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Father grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me hard in tears

Newbie (chapter 4)

"Can't get over… can't get over…" Father repeated while sulking in his "dark corner"

"Aww… buckle up father! You can't just sit there and mutter the same words all over!" I said by placing a hand on my hips

"Lili, I have to go home, it's already dinnertime and Gramps wants to have curry for dinner" Xiao stated while wearing her innocent smile

"UN...bye for now" I bode her goodbye

"Now father, get up and let's eat!" I grabbed him by the arm while Iza came to approach

"Iza, fetch my father's wheelchair" "My, my, master bushy-brows looks paler than usual"

Father twitched Iza nervously backed then rapidly fetched father's wheelchair. I just laughed by her actions.

(Dinner 7:00pm)

"It's a frustrating day for the two of us" I nodded in response

"What time will your new butler… Leo arrive tomorrow?" I froze, a bit of flashback got into me…

It was when he leaned toward me and came closer… he gave a slight breath… just right to brush my cheeks. I can feel the chill yet again

Father waved his hand in front of me "Well? Earth to Miss Astronaut!"

"Ah? 4:00pm…" with that, I stood up and kissed my father's forehead "Good night Father" then I yawned

I walked towards my bedroom and because frustration… I instantly fell asleep

..time passes by…..

(4:00pm **sharp)

"I'll wake her up…" "NO! I don't want a newbie like you be dead from the first day!"

"But I…" "If you wanna die, then go! Wake her up!" Said the voices outside my door

A slight creaking sound of opening the door disturbed me, I grunted.

The bed suddenly had a little lump; I just thought it was father so I ignored it

"Lili, wake up, its 4:00pm." A person shook me, then grunted

"Ah, ah… Look at this! It says 'Oversleeping makes you fat'" I gasped and shot out of bed

"Mr. Rochefort! Your daughter is wide awake!" It was just Leo "impossible" father muttered

"How dare you do that!" I grabbed my pillow

"I'm helping you to lose weight!" (**twitch**)

"Wrong answer Newbie; wrong answer" I chuckled as I hit him in the face

"GACK!" Leo fell down to the ground in agony

"Bulls eye!" I raised my fist in the air.

"She's acting childishly…" Leo thought as he sighed and got up (holding his nose)

Father approached Leo "Don't tell me I didn't warn you boy"

"It's alright, I guess the previous butler Sebastian also went through this process." Leo chuckled while my father just smiled at him

"Yea-No, the one who got hit wasn't Sebastian." "Then who?" "ME!" Father replied quickly

Leo just laughed at my father.

"What time is it anyway?" I said while straightening the wrinkles of my dress

"4:00pm Milady." Leo replied

"AH! I'm sorry, I thought it was an intruder" I sat down, looking away, avoiding his eye contact.

"Darling, since this boy's a new part of the family, why not pick out a uniform for him?" father stated

"AH! Why not this?" I pulled out a nekomimi outfit both of them looked stoned

"Too awkward Milady, I mean, it's a girl's outfit!" Leo avoided on looking at the outfit disgusted

"I know that, I'm not dumb." (**throws nekomimi outfit away**)

"Hmm…. Let's go then!" I grabbed their hands and went to the "butler's fitting room"

-5 minutes later-

"How about black?" Father suggested "Nah, it doesn't fit his eyes"

"How about white, milady?" Leo suggested with a smile

"That'll be fine, but father won't anyone mistaken us for siblings?"

Father looked at me with complete confusion "How so?"

"Well… it's because, we're blonde, wearing white and red, and he's just few inches above me!" I stated as I spread out my hands while explaining.

"I think it's cute, don't you think Leo?" Leo then gave a slight nod as a response. I flushed a bit.

"Both of you Sh-Shut up!" I exclaimed. My voice bounced back because of the surrounding mirrors in the room.

Laughter filled the entire house as Leo came by I can't believe how much I've been seeing judging by his cheerfulness. After the decision on Leo's clothing the three of us walked to the house halls. The floors are as shiny as newly developed pearls from oysters, as we walk by, we walked under a diamond chandelier adorned with the finest silvers with it. For me this was the greatest moment among us. Just the two of us Leo and I. every moment his eyes shone like those diamonds I fluster all the time. When that time happens to me, I just shake the fantasy off. I stopped walking.

"Father, what time is it now?"

"Its 5:53…why?" father replied

"I have to go, take care of the newbie for the mean time" I smiled then ran to the manor's terrace.

As I reached the terrace, I sat down comfortably by the grass and captured the scent of various flowers. I enjoyed the Scent of the Iris, my mother's favorite flower. I smiled by the memory of my mother and just hoped her to rest in peace. While I am in the state of enjoying solitary, Leo was hiding by the glass door, leaning on a curtain and holding a phone.

"Leo" an unknown man said

"Have you successfully intruded the manor?"

"Yes. I have master,"

"A job well done, now all you have to do is gain their trust and I'll do the thing that I promised."

"Understood." Leo then hung the phone.

"Who are you talking to?" Leo's nerves became tense, biting his lower lip, fists clenched by the sides, and trying not to freak out. "N-no one in particular" he laughed nervously, my eyes glared at him then just walked past to him.

"Tomorrow you'll carry my bags." Leo stared at me with confusion "Pardon?" I smirked and turned around, facing him. I took small steps and leaned forward with my left hand on my hip and my right hand forming a 'shh' position. "You'll know it all tomorrow New Boy." Then I left him there, went straight to my bedroom, and laid my body against the bed. An idea came up to my mind, so I reached out for my phone then text Alisa and Zafina "Are you free tomorrow? My treat for the meals ;)))" without knowing I fell asleep afterwards.

End of chapter 4

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