It's been a couple of days since her farewell. Everyone's a mess from her sudden death, hell, I don't even know how to react. Aki's been pretending that he doesn't mind, but he's lying to himself. I know how much he misses her, just as I do. Amada, he took it pretty hard as well. It's like he lost another person, and it doesn't help that the first time was my fault. Even now, it seems like it's my fault this time too. Tch… She fell asleep in my arms, and never woke up again. With that kind of smile, I'd say she KNEW that this would happen. But, I doubt I'll ever know now, because she ain't here anymore to tell me.

Hmph. I remember the first time I met her. At the hospital, she wouldn't stop looking at me. For what reasons, like hell I'll know. When I moved back into the dorm, shit happened. She slowly wormed her way into everyone's lives. She helped Aki get over Miki's loss, something that I couldn't do. Then she wouldn't leave me alone. 'Course, I didn't say I that I didn't enjoy it. Hell, every moment with her was something I'd hate to forget.

I've never been too good with words. Cooking and gettin' into arguments were the only things I could do. And as stupid as the guy I was back then, she willingly wanted to know me more. Huh, makes me wonder how she fell in love with a piece of shit like I am. Her persistence is one of her highlights… hah, listen to me.

She was stubborn, forceful, a bit of a crybaby too. 'Specially when I told her not to cry when I got shot by that hippie bastard. She cried a lot. And that was the last thing I saw before I went into that long ass coma, jeez…

…In the end, at that time, I think she was smiling for me so that I wouldn't be the one to cry.