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12 years earlier.

"I'm leaving now, mommy!" 6 year old Bella exclaimed, putting on her new, pink boots and running off to Edward's house.

"Okay sweetie!" Renee said, smiling as her six year old ran out of the house.

Edward Cullen was Bella Swan's bestest friend. They've known each other since birth. They've shared nearly everything since then.

"Oh, Good morning Miss Bella!" Carlisle Cullen said while tending to his garden.

"Hello Mr. Cullen!" Bella said, walking up the porch and stepping inside the house.

"Hi Bella!" Esme said, smiling widely as Bella kissed her on the cheek.

"Edward's upstairs, playing with Emmett and Jasper."

"Okay!" Bella said, walking up the stairs.

"Hi Edward!" Bella said, walking into the room.

"Oh, hey, Bella." Edward said, his eyes locked on the Tv while he played with his X-box.

"Hey." Emmett and Jasper said in unison.

"You guys wanna play a game?" Bella said cheerfully.

"Sorry Bella. We're playing a game." Edward said, sounding annoyed.

"Please? I'm really bored, Edward." Bella said pleadingly.

"No, Bella. Later, okay?"

"Ugh. You suck." Bella said, walking out and slamming the door.

Bella stomped her way down the stairs, and out the house.

She walked furiously down the street with her arms crossed and her brow furrowed.

"Hi Bella! Wanna play dress-up?" She heard a perky voice say.

"Oh, hi. Um, Alice, right?"

"Yeah. This is Rosalie, she's my best friend." Alice said, motioning to the beautiful little girl beside her. The girl smiled, showing her white teeth and fluffing her perfect blonde hair.

"Hi Bella! Do you wanna play dress up?" Rosalie said, taking Bella's hand.

"Um, okay." Bella said, slightly smiling.

She walked with them to Alice's house, forgetting all about Edward.

"Oh Bella! You look so pretty!" Alice said as the three of them played in Alice's enormous closet.

"No, I don't. Rose looks way better than I do." Bella said, blushing.

"Oh Bella! Stop it!" Rosalie said, twirling around in one of Alice's Vera Wang dresses.

"Hey Rose! Look at me! Weeee!" Alice said, dancing around in a blue and white party dress.

"You look stunning Alice! Hey, Bella! Try this on!" Rosalie said, giving Bella a pink and poufy dress.

"Um…okay." Bella said, taking the dress.

A few minutes later, she came out.

Alice and Rosalie's mouths fell wide open.

"I look horrible, don't I?" She said, looking down at herself.

"N-no…You…you…" Rosalie trailed off.

"YOU LOOK UH-MAZING!" Alice beamed.

"Really?" Bella said, blushing.

"Of course!" Rosalie exclaimed, turning the music on.

She and Alice suddenly started dancing and singing along with the song.

"Dancing Queen! Feel the beat of the tambourine, oh yeah!" they sang in unison.

"Come on Bella! Dance with us!" They continued.

"Um…okay." Bella said, giggling and dancing along.

Suddenly, the door opened.

"Ahhhh!!!" They all screamed, turning the music off.

"Er…I was looking for Bella. Um…I guess she's not here." Edward said, staring at the three little girls dressed in Vera Wang gowns.

"Oh. Um, Bella is here. Um, I guess you have to go now, Bella." Alice said, her voice dropping.

"What? No! I like it here!" Bella exclaimed.

"Bella, look. My mom's inviting us for ice cream. Please come with me." Edward pleaded.

"Hmm…will there be chocolate?" Bella said, fighting a smile.

"Yes, Bella. There will be chocolate."

"Okay, fine. I'll see you later, Alice! Rose! I had a really great time." Bella said, hugging both of them and leaving with Edward.

"It's good that you like ice cream." Edward said, taking Bella's hand.

"Don't you hold my hand! I am still mad at you!" Bella said, yanking her hand away when they were outside.

"Look, Bella. I really am sorry. I just…the game was so good and I was winning." Edward said, stopping Bella in her tracks.

"Hm, did you win the game?"

"Yeah. I won it for you." Edward said, beaming at Bella.

"Mm-hmm." Bella said, reaching up on her toes and kissing Edward on the cheek.

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