Chapter 6~

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"Roxas! Behind you!" Sora shouted, dodging the incoming attacks from the newborn vampires.

Roxas pivoted on his left foot and was able to block the iron pole from hitting his head but his right wrist let out a sickening crack.

"Fuck!" The blond twin disengaged from his attacker, leaned forward to grab his enemies head with his good hand and smashed his knee into the others face, effectively breaking their nose and knocking them out.

He pivoted again to his right to roundhouse kick the female running towards him with her claws and fangs bared.

Why did HQ never get their facts right?

This was supposed to be a simple in and out mission.

~Two hours back~

Cloud, Sora and Roxas got ready in the back of the car. They were dressed in black cargo pants and sleeveless turtle necked muscle shirts. Unfortunately their emergency kit was lacking proper armor and weapons, as they didn't expect to be sent on any missions until next week like HQ promised them. However they made do with what they had, handguns, arm guards, shuriken, senbon and kunai.

"Ready?" The eldest asked, harnessing the last of his senbon and shuriken in his weapons belt and checking his holster one last time.

"Guns loaded and knives at their sharpest, Captain." Roxas replied, acting very serious as was Sora.

"Ready, Captain."

"Good. Let's run through this one last time. Our targets are newborn vampires that were once part of a small human 'gang'. They might know a thing or two but from what I've been informed they are pretty much wannabes. Their 'gang' got kicked around a lot but suddenly they became the top dogs in Hollows. My idea is that they did an exchange. Vampire powers for whatever their Sire wanted. Yes Sora?"

"Captain, do we have any orders about the dealer?" Sora asked.

"No, all we need to deal with at the moment are these guys. We will confront them with a bargain of our own. If they comply we are to take them to the shelter here in Hollow Bastion. If they get scared or angry and attack we are to kill them. No matter the situation I want you on full guard. Understood?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Move out."

They emptied out of the car that was parked across the street from the towns park, the frequently used hunting ground for these newborns.

Cloud closed his eyes for a brief second, letting his senses come forth to scan the area. He could feel the newborns gathered mainly at the center of the park and they were excited, hungry. The blond snapped his eyes open then silently gestured for the boys to follow.

They made their way stealthily around trees and bushes as to avoid using the cobblestone paths that left them vulnerable. As they grew closer Cloud could sense the other vampires even more, none contained honed powers but that doesn't mean they didn't possess any. Once the three heard voices through the foliage Cloud signaled them to halt.

"I can feel humans. Weapons out, safety off."

They proceeded with more caution and the sight that met them were their newborns, four of them Cloud noted, corning a meal. Teenage girls, probably no older then the twins.

"We told you to back off! We're not interested in you assholes, so move!" One of the girls 'bravely' said despite the fear in her eyes and skittish movements.

"Aw c'mon sweetie. Don't be like that." A nasally voice coming from a boy wearing too much 'bling' said mockingly as another vampire, far more muscled then the other, appeared behind the girls in a blink frightening them.

"Yeah. We're just..." their eyes turned red, "hungry."

The newborns went to attack just as a shot rang out. The group turned to see Cloud pointing a G17 handgun at them

"Let them go." The blond commanded as he cocked his gun again. "Now."

"Well what do we have here, boys? Another snack after dinner?" the vampire said tilting the girls head to the side, exposing her jugular while ignoring her panicky sobs.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Roxas said, aiming the Colt pistol he held.

"Oh? And why is that?" Another vampire, a female, said conceitedly. "Last time I checked I could do whatever I want in our town. Now scram pipsqueaks or you just might get hurt."

"Well it's not going to be me with a bullet in my head if you don't stop. Didn't your Maker teach you the laws and regulations of vampire society? Or are you just a rebellious bunch?" Roxas asked faking curiosity.

"Y-you know what we are?" The lady asked nervous.

"No shit, dumbass." Roxas said sarcastically.

"Now," Cloud said gently but firm, "if you let those girls go and surrender, we can guide you to a place that can show you the proper regulations in your society, just like you were supposed to. You won't be seen as criminals with targets on their backs, we are giving you a clean slate."

"And if we don't? You can't stop us when we finally got the respect we deserve! I'm not going to let some humans ruin our fun." The blinged out vampire spat.

"You really are a newbies if you can't sense us when we're this close." Sora laughed.

"Or maybe they're just weaklings." Roxas smirked.

"If you don't comply we will kill you." Cloud said as his eyes started to glow, his gaze shifting around slightly. "Boys, back to back." He whispered softly and the boys obeyed, creating a triangle of space between the three of their backs.

"You being vampires may even the odds but there are only three of you against all of us." The vampires threw the girls aside. "GUYS!"

Out of the trees and bushes came more newborns, their eyes glowing red and make shift weapons of all sorts in hand. Worst part is that they had them surrounded.


