Chapter 5~

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At the Strife Household

Cloud stood in front of his closet, examining each item of clothing with a quick glance. He reached in and pulled out a white and silver designed t-shirt but put it back with a shake of his head.

'It's too casual.'

Next he pulled a dress shirt belonging to a suit.

'Way too fancy.'

This process continued for the next twelve minutes before he threw his hands in the air, admitting defeat.

'Guh, why does nothing look right?' He thought sighing, 'I don't need to dress up super fancy! What should I wear though…'

The blond was brought out of his thoughts when he heard something 'thump' in the other room and another until it became a commotion of sounds.

'Huh, that must be Roxas.'

Cloud walked into the hall, abandoning his search for the moment, and towards the younger blonds' room. And just liked he predicted there his brother stood in front of his own closet throwing pieces of clothing everywhere as well as a few shoes.

"Having trouble, Rox?" The elder of the two asked amused, leaning against the door frame. Roxas turned to his brother, irritation splayed across his features.

"Why yes, I am. Thank you very much for pointing out the obvious," Roxas ground out. "For some bloody reason I can't find anything to wear!"

Cloud raised an eyebrow at his statement. The youngest Strife was usually a pro at knowing what to wear, or at least had enough guts to wear what he wanted, for Roxas shared the love for fashion and clothes with him and Sora.

By no means were they like those people that needed to look fashionable every waking moment but the three did like to go shopping, either buying or just looking on occasion, and having fun while doing so. Though all three agree that it is absolute hell when they have to go shopping with women; they don't know why that is, it just is. Maybe it's only the females they were familiar with.

'Getting back on topic, Roxas is having a fit.'

"Well isn't that rare." His brother gave him a look that just screamed 'no duh, idiot' and went back to tearing his closet apart.

Cloud stared at his brother for awhile, his brother catching on eventually and gazed at the other in return. A minute went by with them just staring at each other when Cloud grinned in realization and Roxas blinked in confusion.

"Are you having trouble because you want to look good for that hot, young redhead?" Clouds grin grew larger as Roxas turned into a ripe red tomato. "You are!" Cloud shouted.

"No! Why would I dress up for that flirting moron?! He's annoying! I hate annoying people!" The elder walked towards his brother and draped himself lightly on his shoulders.

"Then why are you getting all blushy?" He teased, poking a red cheek. "The last time I saw you blush this much was when Auntie tried to give us the sex talk by making us watch all sorts of different porn with her and the girls on Ladies Night."

"Oh God... Why did you mention that incident? I just managed to bleach my brain of it. That scarred me for life you know! Well, that and the 'where babies come from' demo." Roxas blanched. Even Cloud turned a bit green at the remembrance of that but continued to grin from his brothers misfortune like a proper older sibling does.

The youngest blond glared at his brother but then observed what Cloud was wearing and he smirked.

"Well, well, looks like your having trouble yourself, Big Brother. Usually you would already be done by now."

"Well," The now blushing Cloud drawled. "I might be having a bit of difficulty choosing something to wear."

And just as Cloud did Roxas raised an eyebrow, smirk still in place.

"Oh~? That wouldn't have anything to do with those four handsome gentlemen that have been eying you? Hmm?" Roxas said deviously, grinning at his payback.

Cloud glared at the younger despite his darkening blush and gave an angry huff.

"Don't be ridiculous, Roxas. It has nothing to do with them. Now how 'bout I help choose an outfit out for you and you do the same for me?"

"Will you let me wear something from your closet?"

The still grinning Strife gave a happy a cry of joy at the nod of approval and both went to work.

In the middle of choosing Cloud's clothes, more like Roxas tearing apart Clouds closet with no mercy, a frustrated shout came from the hall and the slam of a door. They stopped and looked to the doorway to see a miffed Sora standing there. The brunette noticed their gazes and blushed slightly in embarrassment and confusion at their raised eyebrows and looks of understanding.

"Can you guys help me choose something to wear? I can't find anything." Sora mumbled while pouting. Cloud smiled gently at him, Roxas already back to work at the closet.

"Sure thing, Sora. We were having the same problem actually. Do you want to help choose mine out with Rox?" The brunette eagerly nodded at the chance of dressing Cloud up.

