Chapter 1~Prologue





Cloud looked up at his new home, a simple two story house left by his parents for his two little brothers and himself. It was painted a light cream color with light blue panels around the windows, so far he sees four of those; two on the first floor and two on the second. Though it sounded nice it absolutely was not. The paint was chipping, one of the windows had been shattered (though it hadn't fallen out of its frame), and the yard was full of dead grass and weeds.

To some peoples perspective it might look like it could be haunted. As an added effect it was situated in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of the Twilight Town, Illinois. Cloud's brothers, Sora and Roxas (who were twins), were standing beside him, looking at their new home.

"Well, are we going in or what?" asked Roxas putting his hand on his hip and looked to his brothers.

"Yeah! I want to see inside, Cloud!" Sora exclaimed jumping on his toes in excitement, as Cloud looked on at his younger brothers, his juniors by 2 years, before offering a smile and a nod.

Walking to the front door he took the keys in his hands and opened it. Both of the twins ran into the house to see a rather comfy looking living room complete with a fireplace and painted a nice shade of light blue. A decent sized kitchen was to the left, along with the dining room. The dining room and kitchen were separated by a wall with a wide archway in it, as were the kitchen and living room. Both the dining room and kitchen were a painted tan-ish brown.

At the very right wall of the living room was a door seemingly leading to the garage. The stairs that led to the second floor were just to the left of the entrance. Much like the outside it was nice but over the years dust and cobwebs had gathered thickly over the floor, ceiling and walls. Cracks lined the walls in random places and the furniture, which was left also by their parents, looked like an animal mauled it. There was stuffing spilling out of the couch and a few broken vases and pictures, which had seemingly gotten knocked down from a bookcase or stand.

"Well," Cloud started awkwardly. "This is rather nice, isn't it? If we did a little cleaning it might have a homey kind of feel."

"A little cleaning?! Cloud! We need to practically refurnish everything! How did mom and dads home get so messed up?!" Sora replied with a frown.

"I agree," Roxas said with grimace. "I vote we just get new or newer furniture as I refuse to sit on that couch. Who knows what diseases it has."

Cloud sighed in agreement and nodded.

"Okay, I get it. I know it's a dump but it is one of our parents' last wishes. That was the deal; I turn eighteen, we live in this house. Or at least until you guys graduated."

Both of the twins faces grew grim, and Cloud instantly felt guilty for bringing up their parents'. It hasn't been easy for them, any of them, since they died. He quickly changed the subject.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" The twins turned to him confused. "Aren't you guys going to choose your rooms? Unless you just want me to give you a room to share again," Cloud teased, closing his eyes in the middle of his question. He opened his eyes to find his brothers gone from where they were standing and were now struggling to get up the very squeaky stairs before the other. The blonde grinned, before starting up the stairs himself.

Upstairs was just as nice as the downstairs, so in other words: messed up. There was a wide hallway with three doors on each side and a door right at the end that led to the attic. There were four bedrooms and two bathrooms divided on both sides. The master bedroom, Cloud's room, even had a bathroom built in it. Roxas and Sora took the bedrooms right across from each other that were placed in the middle of the hall.

"Yay! We finally don't have to share a room! And none of us won't have to fight for the bathroom in the morning!" Roxas says with a grin, doing a small 'happy dance' in his newly acquired room. Sora grinned as well as he stood at the doorway, but then gave a playful pout in Roxas' direction.

"Hey, don't you like my company?" Sora sulked. Roxas gave a wider grin, a teasing glint in his eyes as he looked out the window, before suddenly turning to Sora with a straight and serious face.


Sora looked at his beloved twin, similarly faking a horrified expression with his hand over his heart. Both stared at each other for a while before bursting with laughter.

Whilst that little incident was occurring Cloud headed off to look at his own room before sitting on the bed. Surprisingly the bedrooms and bathrooms didn't look like they'd been destroyed, only covered in thick dust from the many years of no use.

'I really hope this place will be better then Traverse Town. I don't wanna put Sora and Roxas through that again. I can't. It was okay when thosepeopletreated me that way, but I won't tolerate it when it comes to those two anymore.'

When the three of them had lived in Traverse Town they were always watched by the Slayers, since it is a central area for vampires and creatures of the night. And considering they were not only vampires but part time working and trained Slayers, for them to be watched was only natural. But… it was the humans as well; those who know what they were, and most found them to be evil or demonic. It wasn't easy, especially with the Church.

