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Retirement (chapter 1)

"Miss Lili, I have to go" Sebastian says while dragging his luggage.

"Sebastian please stay, I don't know what I will do if you retire!" I whined (tugging Sebastian's suit).

Sebastian pats my head "I already am old enough miss, if you may hire a new butler… a bodyguard butler perhaps" he grinned widely

"I…guess" letting go of his suit "but! You will visit sometimes okay?" I looked embarrassed

He nodded and left the Rochefort's mansion


"Iza, where are you?" I called … "IZA!! COME HERE OR YOU'RE FIRED!" I screamed.

Iza, our house-maid came running down the stairs, looking terrified "Y-yes M-miss Lili?" she stuttered

"Please do post these flyers outside and everywhere…" I smiled and handed out the papers

She shakingly took the papers and bowed for obedience and suddenly took off after a blink of my eye.

My eyebrows twitched following a sweat drop.

"Iza is really---"

"Troublesome?" I looked behind and saw my father "Dad you're back!!!" I hugged him

"I'm sorry about Sebastian is it okay for you to find a new one?"

"Absolutely… but I sure will miss him" I pushed my father lightly and broke our hug

"I think I'll sleep for…umm… an hour and a half I guess" Looking up with my index finger below my chin

"OK! Then I'll wake you up when that time passes okay?" father smiled, I nodded lightly while yawning.

I walked inside my room and closed the door shut, walls adorned with pink Sakura petals, a French window adorned with silver outlines; a luxury table with my school books on top, red silk curtains with black laces, the closet is painted in luxury pearl, white fur carpet, a king sized bed in a French styled manner of course white.

(This bedroom is too simple for me…) Said in thoughts

I dove in my bed and slept peacefully


"Lili wake up you've got a job to do." "What job?" father stared at me "Oh that..!" I laughed

I changed my clothes to a striped inner and a black jacket, black denim jeans and a black converse; simple but elegant; I rushed down the stairs so quick I panted heavily.

After that, I sat down on our white Italian sofa, crossed arms waiting for the doorbell to ring but instead my phone rang (ringtone: "you raise me up" Japanese ver.) "It's Asuka…" I answered the phone


"Hey I heard you need a new butler"
"Yeah he said he's pretty rusty to do the job… besides he's actually old enough to retire"

"Old you say? Speaking of Sebastian how old is he?"

"Why? Are you planning to date him?" I laughed

"Wha-..? HECK NO! Never and never will"

"Oho? Yeah right sfx: ding-dong" I nearly jumped out of the sofa

"Hold on Asuka I'll call you back"

"Wai-" I ended our little call and opened the door


"Mou! She always cuts her phone whenever I call" Asuka pouted


"Father!!!" I called "What is…- Oh okay Miranda tables please… thank you" Father pleaded

It was Dragunov starting the line all piled up wanting to be my butler others only wanted the money

Dragunov bowed in a gentle-like manner I smiled at him "Please do come in" Dragunov slightly nodded

I can already imagine him wearing a butler's suit (insert: muffled laughter)

I sat down on my father's left side while Dragunov handing out his résumé

"Dragunov is it?" My father looked at him with a very curious look Dragunov just nodded

"Can you speak?" he nods again

"Can you sing?" Nods again (insert: laughter held back by handkerchiefs)

"Can you dance?" he grinned (Dragunov) (Lili: h-h-he smiled? *sweat drop*)

"Dad wait is that even needed to be a butler?" Dragunov nodded like a pathetic child

(A/N*author's note*: So sorry Dragunov fans I really like twists and if I do -_- I'm also one of Dragunov's fans XD)

"Be cool in hiring okay honey? Just release your real self" (real self echo)

"Wow echoes ahaha!" dad scratched his head while I put my fingertips on my forehead *sigh*

"Next please!" Dragunov whined *sweat drop*

"Err… I'm sorry Sergei—next please!"

Jack-6 entered wearing a suit I whispered…

"Dad I don't want an android here…" Father nodded

"I'm sorry Mr. Jack-6 my daughter prefers someone who doesn't need weekly machine updates" he coughed

"Next please!" I said politely

(~1 hour later~)

"And so… due to my handsomeness I am well suited to be a butler… and oh! I'm also a bartender!" Lee blabbed sfx: snore

"Fath--? Father wake up!" I shaked him continuously

"Zz--! Huh? Sorry I fell asleep *yawn*" I sighed

"I'm sorry Lee, you've been my classmate in Bartending School." Lee groaned

"I know that but-" I chuckled

"Don't brag you're a bartender, you had the lowest grades on how to pop a champagne with your own hands… remember?" I grinned

"!!! Alright… you got me… I'll go then" Lee walked out and turned back giving me a thumb up

"Good Job!" he grinned as i gave him a slight nod

"Next!" shouting showing slight impatience "Calm down dear." Father chuckled

the door opened... and this time its---


So who will come in next? Find out in the next chapter!

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