Cloud shook his head in amusement. Ever since they were little, even before their parents deaths, the twins loved dressing their older brother up and jumped at any chance they could get. Since it puts smiles on their faces Cloud didn't really mind all that much.

Moving to sit on his bed he examined what he chose for Roxas, who had already put them on. He wore dark brown corduroy skinny jeans with a black belt, a burgundy v neck that was Clouds so it was bit big and a white leather jacket. For shoes he chose simple black and white checkered vans. It looked very handsome on the youngest Strife with everything being form fitting, as were most of their clothes.

"All done! Get dressed I'm going to go get Sora's and then we should go. We have about thirty more minutes until we need to leave, 'kay?" Cloud nodded as he looked at the outfit chosen for him and shut the door after his brothers were out. And as always his brothers had great taste.

Stripping, he started to put on a long cream tunic top that was loose yet but still showed off his figure, with quarter cut sleeves and three brown, leather strings tied together to form a loose belt resting on the top of his hips, bringing attention to his thin waist and curvy hips. The bottom of his shirt stopped slightly above mid-thigh, next he put on the tight but comfy black jeggings and a pair of leather dark brown boots that stopped at middle of his shin and made him slightly taller with its heel.

Putting on a brown leather Celtic knot wrist band, and a pendant necklace that was also a Celtic knot that was on a leather string, he quickly reapplied his eye make-up and he was ready to go.

He grabbed his favorite black leather jacket for the slight chill and made his way towards Sora's room.

When he stepped in he saw Sora was dressed and ready to go as well. The brunette wore a black v-neck t shirt with a grey vest over it. He had some wash out grey skinny jeans and black ankle boots that had a heel to them making him barely any taller then Roxas. As accessories he folded a yellow, black, grey and white plaid scarf around his neck and a black belt.

"Don't you guys look snazzy?" Cloud said, smiling at them. They returned the smile and nodded at their clothing choices for the elder Strife.

"Well you're looking pretty rad yourself, Cloud. You're sure to impress them, especially those leaders." Roxas winked, teasing, but knowing he was saying the truth. They really won't be able to tear their eyes off of Cloud.

"Shut up and get that silly notion that they interested me out of your head. Besides I could say the same about you and your boy." The blushing blond retaliated, causing the other blond to blush just as brightly. Sora looked between his brothers and smiled.

"Do you guys have crushes?" The brunette said, eyes twinkling in laughter.

"Do not!" Both blonds cried. They looked at each other in surprise but turned back to glare at Sora halfheartedly who was giggling.

"I think you do." Sora said simply.

"I admit that they are very handsome but I do not have a crush, little brother. There is a difference between looking and wanting, let alone liking." Cloud said calmly, fighting his blush away. Roxas enthusiastically nodded his head in agreement, gesturing at Cloud.

"Besides, haven't you been looking at that Riku kid? Do you have a crush on him, Sora?" Cloud tossed at his brother, smirking. Sora's cheeks turned bright red and puffed in embarrassment.

"Like you said Cloud, there's a difference in looking and liking. Now we better get going or we're going to be late." Sora said and started his way out of his room, ignoring his brothers laughter.

The blond brothers followed Sora downstairs and the eldest Strife went to the kitchen instead of the garage.

"What are you going Cloud? They're going to feed us there." Sora asked as the blond opened a small pantry and was surprised when he pulled out a wine bottle.

"You're bringing them wine? We have wine?"

"Can we have some?" Sora pleaded excitedly but pouted at the stern look he got that clearly said no.

"I thought it would be a nice gift. And neither of you will be having any. While you do have tolerance you are still underage. Understood?" Cloud said and gave a satisfied smile when they nodded.

After Cloud grabbed the keys, his wallet and phone they went into the garage, making sure to check for that ghastly raccoon and that the car had their 'in case of emergency' weapons that they put in there the other day. They had gotten a call from HQ that reports of supernatural shit has been happening during the last few nights.

Cloud looked at his brothers in the rear-view mirror and asked,

"So we're ready to go? Got everything?"

At the bobs of their heads he started the now 'QUEER'-less car and drove out of the garage and onto the way to the Soldiers house.