With the other humans though they were fawned over all the time. It didn't seem to matter if it was a male or female, as the trio did have such feminine features and style. Even once they had control over the thrall they continued to stare, whisper and stalk. Main reason they lived there was because most of their family lived there too, most of them were Slayers… and most of them hated the three.

So in other words, it was a hell hole; except for the few good friends and relatives that lived in Traverse Town a lot of their friends out of town, even out of the country. Cloud could only hope that this town would be different, a fresh start for the boys.

The blond headed back out into the hallway to Roxas' room again to see the boys rolling around and giggling on the floor. Sora was behind Roxas and had him in headlock with his legs wrapped around the others torso to stop Roxas from escaping. Roxas was trying to get out of it by tickling Sora's side but his arms were at such a weird angle it was only half working. Smiling, Cloud walked up to them making their squirming cease.

"What's this about?" Cloud asked with his eyebrows raised. Sora gave him the puppy dogs eyes and a pout.

"Roxas is being mean to me!"

"When is he not?"

"When am I not?" The blonds said simultaneously.

Sora pout grew bigger as did his eyes and continued to stare Cloud down. The blond met the stare, hands on hips and face unimpressed. A few minutes were spent in silence until Cloud sighed.

"Fine. Roxas be nice to your brother."

"Hey!", Roxas cried indigently, still in his twins headlock on the floor. "Why are you taking his side? I'm the one being physically assaulted here! Just because he's the sweet innocent looking one doesn't mean he actually is!"

"Alrighty then. Sora, stop being pretty. Roxas, be nice to your assaulter." The eldest said sternly then walking out of the room, closing the door.

"That's not what I meant Cloud! Don't leave me like this! Cloud? STOP LAUGHING SORA! CLOUD! "

Sora continued laughing and Roxas continued squirming and yelling in Sora's grip. Cloud poked his head in a few moments later.

"Time for bed, boys. We can grab the boxes from the car tomorrow. Night!" And he disappeared once more.


Next day (Sunday)

When Cloud woke up, he just laid there and adjusted to his surroundings. When he actually looked at his clock, it was 9:42 A.M. He reluctantly decided to get up, slowly sliding out of the bed and went to take a shower. Whilst in there, he thought of what he was going to do today.

'We should start with just cleaning the place. We'll need to throw the old furniture away to get some that we can actually use. Need to call the electricity and water people. Unpack some stuff, go to the grocery store; need to make a list for that.' Cloud continued to check list things as he washed his hair, moving on to his face and so on.

He let the water run awhile over his cramped back muscles, releasing some of the tension, before getting out and looking at himself in the mirror. He knew that to just about anyone he was beautiful. To him, though, he'd always be mediocre, not good enough. It was probably all the verbal abuse from his family that had lead him to think this way.

'I refuse to have their words torment me for the rest of my life. All I have to do is think positive...Right.'

For Cloud and his more… 'emotional ways'… it wasn't an easy task to reassure himself of that. After his shower and bathroom activities like brushing his teeth, Cloud got dressed in loose, black harems pants that covered his knees, a dark blue tank top with some black ankle socks. In terms of accessories, Cloud wore a wolf stud in each ear and a simple silver chain. He also wore his silver ring that his parents had given him at birth, with a wolf similar to his earring designed on the ring.

Once he got downstairs, he started on breakfast. He made sure to bring some food with them, since he was sure there would be no edible food in a house that hadn't been lived in for over ten years. And of course they had to bring their daily dose of blood.

Their breakfast consisted of simple eggs, hash browns, rice, and of course, a tall healthy glass of blood. Being half Japanese, (their father being from Japan, and all three of them having grown up mostly in Japan) they almost always ate a traditional Asian meal. Since they didn't have a lot of food to make a traditional breakfast, they'd have to stick with rice for now.


Cloud was startled out of his thoughts by one of his brothers, probably Roxas since he was usually pretty grumpy in the morning, slamming their door open. It was shortly followed by another slam, probably from one of the bathrooms.

Right when he'd finished making breakfast both of his brothers came in and sat at the table, looking clean and refreshed. Both of them wore cargo pants and t-shirts, along with their own pieces of jewelry given to them by their parents at birth. Sora had yellow cargo pants, a black belt with rainbow studs through the loops, and a black shirt that had a red vampire smiley face on it. Around his neck was a silver chain, with a silver three pointed crown hanging off of it. Roxas had red cargo pants, with a black t-shirt, and a black and red checkered jacket (unzipped), along with a belt just like Sora's. The only difference was that Roxas' was white. On his right wrist, he wore a thick leather bracelet with a silver four pointed star.

