Rorschach Vs. Freddy Krueger

Chapter 2

Rorschach versus the football team

The Ambulance blared its sirens as it pulled into the Robert's driveway from the shadows Rorschach watched this he was interested to discover who it was or what it was that killed this young teen, he was writing something down in his journal saying to himself as he wrote.

"Rorschach's journal today's date is unknown, young teen possibly 16 or 17 murdered by invisible force. Force's identity unknown, something just isn't quite right about this place…must investigate further" Rorschach closed his journal and slid it back into his jacket. He turned and exited the bush he was in and walked with his hands in his pockets down the street.

The next day the sun rose as Rorschach was sleeping in an alley near the Springwood high school. As soon as the sun touched his face he awoke and yawned a bit sitting up he pushed himself off the ground and started his way towards the school. By a guesstimate he assumed the time of day was about 6:34 am. Rorschach leapt up and grabbed the ledge of the roof's over hang, he pulled himself up and started running leaping up and onto the school's roof. Rorschach then sat down and pulled out his journal again he started writing and talking to himself.

"Rorschach's journal once again the date is unknown. Going to investigate the High school to see if can get any leads, one possibility is a murderer killing through some sort of machine but the only way to find out is to investigate and go undercover in disguise. End of journal for now…" Rorschach closed his journal and reached up taking off his hat mask and coat, his spotted gloves were next as he stashed them in a spot under the bleachers he wandered his way inside the building and seeing a janitor ahead he approached checked to see if there were any cameras around, lucky enough there were none. Rorschach grabbed the janitor and dragged him into a classroom forcing the door open as he took the Janitor's outfit. He picked up the janitors nametag, which appeared to be a small piece of tape more like a sticker. Rorschach reached into the pocket of the outfit and found there were others like it he pulled it out and unstuck one he wrote on it. Walter Kovacs. Rorschach slapped it on over top the other one and he took the unconscious janitor and hid him in a storeroom. He shut and locked the door and he took the janitors cart and started walking around, it was about 6:49 AM now as Rorschach watched the first few students enter the school. Obviously they were football players because of the fact they were all dressed in jerseys and had an odd look about them the football players all ran into the locker room and Rorschach watched thinking to himself ~It's possible that they know what's going on? ~ Rorschach waited a bit and decided to go the day and wait to see if the football team had practice after school as well. Sure enough 8 hours of school go by, no information gathered on this assailant. But as Rorschach put his face back on he saw the Football team practicing. As Rorschach exited from underneath the bleachers one of them saw him and hurled a football at him, the football struck him in the back of the head and he turned to looked at them. The one who threw the ball laughed and hollered at him.

"Hey Old man it isn't Halloween what are ya some kind of freak?" At the teen football players words Rorschach started walking towards them before he started running. The football players were like hahahah look at the retard run. But when Rorschach leapt into the air and put his foot into the teen that threw the football at him, he hit him in the face and forced him over onto the ground. Rorschach then turned and socked another in the face before grabbing another's arm and snapping it before elbowing him in the face he threw his foot up and kicked him in the stomach before smashing him in the face with his elbow. The remaining football players rushed at him, Rorschach stepped back and readied himself one threw a punch at him and Rorschach caught it he pulled the player forward and repeatedly punched him in the face before letting go and kicking one in the chest, he then jumped forward and punched one in the face, Rorschach then pushed himself off the teen and with a powerful kick busted a few teeth out of his mouth. Soon Rorschach had but one teen left who seemed to be afraid of him as all his friends were on the ground moaning about the pain. Rorschach started towards him and the teen asked.

"W…Who are you and what do you want?" The teen watched him and Rorschach replied softly.

"I am Rorschach, punisher of those who deserve retribution, hater of those who sit high on their pedestals thinking they have the right to what they want to. Remember that." Rorschach turned and realized the teen was shivering and scared. He then said out loud.

"Fr…. Freddy…k…k…Krueger!" Rorschach stopped and turned back to him asked almost immediately.


"You, you sound just like Freddy Kruger! He was a child murderer but the parents they, they took the matter into their own hands when he got released on some charges. But he was burned alive. But now he's back, he's back and he wants to kill the children of Springwood. And you…YOU sound JUST LIKE HIM!" The teen burst into tears and dropped to his knees Rorschach walked slowly over and with a swift kick knocked him unconscious. He then turned and said.

"I don't know who exactly this Freddy Krueger character is, but I plan to kill him if he is evil" Rorschach started to walk away, as he did something strange happened. Rorschach turned and saw the football team was gone. The sky was gray and it was absolutely silent. Rorschach turned and looked around taking his hands out of his pockets as he did. A strange deep laughter filled the air. Rorschach turned and a man in a striped shirt, cowboy hat and with a glove that seemed to have razors on it stood there poised to stab him. Rorschach grabbed the mans arm and threw his knee into the man's gut but the man before him caught his knee and pushed him away. Rorschach stared at the man before him and muttered the words softly. "You must be Freddy Krueger?"