrigued, I subtly observed your world."

"And how exactly does all this apply to me?" A uncaring Valon interjected the explanation.

"I was nearing that." Vicious trembling of the area ensued, followed by another pause. Valon repeated his eye roll, while Arceus then continued.

"…Now, I, have been calm. I have learned to disregard the disrespectful, hypocritical comments, that many of your species continuously spew from their tongues and their text, about my universe. But you, you were, as your kind put it, the 'straw that broke the camel's back.' You have, at a staggering amount, insulted not only my creations, but my being as well. Thus, with my thought out decision, I hereby punish you, until I have deemed you sorrowful for your actions."

A thunderous roar swallowed the entire room whole, the crackling of lightning outside accompanying it. Valon, albeit impressed with the effects, chuckled a little at the divine horse's declaration. "Sure, say whatever you want, buddy. But I know that you, and everything else, are just my mind's imagination. I'll just blink a few times, and you'll be gone, and I'll be waking up on my bed. Just… Like…"

Valon lightly shut his eyes, making the vision of the solemn creature overlooking him, and the ruins that was previously his bedroom, disappear in darkness.


He reopened his eyelids…

The creature was gone. No evidence of it remained. He found himself laying on top of his bed, cozily resting. As he check the other surroundings, all the other objects were as they always had been. The television was intact, the floor immaculate, sans the shut down DS at the corner of earlier events.. Valon smirked, for he saw that he was right all along.

"That was a really crazy and stupid dream, there. Punishment? Yeah, right!" He thought to himself out loud. Though, for some strange reason, as he noticed, his body felt a bit tingly. He quickly brushed it off, thinking it was from the deep sleep he awoke from.

"Fran, Valon! Dinner's almost done, get out here!"

He recognized that voice as his mother's, and in response, pushed off from the mattress, and headed out of the door.

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