"Good morning, Cloud! Breakfast smells great!" Sora said with a grin. Roxas nodded his head in agreement and said good morning also, giving both of his brothers a tired smile. Cloud smiled back at the both of them, and brought the food to the table.

Roxas started eating but stopped and blinked at it, eyebrows furrowed. Sora and Cloud stopped and looked at him.

"Wait. You haven't called the water and power people yet. Why do have water and power?" Roxas asked puzzled.

"The house has a well, I just wanted to call the people to come check on it and make sure it's fine. As for the power we have emergency generators."

"Oh. Well that's convenient." Roxas murmured.

"So what do we have planned today? We can't just leave the house like this." Sora asked before taking another bite.

"No duh, Sora."

"You're being mean again! Hmph!"

Cloud tilted his head, thinking though his mental list and ignoring his brothers squabble, before looking at Sora.

"Well, we have to clean up the house and unpack what we brought, since we didn't have time yesterday because we got here so late. Also we need food and school stuff since we're starting back up at school tomorrow."

At the word 'school' both boys groaned and pouted. Cloud just laughed, before shaking his head.

"Hey, which school are we going to?" Sora asked.

Even though he and Roxas didn't like school, considering they were always the outcasts at their old school despite the popularity of their looks, they knew that the only thing they could do was suck it up and get it over with.

"It's called 'Twilight Academy'; not very original if you ask me. And it connects with the only college in Twilight Town too, so when I graduate from High School I'll still be going to the same school as you guys. I'll only be in a different building on campus," Cloud explained. The twins grinned as Cloud told them this. They never really liked being far from Cloud for long when they were younger and the feeling only grew as they aged, for more then one reason.

After breakfast they brought out every cleaning supplies they could find. Roxas took off his jacket and all three siblings tied bandanas on their heads, putting their jewelry in their rooms to keep them from being tarnished. When they met back up downstairs Cloud started giving them their jobs.

"Sora, you have the dishes, as well as dusting and sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors. Roxas, you have the living room and garage. You'll have to dust, sweep, and take out the garbage in all three rooms. Both of you have to mop after wards. I'll take upstairs, and after that, we'll all clean the attic and basement, alright?"

Sora nodded and gave a salute, looking like he was going to war; the broom and duster in his hands as his weapons, and a camouflage apron on. Roxas sighed and did a lazy salute as he gloomily walked away and started getting to work. Cloud nodded and headed upstairs to do his own work.

'Let's see... I'll start with the bathrooms then I'll do the hallway last. Yoshi! Ikuzo~!'

He headed to the first bathroom on the right. The room was still foggy from the shower, a couple of damp towels were on the floor along with a night t-shirt, boxer and shorts.

'This must be Sora's bathroom. I'll need to get him a hamper; we will need one in each bathroom and bedroom.'

He started picking everything up and put it in the hallway so he could sweep, dust and mop. The shower helped with all the dust, making it less likely to fly away. After the floors were done, all clean and shiny, he started cleaning the mirrors and counters, wiping them done until they shined like the floors before moving on to the sink, toilet and shower, purposely leaving those for last.

Once the room was squeaky clean and he had folded Sora's things, putting them on a metal shelf, he moved onto Roxas' bathroom.

'Bless that boy. He knows how to fold.'

On the counter were the younger blonds clothes nicely folded. Roxas never liked cleaning his room simply because it was Sora's as well; and he was rather messy. So to prevent himself twice the hassle he kept his side neat and taken care of. That way all the faults of their room rested on Sora and Cloud never forced to him help unless it was a spring cleaning day, when all three would clean up.

'Thankfully Roxas' neat habits seemed to have stayed. Alright, here we go again...'

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Roxas' shriek startled Cloud whilst he was cleaning the mirror in his bathroom, having already finished the twins'.

Cloud quickly ran down the stairs and to the garage, since Roxas wasn't to be seen in the living room, only to find both of his brothers on the hood of his black Maruti Suzuki Swift. They had found it at a car dump and Cloud ended up remaking the whole engine and workings so it was pretty cheap, but they absolutely loved Miharu, the car.

"What's the matter?!" Cloud asked, worried. The boys looked up at Cloud and with scared teary-eyed expressions, they pointed to where a trashcan was.

"What? What is it?"

"I-I-I-I-It's-s-s-s a-a RAT!" Sora and Roxas stammered together, basically whining at the end. Cloud looked at the trashcan, giving it a hard stare, before turning to the boys again.

