Heeeeey FFXIII fans. I've got something weird for you this time. I got a shot of inspiration to write something from my favorite under-appreciated side character, Lebreau. This takes place post-game, so there are a few non-detailed references to the end of the game. If you like this, please review it. I haven't decided yet if I want to continue this.

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I'd never seen anything like her before--especially in such a state. Her body glistened in the afterglow where the thin sheet wasn't covering her. Her light pink hair was a beautiful mess around her head, and she had this... peaceful look on her face.

I'd spent the night with the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen--doing things I never imagined I'd have the priviledge to do. I knew what I had gotten into, and I knew what would happen when it was over. Lightning was a soldier, and she wasn't particularly fond of NORA. Why she choose me to keep her company that night, I didn't know--I was happy enough just listening to her talk while I served her drinks. I don't know why I let things escalate, especially since she was inebriated beyond reasoning.

Perhaps I felt bad for her.

Perhaps I admired her.

Or maybe I just wanted her.

As I lay there in her bed next to her, I clung to one of her pillows, I couldn't help but breath in her scent. Everything about her had become so intoxicating to me. Her voice, her smell, the way she carried herself, her body, but most of all, her smile. I'd become almost obsessed with her in my own way. Whenever I would be training with Nora, I'd imagine she was guiding me across the battlefield, steadying my rifle as I take aim, protecting me from harm.

I covered my face with the pillow as the embarrassing thoughts flooded my mind. God, I'm such a dork, I kept repeating in my head, I shouldn't have agreed to this. I was trying to break my stupid fascination with her...

I could feel her shift to my left. I peeked out from under the pillow to see her smiling peacefully, almost as if she were smiling at me. My face began to feel hot the more I looked at her. My hands had touched that soft skin. I had traced her slim feminine figure with my hands, and touched... Oh Eden, I had touched as much of her as I could, as if hoping her perfection would rub off on me somehow.

Nothing past this night, I reminded myself, Things will go back to the way they were, and we'll pretend this... whole mess... never... happened....

No. No, Lebreau. You knew what you were getting into. You knew she had one too many to drink. You knew she was just looking for a good time... Nothing more.

My eyes began feeling hotter than my cheeks, and I squeezed them shut. Now wasn't the time to get emotional! I'd just spent the greatest night of my life in the bed of the woman I admired most! The woman I was practically in love with!

Who am I kidding? She was the woman I was in love with. Not "practically."

Pulling the pillow away from my face, I steeled myself with new resilience to... to... go back to normal? How does one act after something like this, I wondered. Do you pretend nothing happened? Do you bring it up casually in conversation? No, that would be too awkward. Perhaps when we're alone, I could bring it up and... No. The last thing someone like Lightning would want is a relationship with someone like me. I'm a part of Nora, she... well... destroyed Fal'Cie in her spare time.

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the point remains that Lightning would want someone who can challenge her, right?

Or... does she?

Does she want to anyone at all?

Dammit woman! Why do you have to be so complicated!

I sighed and sat up with the pillow still held tightly to my bare chest.

Get dressed. Go home.

Cue doubt.

But what if she's disappointed to see me gone?

Cue denial.

What would she POSSIBLY have to be disappointed about? If she's disappointed about anything, it'd either be my preformance, or the fact that she did anything with me in the first place!

Cue self-loathing.

What was I thinking? I should have just called her a cab and got her home safe and quiet. Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID.

And finally, paranoia.

Oh no. What if she hates me for this? What if she never comes to the bar again and... and...

Poor pillow. Had it been a living thing, I'd have squeezed the ever-loving-life out of it.

Maybe I should just lay back down, wake up, and leave a note before I go...

Silly, Lebreau, you couldn't get any sleep even if you tried.

I hate this. I love her, and I hate that. Why her of all people? She's... a soldier! And she hates NORA... Ok, so NORA has nothing to do with this. But... but...

Light let out a soft moan in her sleep as she shifted onto her back again.

... If I could just... touch her one last time...

I reached to brush a strand of hair out of her face, inches from touching her, I hesitated, but finally made contact. I lightly brushed her cheek as I pushed the hair away from her eye. She seemed to have taken notice unconciously because she grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go.

AHH. WHAT DO I DO? I screamed internally. My body temperature shot up, my face grew hot and I forced myself to lay down, my free hand still gripping the pillow to my chest. I turned my head so I was facing her, and watched her peaceful face for just a bit longer before finally reaching my conclusion.

I needed to leave.

I slowly and regretfully pulled my hand from her's and sat up with my back to her. Most of my clothes were on the floor near the bed, or on the nightstand... or on the lamp. I quickly grabbed my underclothes from the lampshade, causing the lamp to stir and make noise. I cringed and quickly tried to slide my underwear on without waking her--but to no avail.

"What're you still doing up?" came the tired mumble. I froze in place, underwear barely past my knees.


"Go to sleep," she muttered before rolling over.


Despite my thoughts at that moment, I was secretly somewhat pleased with the result. She wanted me to stay--even if it was still the alcohol talking. Should she ask why I was there in the morning, I'd at least have an honest explanation... That is if I could form coherent sentences; There was no way I was getting any sleep that night.

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