Hey, another new story! Hope you like it! It's called "Isabella Volturi: Marcus's daughter".

This is about Bella, she's Marcus's daughter (duh) that Didyme found and protected.

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Marcus's POV

I remember the day that Isabella came into my life. Though she really likes being called Bella. And because of my darling wife, Didyme. Aah, Didyme... Even though I love Bella, she is why Didyme got herself killed. The pain shoots through me as I remember that day...


Marcus's POV still

Sitting on my throne, I was watching my brothers Aro and Caius sentence a vampire to death while thinking of my wife Didyme. I was worried about her, she had become distant lately, no one knew why, not even her greatest confidants, Athenodora and Sulplicia, Aro and Caius's wives. And they were telling the truth, even when Aro read their thoughts.

My gift is to read relationships; I see the bond between them. I see the bond between me and Didyme so clearly, it's so strong. If she died, I don't think I would survive. If I did, I'd be useless. Though, on the horizon it seemed as if I would be getting a new bond soon. And... I think Didyme has a new bond with someone. Aro doesn't know anything as he hasn't had the physical contact needed to hear her thoughts for a while.

And then... Oh! The pain shot through my chest as the bond between me and Didyme weakened. As i fell to the floor screaming, I faintly heard my brothers asking what was wrong. "Didyme, the bond, it's weakening!" I said between gasps.

If I knew Didyme, then she would be in two places; one would be the tower where they all stay safe, or in the village of Montepulciano. (A/N: I had to put it there! It's where they filmed Volterra in New Moon!)

I looked in the tower, after rushing up there, to find that she wasn't there. Damn, I wasted more time! This time I ran straight for Montepulciano to see smoke rising from the small town. It was on fire! And the love of my life was in there!

I rushed into the middle of the village, at the town square, to see a pillar of purple smoke rising up. It means vampires are burning. As I reassessed the situation, I saw Didyme holding a young girl behind her back while facing three vampires. From what I got from their conversation, they were called Laurent, James, and his mate Victoria. Didyme seemed to be protecting the child, she was called Isabella. "Look, I will hold them off, your father, my mate Marcus, should be here soon, he will save you." I can't believe it, she was talking about me. Me! As if I could be a father. Hang on; she was talking as if she was going to die! And, at that specific moment that I had that thought, they leaped on her and Isabella backed away towards the wall. "NOOO!!!" I roared!

The three vampires in the coven ran off, promising to be back for Isabella, leaving me to go into despair for my wife. And then, I saw that her head hadn't been burnt yet, she could still speak!

"Didyme!" "Marcus," she whispered, obviously in pain. "Marcus, I love you. Look after Isabella like your own daughter. She is already that to me. I love you Marcus. Isabella will help ease the pain. Live for her. Now let me go. Put my head in the fire." How could she tell me to look after a girl, a human girl, who is under the immortal age limit when I failed to protect my mate, my wife, from a vampire attack? I was in no fit state. "How will I cope?" "You will find a way," she replied. "Goodbye, my love," I said, as my last words were the last things she heard, before I threw her head into the fire. Hearing her scream from the pain was unbearable, made worse by the bond between us breaking and fading away. We burn because we are highly flammable, that's what we are made of, flammable liquid. We are crystallized stone, glittering when the sun hits the crystals, able to move from the liquid in between cells.

I could see Isabella cowering by a wall, scared out of her wit by us, by what happened. "Isabella?" I asked. "Y-yes?" she replied timidly. "I'm going to take you to my home, Volterra castle." "Are you a vampire like mommy?" "Yes. But I'll protect you. I'll kill anyone that tries to hurt you again."

I picked her up, and carried her away from the town, away from the fires burning in Montepulciano. Back to Volterra. To speak to my brothers.

End of Flashback

I remember that day so well, bringing Isabella back to Volterra, cradling her in my arms. Aro and Caius weren't too happy about the human girl. That, "she can't stay here, she's human!" So I made a deal. I would change her myself, so she could live with me forever. If she couldn't control herself then I will destroy her myself. If she can control herself, then she is allowed to live. She is ten years old, even though the immortal age is 13; I knew she would control herself. Throughout the whole transformation, she didn't scream once. She may have whimpered a few times, but no screaming. Aro was so intrigued. And when she woke up, she was in complete control, she wasn't even thirsty. This was amazing for a newborn, and for being a young child.

We found out she also had an ability. But not just any old ability. She is The Phoenix. She can have any ability she wants. She just has to imagine the ability, and then she can use that ability to her heart's content. It just doesn't go away afterwards. Aro is extremely glad he didn't order her to be killed.

I am now considered her father, with Caius and Aro being her uncle's. Jane and Heidi are her main bodyguards; they like to dress her up. She is considered the most dangerous vampire out there. She wears the black cloak of the leaders, more powerful than Jane and Alec, the jewels of Aro's collection. She has already almost been killed by werewolves and other vampires. She is covered in scars, bites and marks where her body parts have been ripped off of her. Luckily for her, she wished for the ability of fire, so she can never be burnt; fire won't burn its master.

Well, Aro wants me for more business. At least Isabella will be there.

Well? First chapter up, what do you think? Next chapter will be in Isabella's view or Bella for short. See where it's going? Guess how old she is, you'll find out in the next chapter or the one after that.

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