"Is it dead?"

Sora and Roxas looked at each other, before shrugging then mumbling at the same time,

"I don't know."

Cloud bravely grabbed a broom and slowly approached the trashcan. He didn't see it anywhere near the front of the trashcan so he looked behind it only to find not a rat, but a raccoon, crouched and looking innocently at him.

Cloud let out a high pitched scream, before hitting the raccoon with the brushy part of the broom. It went flying as it screached and screamed above the twins' heads, who ducked giving a shrill shriek of their own.

The sailing raccoon continued soaring right into the garage door with a large crash. When the boys saw that it was not only still alive, but still conscious, they ran towards the garage door and ran back inside. But not before hitting the button that opened the garage door with the hope their 'guest' would leave.

All the boys leant against the wall by the door that they had just rushed into, when Cloud started laughing, sinking to the floor.

"How the hell did you mistake a fucking raccoon for a rat?! Really?! How big do think rats are?!"

Sora started to pout whilst Roxas just glared at the still laughing Cloud.

"Well, I'm sorry for that. So you can stop laughing now," Roxas said stiffly. Cloud was reduce to more giggles and laughter, shaking his head.

"Mou! What's so funny, Cloud?" Sora asked, with a small frown, realising he was being laughed at by his own brother.

"It's… it's j-just that we're v-vampires… with special powers… and we j-just handled that li-… like human girls!" Cloud choked through his laughter.

The twins looked at each other, then at Cloud, before joining in with his laughter. It was true. Here they were, vampires, who killed other vampires and dark creatures, and they just got scared by a bloody raccoon! That didn't even do anything! Not only did it hurt their pride, but most likely the pride of vampires everywhere.

"Okay. Let's never tell anyone of this... At least, none of the vampires we know or meet..." Sora said, finally managing to calm down. The other two nodded, smiles still on their faces.

"Alright, let's get back to work. Are you guys almost finished in here? Let's do the garage last," Cloud nodded, but Sora shook his head.

"No, I still have to do the dishes. After that I'm finished."

Cloud nodded again before looking at Roxas.

"Yeah. Since I can't, and will not, do the garage until someone helps me."

"Alright, then you can help me upstairs." Cloud reasoned, "I got the bathrooms done, so go dust, sweep and wipe the windows in your room, and Sora's please."

Roxas agreed and went to his duties. Since Sora had already gone to do the dishes, if the clinking and sloshing from the kitchen is anything to go by.

'With the way he is does it he might have to mop again.'

Cloud headed back to his bedroom to finish it and his bathroom, closing all the windows he opened to help with the dust to keep from any stray racoons out.

His room went by swiftly enough before he focused in on the hallway, which took no time at all.

3 ½ hours later (around 2:45 P.M.)

"Huh! Fucking finally!"

Cloud, Sora, and Roxas, all fell onto the couch, absolutely exhausted. They had cleaned everywhere except the garage and attic. All agreed to do the attic and the backyard, the overgrown lawn of weeds and semi dead bushes, another day as they just wanted to chill out before school tomorrow. As for the basement, the room was practically empty except for some old furniture that they moved into the living and dining rooms; they happily threw the torn, scratched and probably infested furniture into the yard until they can get rid of them. They got most of their stuff unpacked, since they really didn't have a lot with them. And they might have used just a little bit of their powers to speed things up...

"I hate cleaning..." Sora groaned out where he was sprawled, leaning against Cloud.

"Let's... never let the house get like this again. Please." Cloud begged with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. One of his arms became occupied by Sora, who hugged it to where he could use it as a pillow.

"If it keeps all that damn dust from choking us then I'm on board. I feel so fucking gross!" Roxas complained from where he was laying down with his head in Sora's lap.

"You're not the only one. Why are drains so difficult to clean? And why was there so much calcium build up all over the place?" Cloud questioned to no one.

"The kitchen wasn't so bad. I found a lot of spiders in the cabinets though." Sora yawned.

"Did you kill them?"


"Good. Let those suckers die."

"You have a problem Roxas."

"No I don't!"

"Yeah, you kind of do Roxas." The eldest said.

"Ha! Even Cloud agrees with me!"

"Shut up!"

"Boys, please."

"Sorry Cloud." The two said in unison. The brothers rested there for a few more minutes before Cloud sighed and shifted out from Sora's hold.

"Okay guys, we've got to go to the store before it gets any later." Cloud said tiredly while standing up. Sora and Roxas looked up at Cloud with a groan, not wanting to move.