At the Soldier Household

Zack stood in front of the body length mirror in his and his lovers bedroom. He twisted his upper body a few times to inspect his clothing choice and grinned in satisfaction.

The raven vampire loosely wore a dress shirt that was a deep royal purple, sleeves pushed up, a white undershirt and black jeans it was something simple and looked good.

Arms came and locked around his waist; looking into the mirror he saw Genesis's reflection there, smiling at him.

"You look dashing, love."

"Thanks, you look great too. But I think our guests would appreciate you wearing clothes." He said, pointing out the auburn vampire's almost completely nude body, with the exception of a small towel covering his 'modesty'.

"Really? What a shame, I thought they would want me at my very best but I suppose you're right."

Zack gave a bark of a laugh as his lover walked into their closet to get changed. Smiling, he walked out of the room, downstairs and to the kitchen. There he found his other two lovers getting cozy; by that he meant sucking face by the stove, where some delicious smelling lasagna and garlic bread sat and cooled.

"And you say I should behave." Zack said rather sarcastically yet lovingly. The two at the stove merely looked at him, eyebrows raised.

"They aren't here yet so this still counts as behaving." Sephiroth explained, kissing Angeals cheek before pulling away slightly.

"Oh? Well if I had known that I wouldn't have resisted Genesis when he got out of the shower."

"Is he almost ready? Cloud and his brothers should be here soon." Angeal asked looking at the clock. Zack was about to answer when Axel walked in.

"He's ready and is in the living room doing some last minute cleaning. Now all we have to do is pry Riku away from the mirror and we'll be set!" the redhead said with a smirk.

"Shut up, you wanker!" They heard the younger silverette cry from upstairs. "I'm almost finished! I would have been done sooner if you didn't take your sweet fucking time in the shower!"

The three looked at the accused, who was now blushing. Faking a cough Axel started scooting out of the kitchen.

"I'll just go set the table." Their laughter followed him out.

"What did I miss?" Genesis asked walking into the room. Sephiroth pulled fully away from Angeal, his spot being replaced by Zack, and went behind Genesis to hold his waist, burrowing his face into his lovers neck.

"Nothing, love. Just Axel being Axel." Angeal answered for them making the other grin.

"Ah. Is Riku down yet? They should be here soon." The three smirked from the unknowing continuation of their previous conversation. As they were about to answer said silverette walked in.

"For fucks sakes I'm bloody ready." Riku grumbled.

"What has you in a pissy mood?" Gen asked. Riku just sighed, shook his head and walked out of the room ignoring Genesis' confused look.

"Well okay, snooty. Need any help, 'Geal?"

"No, I got everything ready. Just have to put it on the table when they get here." The dark brunette replied, smiling.

"Hey, where's Reno?" Zack asked, curious puppy look in place.

"I think he went to Leon's place. Tseng and Rufus are there for movie night." Sephiroth replied and Zack just mouthed 'oh' and nodded.

"Did any of you see Leon at school?" Axel asked when he walked back in to grab a glass of water, and to get away from his friend's glower.

"He wasn't there today. Said his job needed him to take the day shift since someone quit again." Sephiroth answered.

"With a boss like Cid I'm not surprised. What does surprise me is that Leon puts up with his crap."

"You know Leon see's Cid as a father figure. And Cid isn't so bad, he's just a tough loving bastard." Genesis argued, liking the gruff blond. He takes care of his own, like Leon, and doesn't take no ones shit.

"Anyways, Riku get your ass in here!" Axel called.

"What?" The silverette snapped but joined them.

"Do any of you have any ideas on who has it out for the Strifes?" All of them shrugged, not hearing anything suspicious at school today.

"Well whoever they were they're going to regret it."

"Why? Do you want us to step in, Sephiroth?" Riku asked.

"We might but I meant that Cloud is going to tear them apart with the help of his brothers."

"True but I still want a go at them." Angeal, surprisingly, butted in. He was usually the peace keeper.

"Agreed. Though I'm not planing on lecturing them to death. Sorry, mon cher." Genesis says the last part to Angeal who rolls his eyes.

"I think it's safe to say that we all want a hit but we're going to let the Strifes handle it. It would probably offend them if we try to fight their battles. No matter how petty they may be." Sephiroths ordered, cutting off anyone else who wanted to object.

