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I grasp the bars of the prison holding me back. How? How is this happening? Not so much to me as to my beloved. How? I can feel the coldness on my cheeks where the tears had streaked.

I can feel the hollow ache in my heart.

I can see…

I don't want to see…

He's kneeling on the floor. His hand is stretched out towards me, begging me to help him. His blue eyes beseech. His expression… I want to turn away. "BOSS!" I scream but there isn't any sound. Sound doesn't travel here. But I'm grateful I don't hear his pleas.

I'll break if I do.

I see the brown-haired boy sticking the long sword in, inching it into my heaven, my one-and-only's heart, and I can feel my own heart shattering. I shake the bars again. Why can't I get out. I scream his name over and over again until I can't scream anymore.

Someone…get me water. I want to continue screaming. The brown-haired boy smirks at the imprisoned me. His eyes are so cold. Why does he look like Boss so much? I fall on my knees, drained by the energy it took to stay alive in this dark dark dimension.

I see his blue eyes glaze over as he collapses, and I stand up, running off into the darkness away from my beloved, eyes blinded by my own tears…

G. woke up bathed in sweat, a hand clamped over his own mouth to stop himself from screaming. He was biting his tongue. He could taste the blood.

It was the same dream. For a week already, he had been having this dream, and it haunted every one of his waking moments.

Shivering, he crawled unsteadily to one corner of the bed, and stared blankly into space. He knew this wasn't right. All the other Guardians' eyebags were because of him.

He needed to get used to this new feeling of utter loneliness…and cold nights alone.


Ugetsu leaned back against his pillow and sighed. Those screams again. They happened every night, waking them all.

But he knew none of the guardians blamed G. for it. Giotto's death had been a rather harsh blow on all of them…even Alaude, even Spade. But they all knew that of all the Guardians it had hit G. the hardest. That much was obvious.

Difficult it was to get over the loss of a childhood friend. Ugetsu had suffered the same fate once, but time heals, doesn't it? Or maybe not?

He threw back his covers and walked silently to G.'s room, hoping to lend some comfort.


"OhMyGod! Reborn! Under the bed! The bed! Do you think it's wide enough to fit Giotto-san? Gokude—Gyah!" Tsuna crashed out of the window, glass crystals spiraling elegantly around him, and landed facedown on the lawn below.

"Owww…." Tsuna picked himself up painfully, and completed his sentence to himself, "…and Yamamoto are coming over…" He looked down. He was still holding the telephone (with a broken wire) in his hand.

Reborn sauntered out through the door, carefree and all.

"Stop yelling Dame-Tsuna. There's no need to hide him. Ah-wait."

Reborn whistled. A bigger-than-usual common pigeon flew from the sky, and cooed contentedly. Tsuna watched all this with interest. Carrier pigeons were so rare nowadays, being undermined by email and telephone conversations.

Reborn undid a scroll of paper from the pigeon's leg, turned away from Tsuna and read it. The pigeon flew off, its task completed.

"That was from the Ninth…" Reborn glared at Tsuna through eyes shadowed by his hat.

He's nervous. God, why? What on Earth would make him nervous?

"R-Reborn?" Tsuna's heart was beating fast. It had got to be terrible news.

The chibi just shook his head and walked away. Twenty feet later, he turned back. His eyes were completely cold when he said this.

"Being a leader of the Vongola, you must learn to make your own decisions, Tsuna. They are your Guardians."

"Reborn! What happened!" Tsuna got up and yelled at the chibi, all serious now.

"I'm going to Italy for awhile. This is just my opinion but you should tell them. And again, just my guess, but you'll know something about this soon."


The chibi turned, shimmered briefly and vanished, leaving a tall, adult-sized shadow on the wall. A few moments later, that vanished as well.

Tsuna was left sitting blankly on the ground. He had no idea – no idea – what had just happened. He could only guess that it was definitely not something pleasant. And Reborn…he had just left like that? Leaving Tsuna speculating as always.

Tch. Tsuna angrily threw the disconnected telephone in his hand into the bushes. Frsutration welled up and dispersed as quickly as it had come.

A sudden thought struck Tsuna. Where's Giotto-san? I haven't seen him all morning.

Tsuna glanced up at the window he had broke just now, and walked back towards the shade of the house.

He couldn't have slept—

The door was flung open. "Good morning Tsuna!" Giotto, rubbing his eyes sleepily, burst into the graceful sunshine of the morning sun shining with its glory. He took one step forward, tripped over the doormat and fell over.

through all that, could he?

Tsuna sweatdropped. He really did. As the older man picked himself up, Tsuna couldn't help smiling. The moment of darkness that had passed through previously disappeared, but he was still aware, very much so, that something wrong would happen sometime soon.


The woman read off a clipboard in a rather bored voice to the dark figure sitting before her. Primly pushing her glasses further up the bridge of her nose, she turned and beckoned the man door behind her. Even though the door was closed, her signal seemed to pass through and like they were psychic, two men came forward, dragging a clothed bundle behind them.

"This is something that Chiara thinks you know already. Chiara believes that it will fail no matter what the input is. Chiara suggests that it be disposed of. However, if you wish to continue, it will be discarded once failure is confirmed."

"Mmmm…you speak of what has been known. Very well, stop it then. Try again and see if we strike lucky this time." The figure shifted slightly. "And while you're at it, get me some espresso. Heavy and non-sugared."

There was a sharp click as the woman capped the pen she had been twirling, and more clacking as she stalked gracefully out of the dimly lit room in her heels.

"Hey, shut the door behind you," came the voice behind her.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she did as she was told. It took a lot of effort to maintain her job here. It had taken her more than fifteen years to rise to her position as secretary to the Boss. There it was, capitalized.

The Boss, a demanding annoying persona with millions of strange fetishes. Like requesting all staff to refer to themselves in third person. But he was quite cute too, and three years younger than her. Chiara giggled at this, her previous professional demeanor lost.

When Chiara had first entered this dark mysterious world, she had been one of the youngsters the modern world was breeding. Lured by the promise of money and reputation. And she had also taken joy in joining one of the many Boss-fanclubs the over enthusiastic young employees had created.

But Chiara had always prided herself on her practicality. Personality before looks. Her mantra for a finding a good man.

Exposing oneself to the darker realms of a country caused one to mature quickly.

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