"Well, I was going to grab some yakisoba from Sam's on the way home but if you don't want to..." Cloud trailed off.

"We'll go!" The eldest laughed at the quick change of heart at the promise of food.

"Good. Now take a quick shower, change your clothes, and then we'll go."

All three moved up the stairs and rinsed of the day's dust, grime, and chemicals. They enjoyed moving about upstairs with the house being clean, not fearing getting dirty again by opening a cabinet or finding a spider in a drawer.

Cloud was the first one down, now dressed in a dark grey v-neck with the yellow and black batman logo on it and black skinnys. He had put back on his jewlery and taken off the bandana, letting his spikes be free once more.

He got on his black high-tops with blue angel wings on the outer part of the shoe, before getting his wallet and keys and waited by the garage door.

The boys came down just a few minutes later, both without bandanas and had on their jewlery. Sora wore a plain black tshirt with brown cargo shorts and Roxas wore a white tshirt with dark denim shorts that ended above his knees like Sora's. Both boys put on shoes simliar to Cloud just in diferent colors, Roxas' being silver and Sora's being red. All clothes were form fitting but very comfortable.

They waited, standng akwardly by the door but not moving to opening it. Each one was waiting for someone else to do it as none of them were game being mauled by a raccoon.

Sora ended up being brave soul to crack open the door, after much reluctance and hesitation. When nothing happened, like screeching or mauling, he gingerly stepped into the garage, followed by the others. They got in the car, after making sure the raccoon didn't somehow get into it (since they really don't know how it even got into the garage in the first place), and went to hunt for a grocery store and found a Wal-Mart fifteen minutes away.

They got out of the car and went for the entrance of the store. Cloud turned to his brother and asked, "Sora can you grab a cart please?"

"Sure thing, Cloud!"

"What do we need to get again?" Roxas asked as he and Cloud waited for Sora to get a shopping cart.

"Well, we need school supplies and food." Cloud replied teasingly.

"No shit, Bro. I mean what type of food. And if you say edible then I'm gonna hurt you."

Cloud smirked at the threat as Sora just got back with the cart.

"Why are the carts always stuck together when I get them?"

"Maybe they just don't want to go with you Sora."

"Roxas, it's a heap of metal, it has no feelings. And why on earth would it not want to go with me? I'd feed it and stuff."

"If it doesn't have feelings then it's not alive then how would you feed it?"

"I'd take it to the grocery store and fill it with food. Duh."

"Boys, let's go! Or no Sams!"


Cloud started rolling the basket towards the school and office supplies near the art&craft section. When they got to the aisle they shot off to pick their supplies.

"Try to keep it cheap, please! We need to watch our money after that drive sucked us dry of gas." Cloud grumbled towards the end.

"It's because you speed so much that happens." Roxas mumbled.

"What was that Roxas?"

"Nothing! Hey can I get this?" He asked holding up a candle to Cloud.

"Where did you get that?" Cloud asked confused.

"Just found it here."

"Huh, does it smell nice?"

"Here." Roxas uncapped it for Cloud to smell. It was a spicy woods smell that reminded the blond of a good cologn.

"Hey! What's that you got Roxas?" Sora bounced over after putting his supplies in the cart, already done.

"Ooo~! A candle! Can I smell?" The brunette leaned over without waiting for a reply.

"That's so good! Can we get it Cloud?" Both twins turned to the eldest with hopeful pouts.

The blond sighed and put his hand out for the candle. He turned it around until he found the price then gave them a small smile.

"Alright. Now can you share or would you like one of your own Sora?"

Sora went to look at the price too before he answered but Cloud put out of his reach.

"Let's find the candle aisle after we have our supplies, okay?" Sora gave him a big smile and a hug that squeezed the air out of him.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Alright, alright already! Roxas do you have what you need?"

"Yup! Plus a candle."

"Alright let's move on."

With a quick stop at the candle aisle to get Sora, and Cloud as he liked the scent too, they headed to the toiletry section.

Cloud was looking at the shaving cream and razors, checking the prices for the best options when Sora came barreling over with something in his hand.

"Can we get this? I want to try it!" Cloud sighed but took a look at it anyways.

"A waxing kit?"

"Yeah! We always shave but I hear waxing gives better results!"

"You also heard it hurts like a bitch, right?" Cloud asked but Sora waved his concerns away.

"We can handle it!"

"Okay then, we can try it. But you're getting waxed first." Cloud said before putting it in their cart along with some shaving cream and razors, just in case.

