This is my first story hope everyone likes it please let me know what you think!


"Stupid car." I muttered to myself. My trusty Hummer has done me proud this past year, nearly travelling over the whole of America, but today it has to breakdown. I'm just heading to Canada, back to where I was born. My mum died when I was one and my dad doesn't even know I exist. That was eighteen years ago now. I have mutant powers, so don't freak, but I'm not like any other mutant I've ever met before. I can heal fast, control water, fly, have super speed and strength, super senses, I can change the colour of my hair and another power that, I don't talk about. With the fact that I can heal fast meaning I don't age, I haven't looked a day older then seventeen and I haven't changed either.

I live in my Hummer and never stay in one place to long. Going back to Canada, I hope, will give me some answers about my past. I know a few things about my past. One of the strangest things about my past was that I had a necklace with some really weird symbols on it. I was found with it by the orphanage, I've never taken it off. Ever.

I looked back out on the road, no cars coming and no way of contacting anyone I settled down with my blanket and drifted off to sleep.

The pain was the worst I had ever felt in my life, my whole body hurting like it was being crushed by a truck. "Jamie!" I heard someone shout my name in the distance.

"Jamie-Lee!" the voice was getting closer. All my bones where on fire. I couldn't breathe.

I gasped, shot straight out of my Hummer and disappeared into the trees. My six metallic claws, three on each hand to be exact, protruding out of my hands. I moved them back into my hands, with a 'snikt'. I dropped to my knees and growled. That was the day that I got my claws, the metal like stuff is all over my bones.

I stayed kneeling like that, thinking of why this had to happen to me. Everything that ever happened to anyone, would happen to me.

Before I knew it there was light coming from over the mountains and peeping through the forest. I ran back to my car and got dressed, there should be cars coming this way soon. I grabbed my water bottle and downed it in one. I wiped my mouth clean and sat on the roof of my car.

The hours went by and still no one came past. The road was dead. Snow was starting to fall. I got my coat and put it over my white tank top. My jeans were ripped and dirty, not that I cared, and my boots were wet. I have to get in the warm soon, I thought.

I slid off the roof and checked under the hood of my car again. Everything was in place. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

That was when I heard a truck. I span round, there was a truck just down the highway. I ran out into the road and waved like the freak I am.

"HEY!" I shouted, now jumping up and down. The guy in the truck saw me and started to slow. I sighed in relief. When the truck came to a holt I went over. The guy opened the door and jumped out. He's wearing leather trousers and jacket. He is about '5,9' ,so 3 inches taller then me.

"Hey. You ok? When I saw you jumping up and down like that I wondered what was going on." he explained looking slightly amused.

"I'm fine but ma car ain't. It decided to die on me yesterday." I started to walk over to my car. He stopped when we got a clear view of it. "What never seen a Hummer before?" I asked sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. "Have ya got I phone on you?"

"No I haven't ma'am." I groaned great just what I needed. "But I have got a radio." I ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou." I said so fast I didn't know if he would understand. He laughed. "Oh I'm Jamie-Lee by the way." I said as I let him go.

The next few hours we spent talking while we waited for the pick up truck to come. When it finally got here we stood up. As I hugged him and thanked him again he stopped me. I gave him a confused look.

"If you ever need a hand with anything or need someone to talk to give me a call." he gave me a piece of paper with his number on it then got in his truck and disappeared.

By the time I got into a garage in Canada it was almost twilight. I turned to the mechanic and asked if I could stay here for the night. He didn't like the idea much but agreed anyway.

The next day was spent fixing my car and by five o'clock it was done. I thanked and paid the mechanic, got into my car and drove to the nearest hotel. I collapsed onto the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning was cold, but I decided to go for a run in the forest. As I ran, at an inhuman pace, I crossed a strange scent. I stopped, I inhaled deeply. It's human but has a metallic smell around it. The scent went north and I followed it.

I followed it for about a mile when all of these other strange scents appeared, there must be about fifty different scents maybe more. I slowly edged closer to the smells. It stopped at a big dam, it must be about forty five feet high, made of solid concrete. Then suddenly it cracked. I gasped and jumped in the air hovering just above the ground.

I flew over the top to see if there was any water behind it. Oh My God! It looks like it was going to overflow as it is. It cracked again but this time water started to spill out. Then I heard someone scream. There were people inside!

"Come on move! Get to the jet!" I heard a voice shouting to the right of me. Jet what jet? I looked over to the voice to see a trail of kids running toward this big black jet.

"Jean! Hey Logan have you seen Jean?" shouted a frightened voice. The man was wearing red sunglasses and a uniform like the rest of them. The man scanned around once more before going toward the jet himself. The group of people were all now in the jet, when a red head women came out of the dam. The dam was about to blow! If I didn't move her she was going to die. I hadn't realised were the jet really was until now. It was right in the path way of the water that was about to come crashing down on them. I didn't think.

I flew down toward the women, picked her up and flew over to the jet. I looked inside it, they were all staring at me. I set her down and shouted "Get out of here now!"

After that I flew straight back out of the jet before they had time to protested.

I landed just in front of the dam. I closed my eyes, raised my hands out in front of me and forced all of my power toward the water. I could feel the energy flowing through me. I opened my eyes and saw the dam taking one last breathe before collapsing. The concrete rubble scattered around me but the water stayed in place. I heard a few gasps from the jet.

"MOVE NOW!" I shouted through gritted teeth. I heard the jet engines come to life. I turned my head round to see it at least a ten feet in the air and gaining height. I could feel my body getting drained of power and energy more and more by the second. Once I saw the jet move over the trees I let down my hands. The water rushed around me. I could feel myself getting swept away with the current.

I stomped my foot hard on the floor before gain height and speed through the water. I soared out of the water to see the jet still hovering above the trees. I took the deepest breath I have ever taken in my life. I felt the air rush into my lungs. I slowly floated my way toward the trees and I felt myself losing height. Before I knew it I was plummeting toward the earth. I hit the ground, that knocked air out of my lungs. Everything went black.