"Now, how red do you think Axel and Riku are going to get when the twins say hi?" The silverette said, changing the subject. It made the four of them laugh when the two in question glared.

"Oh shut up, you hypocrite."

"And how am I hypocrite, kleiner Bruder?"

"You're going to blush within seconds of Cloud smiling. Don't deny it, großer Bruder."

And before Sephiroth could toss another comment they heard a car pull up.

Back with the Strifes

"So how are we going to settle the matter with whoever trashed our lockers and car?" Roxas asked looking towards his eldest brother.

"Yeah! And you never told us who it was! You said you would!" Sora exclaimed. Cloud looked in the rear-view mirror and shrugged.

"First off the bitch who did this was the one who was hanging on to me yesterday. You know who I'm talking about?"

"Yeah, the one with the melons for tits right?" Roxas confirmed while Cloud nodded.

"So what's her name?" Sora asked, curious of who they were getting to torture. A pregnant silenced followed until Cloud finally admitted,

"...I forgot."

Roxas and Sora burst into laughter. Only Cloud would forget the name of their supposed bully.

'Only Cloud.' The twins thought affectionately.

"Shall we just call her Melon Tits for the moment?" Sora suggested formally, suppressing his laughter.

"I think we shall." The blonds said, smirks on their faces.

"And as for what we are going to do, I don't have anything planned. Do you have something in mind, my darling little angels?" The twin devilish smirks gave him his answer.

"We may have something up our sleeves."

"I can't wait. But don't permanently damage her… physically."

"And what about mentally?" Sora raised an eyebrow in question.

"Actually I was hoping for everlasting mental and emotional damage please." Cloud grinned back evilly. "Oh, and don't get caught. Last thing I want to do is to pay for Melon Tits therapy bills."

"Roger, Boss!" The twins saluted and grinned. Cloud just laughed at his brother antics and focused back on the road while mouthing the words to the song 'Pas de Cheval' that was playing from their mp3 player, which was connected to the radio through a cassette.

"Oi, turn it up Cloud!" Roxas demanded him and Sora singing along to the song. The elder blond did as 'asked' and joined them.

Their car musical was put to a stop when they started searching for the street they needed.

"I think we just passed it." Sora said, stretching back to see the sign, covered partially by a tree. "Yep, we passed it."

Cloud gave a quiet curse then checked the streets real quick then said,

"Hold on." Not giving his brothers any time he did a U turn. Ignoring the honking car he almost ran into, he swore it just popped out of nowhere, and turned down Rosewood.

"For fucks sakes. I think I almost had a heart attack." Roxas complained, clutching his chest.

"I'm starting to remember why we used to walk everywhere." Sora groaned, straightening up in his seat.

"Oh, please. The chance of that happening is very unlikely Roxas." Cloud said, rolling his eyes.

They found 9th Street soon enough and turned down it. The road was very much like their driveway, a dirt road and surrounded by trees. They went down it for a few minutes and just before Sora was going to ask if they had the right street they came upon a beautiful Victorian styled house. Who were they kidding, it was a fucking manor.

"Whoa." The three said, staring at the 'house'.

The so called house had three stories and was a cream white color with dark brown roofing. Chimneys stuck out at various parts of the building and at each end vines grew up the sides. You would think they stepped back into the past except for a few modern touches, such as a garage that was attached on the right side and a cable box on the roof to name a few.

Not only was the house gorgeous but the land was as well. Very well kept rose bushes, flowers, fruit trees and such littered the front. They could only imagine what the back looked like.

"I feel like such a plebeian." Sora said, still blinking at the beauty.

"You're not the only one. I swear if we are greeted by a fucking butler or something, we're booking it. I have had enough of rich asses." Cloud grumbled with a small frown. The twins only nodded in agreement and they got out of the car. Walking up to the door they rang the doorbell and not a second later the door open to reveal Angeal.

"Hey. Welcome to our home." The older vampire greeted warmly with a kind smile on his face and ushered them inside. Not even realizing it they let out a sigh of relief of no butler in sight and smiled back.

"Thank you for inviting us. Your house is absolutely magnificent." Cloud responded, smiling up at the man.

"Yes, thank you." Sora and Roxas said politely. Angeals smile only grew bigger and said, his eyes focusing on Cloud,

"It's our pleasure."

