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Giotto's eyes widened at the approaching arrow. He couldn't see clearly, but he knew the tip would be glistening with poison. If the arrow didn't kill him, the poison would. He had been careless. The moment of overconfidence had had its consequences.

Dead bodies lay strewn messily all around him. Some of the charred corpses were still being engulfed by the orange flames. Their boss would have been so proud of them. They were after all, only pawns to assist him in accomplishing a greater, more daunting task.

Giotto's assassination, and it looked like they would be successful.

Fuck, no! I can't die! Giotto screamed at himself for his carelessness. The desire to live on was overwhelming. Time slowed but the arrow kept approaching. One step closer to death.

A flash of light. Giotto felt like his whole body was burnt alive by his own sky flames. Was it the aftermath of the poison? Was this the whole bloody way to hell? Whatever it was, it hurt terribly. There was a soft whimper. It took a few seconds to realise it had come from him.


He could faintly hear a familiar sound. G? Was it G? He couldn't be sure. All noises seemed to give him a migraine, making his head spin. Why did he need to have such a painful death? If he had to, couldn't he have had a quick one? BUT I want to LIVE! Giotto yelled mentally. He had no energy to move his lips.

The atmosphere around him crackled with energy and flared a blinding orange. A brief blast of wind made him scrunch up his eyes.

Suddenly, he could see again. Tables, chairs, an unfamiliar environment. And he was freefalling towards it. There was someone there too. A glimpse of spiky brown hair. Disoriented and half expecting to fall into some random black flames from hell, he was in no way prepared by his painful crashlanding amongst a heap of chairs.

"HIIIEEEEE!" The external sound cut through his confusion and gave him splitting headache (and earache).

Did I live?

He moaned softly, uncertain if it was from the agony or from relief that he was alive (or so he hoped). His body took its cue and gladly shut down, and Giotto passed out.


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