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The first time Fred tried animal blood he stepped back in revulsion. While it calmed his thirst it did nothing to satisfy his palate. "Why do you choose this when there are millions of humans that would taste so much better?" he asked the coven, wondering at their mental state as they drained other herbivores they had found nearby.

Dropping his deer Edward answered for them. "Because we believe in the sanctity of human life, since we were all once human ourselves."

This was a concept Fred understood, but it wasn't like they really had a choice, was it? Would animal blood sustain them forever? Wasn't it like the fad diets the humans would ascribe to for a short period, only to become overwhelmed with hunger because their bodies were missing something they needed and craved?

With a chuckle Edward answered the questions in his head. "Carlisle has never drunk from a human and has lived for about four hundred years. While the taste does leave something to be desired, there are other benefits." A breeze blew across where the group was waiting for Fred and Edward to finish their conversation, carrying on a smell much more enticing, if not the one that Fred would prefer. "Also, carnivores taste better!"

At that the entire group was off like a shot, Fred following close behind as he watched the coven actually play as they hunted. This struck him as the oddest thing yet, for all vampires he'd ever met fought for their meal, protecting their back while being intent on taking out the competition. These vampires were calling dibs on which animal they could smell, the competition friendly instead of fierce.

When they drew near to what they hunted they leapt high into the trees, traveling as swiftly as they had on the ground until they circled over a big cat resting on a tree limb. All stopped and looked to Fred. "She's all yours," they offered with a smile, and while his normal hesitance to turn his back to a coven reared up strong, his curiosity and trust won over. In another couple minutes he found they were right, carnivores did taste better. But, that didn't mean they were good.

Hours later they were back in the comfortable couch, Alice handing Fred an album full of pictures of their years together. "One benefit of feeding this way is it allows us to coexist more peacefully," she quipped as she plopped down beside the incredulous newcomer. "We don't live for the blood, we live for each other."

"Another benefit," Bella interjected from across the room where she was braiding Rosalie's hair, "is that our eyes are golden instead of red. It makes it easier for us to interact with humans without drawing undo attention."

"What's more, it helps with the bloodlust," Edward added. "You smelled Bella's shirt, imagine coming across that when you are hungry? On top of that, she was my La Tua Cantata, my singer. It was all I could do to not kill everyone around me to go after her blood."

Fred noticed the smile Bella gave her mate as he opened the book on his lap. There were pictures of Edward and Bella's wedding. He shook his head as he saw how human Bella still was, and wondered how Edward was able to stand so close to her and not feed. Something that was even odder as he understood that the call of one person's blood could be stronger than another's, having smelled Bella's shirt.

"It wasn't without great difficulty," Edward informed their guest, drawing forth a snort of laughter from Emmett.

"Tell him what you did to Esme's pillows and bed on your honeymoon!" the big vampire laughed raucously.

"EMMETT!" a chorus of angelic voices called chidingly to the amusement of the one being called down as well as the one listening to the story. Not wanting to cause discord, however, he turned the pages of the album that documented their daughter's growing years.

"How old is she, really?" he asked the group, curious as to the aging process of a dhampir.

"A little over two years," he was told. "We expect her to be fully grown in seven."

"Then what?" he enquired. "Who will she mate with? There aren't a plethora of dhampirs around, after all."

"Jacob," the group chorused, with the exception of the blonde whose hair was now in an intricate braid down her back. "It's a wolf thing."

"You would have your daughter mate with a werewolf?" he asked. If his shock over them having him as part of their group was great it was nothing compared to the realization that they fully intended that to join him to their family in a more permanent way.

"Shapeshifter, actually," Bella told him as she came to sit at her mate's feet. "As you saw today, he is able to transform at will. There's something else that goes along with that, imprinting."

Now, I know many of you don't care for imprinting, but I'm staying true to canon with this.

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