"Pleasure indeed, love." Genesis voice came from the kitchen as he walked in, followed by Sephiroth, Zack, Riku and Axel.

"Hey Cloud!" Zack said excitedly. Cloud gave a small laugh, feeling a sense of deja vu, and replied; amusement and perhaps a little fondness in his voice,

"Hello Zack and hello Genesis and Sephiroth. How are you?" They were about to answer before Axel spoke first.

"What? We get no greetings?"

"Hello boys." The Strifes said in union and gave them a dazzling smile.

"H-hey." The two said blushing at the attention they were getting, mostly because of their intended mates. Roxas raised an eyebrow and smirked at the blushes while Sora just giggled and Cloud looked at all four with a small smile. The older blonds focus went back to the four men who were watching everything with entertainment.

"So what's cooking? Smells good, and edible." Cloud inquired, teasing.

"Lasagna and French bread. Not in the least bit poisonous." Sephiroth replied.

"Ohhh! Yummy!" Sora exclaimed, clapping his hands in delight.

"Do you need any help in the kitchen or dining room?" Roxas asked. Angeal and Sephiroth shook their heads.

"It's all ready. It was nice of you to ask though. Why don't we head to the table and sit down." Genesis gestured to follow him and just like Angeal he mostly said this to the older petite blond.

They went with the auburn vampire and they all, minus Sephiroth who was getting dinner, went to take a seat. Axel and Riku pulled out Roxas and Sora's chairs. The two younger boys flushed at the gesture but smiled in thanks.

Cloud watched this with a smile and couldn't help but think that they looked good together, even though the redhead and silverette would have to prove their worth first. He was just about to pull out his own chair when Zack beat him to it. Blinking for a split second he smiled at the ravenette, who grinned back, and took his seat.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" Riku offered, making a point to look at the brunette first.

"Water, please." Sora said with a faint blush on his cheeks.

"Same." was Roxas' reply, giving a cool stare at the boy as if to say 'I don't like you now.'

"I'll have water as well. Thank you Riku." Cloud said smiling at the younger of the two silverette. Said silver haired vampire nodded and went into the kitchen. Just as Riku walked in his brother walked out.

Sephiroth set their dinner on the table and moved to serve. They took turns handing him their plates and waited for Riku's return. When he did they took their drinks and everyone dug in.

"This is delicious!" Sora praised eagerly taking another bite, breaking the slightly awkward silence.

"Thank you." Angeal replied smiling at his intended's younger brother.

"Stouffers right?" Roxas nonchalantly asked. Zack, Angeal and Genesis started laughing.

"Found out our secret did you?" Sephiroth said, smirking with his brother and let out a quiet chuckle.

"How can you tell?" Axel questioned looking at Roxas with a grin.

"Our Auntie Marie would have us over every other week and we would always have Stouffers. And two out of three times it was lasagna." The blond explained with a grin of his own.

"She couldn't cook anything that wasn't frozen to save her life!" Cloud lamented sharing his brothers facial expression.

"Oh, hush!" Sora giggled out and tried to shush his brothers but only increased their snickering, the others at the table included.

"So where were you three born?" Angeal asked politely yet curious.

"I was born Miyazu, while Sora and Roxas were born in Kyotanabe."

"So you were all born in Japan then? Were your parents from there?" Axel asked Cloud, wanting to know more about them.

"Yes to both questions. Our father originated from Japan and our mother, while not being born there, loved the culture so much that when they decided they were ready to settle down to have me they moved to Kyoto. But they traveled so much none of us were actually born in Kyoto." He explained. "Actually Sora and Roxas were almost born in two separate cities."

"How is that possible?" Angeal asked baffled.

"They were born in the back of a moving van. Few more minutes and Roxas could have been born in Joyo."

"Well that explains why you were so fluent when speaking with Mrs. Koriyama and with each other in the cafeteria." Zack said brightly.

"Yup." The twins confirmed and Cloud just nodded.

"Can we ask you how old you are?" Riku directed the question to Cloud, not wanting to step on any toes with his future brother-in-law. Yep, the cocky bastard is just that confident. Cloud gave him a smile at his curiosity and could already sense that this dinner would be a game of 20 questions, directed mostly towards them.

