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Pumpkin Soup

Taken ran down to the herb garden to get some emergency herbs. He had no idea what any of them did, but oh well, the guild didn't grow poisonous ones. Probably.

He picked a few leaves off various plants, going for the ones that grew near the edges so that he didn't accidentally damage any. He didn't want some poor novice getting blamed, not unless it was Reign, he'd probably done this before anyway.

He hid them in his bag and raced towards the High lord's residence. He ran into the kitchen and hurriedly started cooking. But he'd better try the herbs before he used the in the food…




Sonea walked with her head down into the High Lord's residence. He was sitting in the entrance hall waiting for her as usual.

"High Lord" She muttered, bowing. He nodded in acknowledgement. Together, they made their way up to the dining room, and took their usual seats across from each other.

"So how was your day?" Akkarin asked as Taken came in with bowels of soup.

"Well…" She started to reply, but was distracted by Taken serving the soup. He was not a soup ladle, but instead was pouring it out of what seamed to be a hollowed out pumpkin. As a result of this, the soup was going down Akkarin's nice, clean, black robes. Except they weren't really black anymore, more luminous yellow. Sonea covered her mouth and tried unsuccessfully not to giggle at Akkarin's surprised expression. So preoccupied was she, that she didn't notice Taken coming towards her.

She looked up just in time to see the soup being poured over her head. She screamed.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Akkarin thundered.

"Well," Taken began "I thought that pumpkin soup should be served in a pumpkin, but I didn't have time to make a soup spoon out of pumpkin so I was just pouring it from here." He lifted up the pumpkin and put it on the table smiling hugely.

"Why is it yellow?!" Akkarin demanded.

"I'm not entirely sure... maybe it was the leprechauns." Taken decided. "Yes, it was probably them."

"leprechauns?" Akkarin asked, looking at Taken as if questioning his sanity, which was probably about right at this moment in time.

"I love leprechauns." Sonea said suddenly. Some of the weird yellow soup had dripped in her mouth when she screamed, and now she felt very weird. Very happy, but not quite in control of herself. Not that she minded, she was SO happy!

"I'll show you!" Taken offered, and they both made their way to the kitchens.

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