This is my first Pandora Hearts fanfic

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It was a quiet afternoon at Rainsworth Manor. At least, as quiet as I could get with Raven the Seaweed Head and Stupid Rabbit Alice in the same room. But both Oz and Sharon ignored them, and without Break egging them on, the insults and accusations the two were throwing at eachother were relatively mild.

"Stop acting so smug, stupid rabbit!"

"Unlike you, I actually have a something to look forward to later on!"

"Hah, like what? Emptying the entire house of meat, I suppose?"

"It's better than choking everyone with smoke, seaweed head!"

"Shut up stupid rabbit!"

"I'm not stupid! In fact, I will PROVE that I'm not stupid!"

"How? By finally realizing that Oz trusts me more than you?"

But Alice quiet again, with her smug smile back on her face, looking around the room expectantly. She had been doing this for a while now, and it was unsettling to see her so quiet. Oz gazed at her for a moment, wondering what she had meant. She gave him a look that said 'If you don't want to feel my boot on your back, stop staring at me.' He considered asking Sharon, but he figured that she didn't have a clue what her 'little sister' was thinking either.

A few hours later, the situation was pretty much the same – with the exception that the sky was darker outside the window.

Oz was silently thinking while his Chain and servant where bickering. Even though he's creepy and perplexing, this place is a lot duller without him... I wonder when Break will come back.

Snap! Snap!

"Ow! Ouch!"



The series of muffled sounds shocked everyone, making them stop everything they were doing.

Alice then started to chuckle, as a familiar white haired head emerged from under the table where Sharon had been sipping tea.

"I'm back, Milady!" Break said. Alice laughed loudly at his appearance.

Several mouse traps were latched tightly onto his coat, with a few lucky ones that were dangling from his exposed hands. Emily was a pitiful sight, a mouse trap clamping it right down the middle.

Sharon was the first to recover. "Oh my, Break! Please let me help you remove those! Are you injured?"

"Ha ha ha, no Milady. I assume that this is for the meat that I, hm, specially prepared for you, am I correct, Miss Alice?" His tone was casual, but lacking a certain lightness to it. Almost as if he was holding back the pain…

"Yes! You have fallen prey to the trap of the powerful B-Rabbit! Think twice before you attempt to put chilli into my food again, clown!" Alice declared.

"Ah, yes. That was a bit cruel of me. You are – Ouch! – victorious for now." The smile Break gave her was strained, as Sharon laboured to remove another mouse trap.

Oz decided that out of all of them, Sharon was the safest one, with her paper fans of doom.

The next day, Liam Lunette wondered why Xerxes Break was holding his staff so awkwardly, as if he was refraining from using some of his hidden fingers.

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