"I'm 18 and Sora and Roxas are 16."

"Well we can tell that by the way you look. Riku meant your vampire age." Axel said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Roxas turned his head towards the redhead and glared making Axel sit straighter from the dark look. Cloud just sighed at his brothers' temper.

"If you want to be technical we've only been vampires for ten years. But we've been in this world for 16, and 18 years." he explained.

The young blond looked around the table to see aghast faces from the Soldiers. He cocked his to the side confused at their expressions, not realizing his brothers were doing the same.

"But that means you were turned when you were 8." Riku hoarsely whispered in horror, knowing they would hear him. Cloud face went neutral at the correct accusation and all of Sora's energy abruptly deflated.

"Unfortunately we were changed very young." Roxas confirmed and found his plate all of the sudden very interesting, and hearing that the rest at the table became upset, but none more so than Sephiroth and Riku.

"But there are rules in place for such a thing, who would-" Zack started but was abruptly stopped by Cloud standing up and slamming his hands on the table. Zack faced the blond to be met with a very scary glare.

"Just because rules are in place doesn't mean you should be foolish enough to think everyone will abide by them, even if the Supreme Counsel was the one to put them in place. It just so happened that my maker chose to be ignorant of those laws. Now what's done is done and this discussion is over."


"Over." Cloud firmly said. The blond and ravenette defiantly held each others gazes before the elder nodded his head in defeat. Cloud sat back down, turned to his meal and began eating as if he didn't stare Zack into submission.

"How did you do that?" Axel asked in total awe. The only one able to do that, make Zack listen, was the brunette's lovers and even then it very rarely worked; like only every other decade and that was only after they were mated for fifty years.

"The Mother Stare." the twins said in union very seriously, glancing at their brother in mock fear as they clutched onto each other for dear life. Clouds only reaction was a smile and an amused shake of his head, glad the previous subject was dropped.

"Oh, not this nonsense again." He said.

"Mother stare?" Sephiroth said questioningly, raised eyebrow and smirk in place.

"No, no, no. The Mother Stare." Sora corrected gently as if teaching a small child.

"Are those capitals in your voice I hear?" Cloud asked jokingly. Roxas gave him a raised eyebrow in answer.

"So what's The Mother Stare?" Angeal asked, chuckling under his breath.

"It's the look that all with maternal instincts inherit to scold any who defy them. It's that very look that makes you guilty in every way, and you know if you resist it you'll end up over their knee with a sore bottom." Roxas explained in a voice used for scary stories, gasping in horror with Sora for dramatic effect.

At this everyone around the table minus Cloud burst out in laughter in one form or another. Though it quickly ended when Cloud gave them the exact same stare they were laughing about.

As things quieted down, eating slowly stopping from content bellies and after conversation of nothing really important dinner was over but desert was being prepared.

"We have some raspberry cheesecake if any you want some." Genesis said as he and his lovers moved around the table, clearing it. After the auburn said that Cloud remembered his gift, which was still in the car.

"I'd like a slice please. I just need to grab something from my car real quick." The blond said as he headed for the door. He got to his car and grabbed the wine and headed back inside.

Once he was back in he caught his brothers as they were about to go outside.

"Hey Cloud! Roxas and I are going to go check out their garden. Want to come?" Sora said happily.

"I'm good, thank you though." Cloud smiled at his siblings and then turned into the kitchen. In there were the four head Soldiers, grabbing plates for the delicious store bought cheesecake. Cloud's smile grew as he went towards them and held out his gift. Angeal blinked but took it to examine the bottle.

"It's a gift for inviting us."

"Thank you, Cloud." Sephiroth said warmly and smiled at him. Cloud could feel his cheeks starting to warm but stopped the blush before the others could notice.

"Yes thank you. It should go perfect with the cheesecake!" Genesis said enthusiastically. He was beyond happy that their beloved got them a gift.

"Oh! But for a warning the wine is made partially with blood so there is a bit of a kick to it. If you drink far to much it can actually get you drunk and the hangover is killer." The four blinked.

"Wait. Isn't that a really expensive type of wine?" Angeal asked worriedly, holding the wine more carefully as to not drop it.