After the basket was filled with face, body and hair soaps, toothpaste, new toothbrushes and lubricant, as they are hormanal teens, they made a quick pit stop to the make up aisle for their usuals. Meaning a little bit of everything they did or didn't have.

"Okay let's head for the dairy, then snacks." Cloud said as he pushed the cart in that direction, the boys following along sometimes getting distracted.

"We got milk, cheese, sour cream, eggs, soda, heavy cream and half 'n half. Anything else?"

"Hmmm, good!"

"Me too!"

"Onto the snacks!"

"Onward ho!"

"Cloud, can I get some pocky and some chocolate? Please?" Sora pouted again. Cloud sighed for the uptenth time since getting to this store but nodded anyways.

"Only one of each, alright? I do not want a repeat of when we went to that chocolate factory."

Sora's pout intesified and he huffed, "That was one time! Can't you just let it go?!"

Roxas, who was giggling to himself as he remembered what happened on that unfortunate day, turned to face his twin.

"Sora, you ended up giving an old man a lap dance, asked practically everyone there about where babies come from and attacked a woman in a Hershey costume because it was pretending to fight with someone else dressed up as a Lindt bar! Then you tried to molest the Lindt bar person!" Roxas snorted, "You're lucky we didn't get sued for harrasment! Though it's kinda sad that the employees's said that they're were used to it..."

Cloud chuckled, remembering what happened as well. Oddly enough, the old man and Lindt bar person had given Sora their phone numbers.

Sora huffed and proceded to ignore Roxas for a good solid ten minutes. They proceded to get to the next section, picking up things such as cleaning supplies, paper products, rice, pasta, can goods, frozen foods, bread and desserts.

After discussing which vegetables and meats they wanted and an argument about whether the creepy store assistant who kept looking at them funny was a man or a woman (you just couldn't tell anymore with some people), they made it to the check out.

Shopping all together took almost two hours, as the house had nothing in it anymore after todays cleaning. After a quick stop by Samurai Sam's to get yakisoba and eggrolls, they went home. Cloud drove into the garage, after making sure once more that the raccoon was awol, and proceded to order the bags filled with groceries to be brought inside and put away before eating.

"Come on. The sooner we get it done the faster we can eat. I'll put the food in the microwave until then."

Putting everything away took a good fifteen minutes to designate places for everything but it got done. Sora, Cloud and Roxas sat down to eat their delicous dinner when the phone rang. All three let out a exasperated groan.

"I'll get it." Cloud sighed, getting up. He picked up the phone as Sora and Roxas went to eating their meals.

"Hello?" Cloud said, sliping into his Japanese, being a little snippy in his impatiance. He just wanted to eat, damn it.

"Hey! It's your favorite cousin Hiro! How's it going? Made it to the house alright?"

"Yeah, we did. We cleaned the house up today as it was crazy dusty and we just came back from grocery shopping since there was no food in the house. At least nothing edible. And shopping with the boys as you know takes forever. We needed supplies to start school tomorrow also."

"Sweet! Well I just wanted to know if you were alive! Since you didn't bother calling yesterday and sent Mom in to a panic. She almost packed up the car to drive down there herself!"

Cloud heard Hiro laugh down the line.

"Sorry. When we arrived at the house it was late, we didn't even have time to bring any boxes in. We just crashed. Tell Aunt Reiko sorry for me and that I'll give her a call sometime this week."

"It's fine man. By the way, we found out there are some other vampires at Twilight Town. The council has decided for you to observe them and if they're the bad kind, well... you know what to do. Anyway, say hi to the munchkins for me! I got a case to work on! Bye!"

"Thanks Hiro,and good luck."

Cloud hung up the phone with a small made his way back to the table to start eating.

"So?" Roxas asked curiously.

"Who was that?" Sora continued.

"That was Hiro. He and Auntie wanted to know if we got here okay, and apparently there are other vampires here. We got babysitting duty assigned to us by the Council. He says hi, by the way," Cloud blabbered, whilst turning towards his brothers.

They had smiles on their faces, clearly hoping that the vampires were good ones, so they could have companions. They quickly finished their dinner and drank their blood, then decided to watch a movie before they went to bed. After a long battle of what to watch, Cloud came in as mediator with 'Sherlock Holmes'. Since they had school tomorrow, they wanted to get as much sleep as they could. After the movie, making them drowsy and ready for bed, they got into their nighties, said 'Night!' to each other and went to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would be bringing them.

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