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This story takes place after The Sleepover. I suggest you read that first.

Chapter 1

''Hey guys.. I got my mom to bring this book over.'' Chris said as he held up a book. The title read: Bloody Mary.

''Hey Alvin, it says if you turn out the lights and say Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror with your eyes closed, she'll appear when you open your eyes.'' Chris said.

''No way.'' Alvin responded.

There was no way he was going to believe Chris.

''Then try it. If it's not real, it won't happen.'' Jamie said with a shrug.

''Fine.. I will. How about tomorrow? Dave won't be here tomorrow night.'' Alvin asked. ''Maybe we can talk him to letting us stay here by ourselves.''

Jamie looked him over curiously.

''Why,'' she asked, ''are you chicken?''

''No! If Dave isn't here... we could get away with a lot more.. duh.''

''Good point.'' Jesse commented.

''Fine.. but you will do this tomorrow!'' Chris said pointing a finger at Alvin.

''Okay, okay.'' Alvin held his hands up in defense.

Jamie let a yawn escape from her mouth. Jesse followed suit. Then Alvin. It was like a train reaction. Jamie and Alvin looked at each other then started laughing. Jesse giggled slightly.

''How can you guys be.....'' Chris was cut off by a yawn.

Everyone started laughing hestarically.

Alvin got his phone off of his dresser and checked the time. It read 2:28.

''Dave wasn't kidding when he said it was two in the worning! I thought he just said that so we would go to sleep.'' he responded looking up from his phone.

They all climbed in to their respectfull sleeping bags and got comfortable.

''Good night.'' Jamie said as she fluffed her pillow then lay her head back down.

''Night.'' Jesse replied.

''Night.'' Alvin said.

Everyone paused waiting for a response from Chris. Alvin looked over and saw him already fast asleep.

''And he wondered how we could be so tired.'' Alvin joked.

''And Alvin.'' Jesse said looking over at him.


''You will do that Bloody Mary thingy tomorrow.'' he stated flatly.

Alvin chuckled lightly and turned over so he was lying on his stomach and fell asleep.

*The Next Night*

''I can't believe he actually let us stay here by ourselves!'' exclaimed Jamie.

''Yeah.. me either.'' Alvin said.

''Yeah.. he said something about your brothers staying another night at their friends house, but I wasn't listening because he actually said we could stay here without him!'' Chris said jumping up and down then doing a happy dance.

''He said he would stay with Claire.'' Jesse said grinning ear to ear.

Alvin pushed the thought away and ran up to his room. Everyone else followed behind him.

Jamie pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked the time. It read 8:45. By now it was already dark outside.

''Oh Alvin.'' Chris said opening the bathroom door and pointing to the mirror.

''But..'' he tried to argue back.

''No butts Seville!'' Chris motioned for Alvin to come to the mirror.

Alvin sighed in defeat and walked to the mirror. He stood in front of it and stared at his reflection. He didn't believe that Bloody Mary was real, but he couldn't help but think otherwise.

He took a deap breath. Jamie and Jesse stood next to each other in the doorway. Chris stood a few feet away from Alvin.

Jamie cut out the bathroom light. The onlylight was coming from the bedroom which Jesse and Jamie slightly blocked.

''Bloody Mary.'' Alvin said.

Chris held up one finger. He motioned for Alvin to continue.

''Bloody Mary.'' Alvin said. His voice cracked a little.

Chris held up another finger. He had a toothy grin and a devilish look.

''Bloody Mary.'' Alvin made himself say.

He opened his eyes and froze at the sight before him.

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