"Yeah! And I thought it wasn't made anymore!" Zack exclaimed mildly in surprise. Genesis and Sephiroth were looking at it like it was the Holy Grail. Cloud held up a hand and shook his head to stop their worry.

"I have very dear friends in England and France that still produce some. As for this bottle my family, way back when, made wine though we don't anymore. This bottle is a very aged wine that's very much free, so no worries."

"Wouldn't you want to preserve this then?" Angeal asked, still a bit hesitant.

"Nah, what's the point of having it if you're never going to drink it? Besides I like to use these things as a sort of peace offering for new allies or friends." Cloud replied shrugging. The four shared a private smile, progress is being made.

"Then we'll take this friendship offering with gratitude." Sephiroth accepted for them when he saw that the blond was waiting for a reply. The blond in return gave them a radiant smile.

"Do you need help with anything?" Cloud said, gesturing towards the cheesecake, and snapping the elder vampires out of their smile induced daze.

"Well how about you help us move this into the living room. I'm going to grab some wine glasses. Would you like some Cloud?"

"Oh no ,thank you. My brothers would be very upset that I got to drink when I told them they couldn't." The blond declined Genesis offer, thinking of the peeved looks his brothers would give him.

"We wouldn't want that. I'll grab you a water then. Now please take these and just follow Zack." Cloud took the plates being handed to him and did as told.

While the kitchen and dining room were at the front of the house the living room was more off to the side and more towards the back. The living room had a much more private and homey feel to it than the formal dining room. It had a beautiful fire place and bookshelves that housed movies, games, music and, well, books. In the back corner of the room was a large leather chest, and photos, paintings and posters of all sort littered the walls.

The couch was huge, meant for a large family and looked quite comfy with being placed in the middle of the room. There were two huge armchairs on either end of the couch set at an angle. They were close to the fire place and left room for all of the entertainment shelves in back. And just like how every room seemed in this manor of sorts it was quite large.

As the vampires settled down with the cheesecake placed on the coffee table in front of the sofa and poured the blood wine, Genesis handing Cloud his water, conversation was started surprisingly by Cloud with curious words.

"You pass."

"Huh?" Zack so smartly replied.

"The Slayer inspection."

"Oh. But what do you mean inspect? You never had a look around." Angeal asked with a tone of interested surprise.

"Unless you did a little snooping while you went and got us this wine; which is delicious by the way." Genesis teased. The wine truly was, if Sephiroth had anything to say about it, who was on his second glass. Thank goodness for the man's high tolerance.

"I'm glad it's to your taste. And as for the inspection, well, it was more of an observation actually. I didn't want to be rude by demanding to look through your home or sneak around."

"And what did you get from your observation?" Genesis asked leaning in slightly, with his arm around the back of the couch and spoke with a flirty tone that went unnoticed by the blond that sat beside him. He was sandwiched between him and Zack as their other two lovers sat on either side of them.

It was an unconscious show of protection as was expected from the two most dominate, Sephiroth and Angeal, of the relationship. As was the fact that Cloud was the most sheltered by being in the middle, it showed he was to be the submissive if his looks weren't clue enough.

"Simply that you don't have any hidden bodies or slaves but are still well stocked with blood. That you have a well established relationship with everyone within this home, meaning no sign of abuse, power struggle or resentment among other things."

"Resentment?" Sephiroth said.

"Resentment between vampires can get quite messy within households and could cause unneeded and unwanted chaos in neighborhoods or even small towns. If a civic is troubled then a Slayer or Slayers would be called in to… negotiate the problem, so to speak." Cloud explained in a tired mind wandering way but gave them a small smile at their interest.

"Haha! I'll take it you have had to 'negotiate' things before?" Zack questioned with a grin.

"Oh yes. Most of those idiots are newborns or old bloods and they like to start brawls; full on vampire brawls in the middle of a public store or school. That leaves me with the task of being the assholes therapists to diffuse the situation. Then I would have to gather every name or face who could have seen them and make sure their memories are altered, get any who were injured to the hospital and if someone was killed I have the pleasure of telling the family with a false retelling of what had happened."

"And that's if the vampires are willing to be reasonable." Cloud looked to the door way as his brothers walked in with the younger redhead and silverette, who made sure to stand close as possible by their respective mates without being creepy.

