Rorschach Vs. Freddy Krueger

Chapter 1

Rorschach's arrival

"Out of my way…people have to be told"

"You know I can't let you do that"

"Suddenly you discover Humanity…convenient?" Rorschach reached up and grabbed his hat and mask tearing them off he threw them to the ground. He then looked back at Dr. Manhattan with seriousness in his eyes as he said. "If you'd cared from the start…none of this would've happened" Dr. Manhattan stared at him with the same emotionless face as he always had as he replied.

"I can change almost anything… but I can't change human nature" Dr. Manhattan stared at Rorschach waiting for his response.

"Of course you must protect Veidt's new utopia…what's one more body amongst foundations?" Rorschach watched Dr. Manhattan glance at the ground an almost sad look on his face as Rorschach started to shiver as he said. "What are you waiting for…do it…?" Dr. Manhattan stared at him his face in somewhat disbelief of what he was asking him. Rorschach stared at him before starting to get angrier he then screamed at him. "DO ITTTTTT!!!!!!" at his scream Dr. Manhattan lifted his hand a bit and Rorschach felt his body compress before everything went black.

Some time went by before he finally awakened, he was in an alley, where he had no idea. His mask and Hat were next to him as he reached down and picked them up. "What is this? Where the hell am I?" Rorschach managed to stand up and put on his mask and hat he turned and glanced down the alley there was something odd about it. "What is this place?" Rorschach slid his hands in his pockets before starting down the alley no sooner did he get to the end of the alley did he hear a scream. He knew the scream and whispered to himself. "Attempted murder" He turned to see two guys pinning a young woman up against the brick wall. One was a large Asian the other was Black, Rorschach turned to them and made a coughing noise. The Asian turned to look at him as Rorschach started advancing towards them the Black man turned to him and let go of the girl the Asian said to him.

"What the fuck you want you damn hobo?" The Black man approached him a knife in hand Rorschach just stood there waiting for him. The black man stood in front of him and said.

"Alright mother fucker, you got something you wanna say?" Rorschach glared at him before saying.

"You piece of trash, you are the scum on which the bottom feeders of this world feed upon for there cheap laughs and fifty cent drug deals" At Rorschach's words the black man went in to stab him. Rorschach twisted his body and avoided being hit he then grabbed the mans arm and smashed his elbow upwards causing him to scream Rorschach let go of his elbow and grabbed his neck he slammed the black man into the wall and punched him hard in the face. He then let him drop and as he got down a bit more Rorschach threw his knee into the mans face breaking out several of his teeth. The Asian watched in horror and let go of the girl and pulled out a gun. The mistake the Asian made was that he took a few steps forward Rorschach leapt up into the air about 7 feet off the ground the Asian started shooting, however he ran out of bullets before hitting him. Rorschach used this to his advantage as he came down and kicked the gun out of his hands. Rorschach then punched the man in the face before turning and throwing his foot into the mans chest breaking a few ribs. Rorschach's kick knocked him to the ground; he then took a step forward and stomped on his chest. He then reached down grabbing the Asian's collar and hoisting him up off the ground. Rorschach threw him to the ground and told him. "Now go run home to your child pornography and drunken friends" The Asian tried to stand but fell and passed out presumably dead. Rorschach turned to the girl she had long black hair and was wearing an extremely odd outfit. Rorschach glared at her for a second before starting to walk away. She stepped forward however and asked.

"W…who are you?" Rorschach stopped dead in his tracks nobody had ever asked him who was anymore. He turned to her and replied softly.

"Rorschach" He then started to walk down the street intent on more examination of everything this world had to offer.

The 17-year-old teen was running through what appeared to be a warehouse as scraping of metal on metal was heard behind him. The teen's name was Jackson Roberts and he was a student at Springwood high. As he ran down the steps that seemed to come out of nowhere he tripped and fell down the steps he hit the bottom and rolled twisting his ankle as he did. Jackson cried out in pain his long brown shoulder length hair brushing in his face. Laughter was heard from all around him as Jackson blew his hair out of his face tears streamed down it. There was a man standing next to him glaring down at him. He had on a cowboy hat and wore a black and red striped shirt. On his right hand he wore a glove that seemed to have four razor sharp claws. He chuckled and reached down with the non-clawed hand he clutched hold of Jackson's shirt, he lifted him up off the ground and smiled before slashing across his face with the claws on his other hand Jackson screamed out in pain.

As Rorschach walked down the street he heard what sounded like a teenage boy scream. His first thought was ~Apparently things here are the same as before~ Rorschach ran to the scream and with a quick leap and a bound he entered through the boy's window, which was opened by all coincidences. Rorschach looked at the Teen who seemed to be floating in the air his face was bleeding like crazy as Rorschach rushed to try and help him. The Teen's stomach burst open and his guts began to spill out onto the floor the teen's screaming soon came to a stop as Rorschach backed up a bit of his blood splattering him as he hit the floor. Rorschach clenched his fists and turned punching the wall he put a hole in it. Rorschach turned and leapt out the window landing gently on the ground. He punched the tree outside the house and took off down the street to try and figure things out.