An Invitation

You walk towards the wooden door, but just as you move a hand to push it open, you decide to eavesdrop first. You aren't usually this cautious, but something nags at the back of your mind…

You press you ear to the closed door and listen. 'I wonder when our guest will arrive.'

The loud munching sound that had filled the dark hallway minutes before suddenly stopped.

'What are you whining about, clown? I have meat and you have sweets. Besides, big sister Sharon's in her "girl mode" and seaweed head's getting all mushy with Oz. Do you really want to head back now?' This voice was that of a young girl.

'Well, I suppose you have a point, Miss Alice. But I would hate to overstay my welcome.' The voice definitely had a sing song quality to it, and strange as it may seem, you swear that it sounds sugary

'Blah. Frosty here was the one who invited us, right?' After the girl had spoken, she went back to munching whatever she had been eating before.

The sugary voice spoke again. 'You should not disrespect the Lady like that, Miss Alice.'

'Ha ha, Xerxes. I see that you are the gentleman, as always. Do not fret about young Sharon Rainsworth; I believe that she is safe. Or do doubt my knowledge?' This new voice was also feminine.

'No, no, Lady Humor. Your knowledge may even best that of Duke Barma's…'

'Do NOT compare me to that girly old creep!' shouted Lady Humor. Seeming to calm down instantly after her outburst, she stated, 'Besides, you will not need to wait much longer, because our guest is already here.'

Upon hearing this, you gingerly push open the door. 'Hello?'

Scanning the room, you see a white haired man sucking a lollipop, a brunette girl devouring meat and a mysterious third figure – wrapped in a light blue hooded cloak, her face covered by a golden veil. They were all seated around a table piled with sweets, cakes and meat.

The cloaked person turns and starts talking. To you. And something in her voice tells you that you are only here to listen.

'You liked "Snap goes the Hatter", didn't you? Do you want to read more? You can, you know.'

You nod, because it seems like an appropriate time for nodding.

'Yes. If you want to know more about the pranks that these two -', here she paused and gestured to Xerxes and Alice, '- will pull to outsmart each other, then go and read "Rabbits and Hatters", another brilliant story by me.'

Alice once again spoke up. 'You done yet, you crazy old hag? You're giving me the creeps.'

'I'm not old and I'm not a hag! But more importantly, I'm not old! All of you are dismissed! You may leave!' Once again, the Lady loses her cool. But much more importantly, she has allowed you to leave. You have taken a mental note that although she denied being old or a hag, she seemed to have accepted being called crazy…

Before leaving, however, Alice blurts one more question on her mind. 'Why did you make us come here, anyway? Couldn't you just talk to that guy alone?'

'Yes, I could. You two were here for my company, after all, waiting alone is so boring!'

Yep, she was definitely crazy. You start walking toward the door from which you entered, which just so happened to be on the other side of the room…

Then, Alice proceeds to pull back a curtain you never really noticed and jump out the window, stating that this way was faster.

After some furious candy consuming, Break also left the table. But instead of exiting out of the room, he crawled under the table. And somehow, you knew that he wasn't around anymore. Which left you with the Lady. Oh, great.

Raising a gloved hand, she waves to you, and pushes a portrait, causing a secret wall to slide back and reveal a…closet?

Unfazed, Lady Humor steps in among the spare cutlery, tablecloths and lollipops and promptly disappears.

As you leave the room, you consider her invitation once more…read "Rabbits and Hatters'… You have made up your mind already…

Yeah, go read Rabbits and Hatters, cuz I'm keepin' this a oneshot, thank you very much.