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Chapter 6

''No!'' Alvin shot up in his bed. He was panting heavily and was sweating really bad.

He looked around, slowly scanning his surroundings. Everthing looked in place. He glanced at his clock that was on the dresser next to his bed. The time read 5:51.

He heard footsteps coming from the hallway. His door flew open to reveal Dave holding a baseball bat.

''What's going on? What happened?'' he shreaked holding the bat above his head.

Alvin looked up suprised yet scared. Dave met Alvin's eyes with his own and lowered the bat.

''Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.'' Dave soothed. He walked over next to Alvin's bed and sat on the edge. Alvin lowered his self back down to the bed. Dave then began stroking Alvin's hair.

''Did you have a bad dream?'' Dave asked.

Alvin looked up at Dave and nodded slightly. ''Yeah.'' was all Alvin responded.

''Do you want to talk...'' Dave began.

Alvin's eyes went wide. ''It was freaky, Dave!'' Alvin interupted.

Dave smiled. ''My friends dared me to say Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror, and when I did I saw her in the mirror and...'' he spoke fast. Dave laughed a little at his son.

''Slow down, Alvin.'' Dave laughed.

''It was so real, Dave!'' Alvin stopped to catch his breath. The dream was so real!

''Well, it was just a dream. Now go to sleep. Your lucky it's Saturday.'' Dave stood and walked to Alvin's door.

''Go to sleep.'' Dave turned and left.

Alvin layed on his bed thinking about his dream. 'Was it a dream? Of course it was... wasn't it? Wait, I'm confusing myself!' Alvin argued at his self in his head.

''It was just a dream.'' he whispered. Alvin shut his eyes for only a second before hearing something call his name.

''Alvin.'' it whispered. The voice was dark yet somehow managed to still sound like a female.

He lifted his self up on his elbows and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. 'I'm just paranoid.' he thought and lied back down.

He closed his eyes again. ''Alvin.'' he heard again. The voice sounded closer.

His eyes shot open. He began to sweat. He looked over next to his bed... and there it was. The creature that had been calling his name. A girl with ragged, torn clothing. Pitch black eyes. ''Alvin.'' it whispered.

He tried to scream. He tried to get away but he couldn't. He was paralized. The creature climbed on top of him.

It leaned close to his face. Alvin turned his head away. The creature grabbed the side of his face, her hand an ice cold, and turned his head back to facing her.

Alvin didn't know what to do. He froze as the creature ran its hand through his hair slowly. ''Alvin.'' it whispered again.

''N-no...'' Alvin tried to talk but couldn't make out many words. The creature tilted its head sideways and stared into Alvin's eyes.

Alvin had no choice but to stare back. The creature opened its mouth and a green smoke came out. Alvin wiggled and tried to get out of its grasp. The green smoke began to cloud around his face. His vision came blurry.

The creature got off of Alvin but then picked him up in its arms and carried him to the closet. The door slowly came open to reveal a green vortex. It walked slowly in the closet with Alvin in its arms. A loud moan escaped from the vortex. Whatever it was sounded in pain.

The creature took on more step and disappeard into the vortex. The green vortex slowly faded away in the closet. Now, in Alvin's closet, if you listen closely, you can hear a soft moan come from one of the corners.

-Three years later-

Dave moved away from the house, soon after having Alvin go missing, taking Theodore and Simon with him. The police foud no sign of Alvin except for his red cap that lay next to his bed on the floor.

Soon after Dave moved away, another family moved in. They were the Dawn family.

Their son, Adam, moved in to Alvin's room while his brothers, Sam and Tommy, took Theodore and Simon's.

All of the family was gone except for one remaining boy. Adam. He had invited a few friends over for a sleepover. Right now they were playing truth ot dare.

''Hey, Adam, I dare you to go in the bathroom and say Bloody Mary three times in front of the mirror with your eyes shut.'' Gregory dared Adam with a smirk on his face.

''Nuh-uh. No way I'm doing that!'' Adam replied.

''Oh come on! Are you chicken?'' Ashlee asked him grinning. A frown grea upon Adam's face.

''I am not!'' he stood up and walked over to the bathroom. ''Fine! I'll do it!''

Adam marched in the bathroom with his head held up high. He stood in front of the mirror and began.

''Bloody Mary.'' That was once.

''Bloody Mary.'' Twice.

''Bloody Mary.'' And, well, you know how that goes.

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