"If they aren't reasonable we have no choice but to get physical." Sora continued for his blond twin.

"Then things could, and usually it does, make the situation even more challenging for us Slayers as most angry vampires are not reasonable." Roxas said.

"Lovely for you to join us, boys. Did enjoy looking at the garden?" Cloud said.

"Oh very much! It's given me a clue on what to plant in ours and what is easiest to grow." Roxas said. He was surprisingly the Strife who took to gardening the most. Cloud can keep them alive and harvest but is not so good with the growing them bit. Sora needs full chaperoning or he is doomed to fail, though he makes for a good assistant.

"It was lovely!"

"You like to garden?" Angeal smiled at the compliment given to his backyard and the window of opportunity to form a bond with his future brother in laws.

"Well, it's kind of a necessity." Sora responded.

"But we do like it but not as much as Roxas. He's the one who has the green thumb of the family. Poor Sora can't keep something alive by himself without drowning them." Cloud said.

"Hey! I'm the designated helper and cook." Countered Sora.

"What do you mean 'necessity'?" Riku and Axel asked, glancing at each other in amusement at one of their odd moments of speaking in unison.

"We get injured quite a bit. So we like to keep fresh herbs for when we need to make up some of our home remedies." Cloud explained.

"When the herbs are fresh and come from a healthy and living source the more nutrients and vitamins are in our medicine. Making the product work three times as better then using dried or store bought herbs." Roxas explained.

"We can usually patch up ourselves so we rarely have to go to an actual medical center." Sora said.

"And I'd like to keep it that way." Cloud mumbled irritably.

"I take it that you don't like hospitals." Axel smirked.

"No. Not really." The twins had to smile and giggle at their brother's grouchiness.

"Oh hush you!" Cloud playfully snapped at his brothers, trying to hide the smile of his own. In the end it just made them giggle more.

"That's i-" the blond was cut off by his cell, noisily blaring out Darth Vader's ring tone. Cloud hurriedly got up to move to the hall while answering it, moving the others on the couch slightly.

"Slayer Strife; what are my orders?" He responded in a very formal and hard tone. Roxas and Sora hearing the sound of his voice arranged their faces into emotionless masks. That tone meant work.

"Slayer Strife; here are you orders. You, Slayer Roxas and Slayer Sora are to go to a town near your location called Hollow Bastion, there is a group of newborns that are out of our control. Either persuade them or kill them, just take care of the situation. You are to inform Headquarters how the mission went tomorrow at noon. Let Gaia be with you." And the call ended.

Cloud returned to the living room and faced his brothers, still in his Slayer mode.

"Say your goodbyes and get ready in the car; we leave immediately."

"Is everything well?" Sephiroth asked quietly in concern, he didn't like that tone of voice on the blond.

"We have a mission that has to be done tonight unfortunately. Again thank you so much for inviting us! You have been most gracious hosts." He said voice once again normal, perhaps a bit more formal then before.

"We will see you tomorrow then?" Riku asked as the group walked to the door.

"Yep! No worries there!" Sora said brightly, his attention fully on the silverette who was gave him his full attention in return.

"Let me walk you to your car." Angeal offered.

The four walked out to the Strife's car and once the twins got in, jostling the car when they moved around to get their gear on. Cloud turned to the taller man and smiled.

"Thank you."

"No thanks needed. I'm glad you could come tonight, hopefully we could do it again." The elder optimistically replied.

"Definitely, only this time at my house. It'll be Stouffers free though." Teased Cloud.

"Hey!" Was the response to the jab but Angeal's eyes grew soft as did his smile, Cloud observed, trying to fight the heat in his cheeks. "I'd like that."

"Hehe, see you."

"See you." But before the blond could get into the car he called quietly. "Cloud?"

The blond looked over his shoulder.


"Be careful." The concern wasn't what made Clouds eyes widen. It was the fact that no one really said that to him beside his brothers. It kinda made his insides…tingle and flutter.

"I will." He promised sincerely.

And with that he got in the car, started it and made a turn to move down the driveway.

All the while his gaze stayed firmly on the tall silhouette in his rear view mirror.



"You're blushing."

"I know." And he really couldn't bring himself to mind.