"Small group my ass." Roxas grumbled. "And nobody informed us about a break in at the local police warehouse. Where the fuck did they get these weapons?"

"Oh suck it up, sourpuss." Sora said, throwing a shield up briefly to halt the ax moving straight for them. The ax lost it's power and momentum making it easier to disarm the enemy.

Despite the 'surprise' attack they were quickly diminishing the gangs numbers but those with actual weapons such as tazers, knives, batons and actual guns proved to be a bit problematic.

As if to prove the twins thoughts correct a loud bang of a gun shot off, followed by a pained shout pervaded the air.

The twins eyes grew wide from the familiar smell of the blood; their brothers blood.

"Cloud!" They called from where they were held up across the way.

"I'm fine! Pay attention!" The bleeding blond ordered as he supported himself on a tree, pressing on his wound on his left side. He eyed his opponent and shooter as the smug vampire grinned, still pointing the gun at him.

The fucker stole his damn Glock.

"Not so tough now, are we?"

Cloud glared livid at the man. He surveyed what was going on in the corner of his eye. Sora was still going strong, trying to help Roxas as much as he could. Said mentioned blond was using his right wrist as little as possible but was efficiently fighting despite the unused hand. Another shot was made towards him; this time hitting his left leg.

"I would pay attention if I were you." The armed man said warningly.

"You know," Cloud started smirking, "It's pretty pitiful to need a gun just to feel like you're intimidating."

"Shut up!" the vampire defended.

"It's plain to see you've never shot a gun before. You're arm's still shaking from the recoil and your stance is only used by those mafia guys on television. My guess is that you've only waved a gun around for show. I'm right, aren't I?"

The man laughed nervously but angrily as well.

"I may be new at it but I still shot you didn't I?"

"Oh honey," Cloud chuckled, "You're right where I want you."


"There's a trap behind you."

The vampire lashed around panicked and Cloud used this opportunity to throw a senbon through the where his neck met his cranium. The guy fell dead to the ground.

The blond ran forward to grab his gun and shot the last few vampires that littered the area.

"Cloud!" He was tackled down by two identical persons.

"Ow!" Cloud said through his laughing.

That got the twins attention and they hurriedly got off the blond boy and pulled him to his feet inspecting his wounds.

"We're sorry! Are you okay?" Sora asked worriedly.

"How bad are they?" Roxas asked next as the questions continued.

"Do you need to go to a hospital?"

"Need some blood?"

"Answer us!" They both shouted.

"Guys! I'm fine! A little banged up but nothing I haven't handled before. Calm down!"

The two upset boys breathed in and out until they were considerably calmer.

"You okay now?" They nodded at Cloud's question. "Roxas how bad is your wrist?"

"Not too bad; I'll need to use a brace tomorrow but should be right as rain soon."

"Good. Sora?" Cloud asked, cupping the brunettes cheek gently where a harsh abrasion was.

"Just some scrapes, they'll be gone tomorrow." Sora soothed as he leaned into the hand.

"Alright, let's burn these fuckers and get home. I wanted to be asleep an hour ago."

"Yes Captain." The twins giggled.

~Soldier Resident~

"Well I think the evening went rather well. Don't you think so, Angeal?" Genesis asked at the sink as everyone in the household helped clean up.

"Hmm… They seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Roxas and Sora. Don't you think you two?" They sent Riku and Axel a knowing look as they blushed.

"Roxas loved the garden." Axel mumbled in dazed happiness.

"You wouldn't stop staring. Honestly you're lucky he didn't notice how creepy you were being." Riku smirked.

"It is not my fault! He never smiled like that at school!" Axel defended. "And it's not like you have any room to talk!"

"What does that mean?"

"Every time Sora asked you a question you'd babbled about the subject for forever!"

"I was nervous!"

"Since when do you get nervous, Riku?" Sephiroth asked smiling softly at the fact his brother seemed genuinely interested in his destined.

"Shut up…" The younger pouted as the others laughed.

"I think it's cute, frankly. We haven't seen these two this flustered in decades." Genesis noted with a grin.

"That's true, love." Angeal replied as he dried the dishes.

"Angeal?" Zack asked.

"Yes, Pup?"

"Did Cloud say anything before he left? You seem much more… pleased then usual."

"He did actually."

"And?! What did he say?" Zack said bouncing his way towards the man.

"That he and his brothers enjoyed themselves and that we should do this again." Angeal paused to smile and chuckle at the excited shouts from everyone except Sephiroth who grinned. "At his house and no Stouffers this time."

"Oh come on! It's not like we could have known that they had a six sense for the stuff." Axel complained jokingly.

"I hope they're okay though…" Zack voiced troubled. Everyone paused at this. It was on all of their minds but they were hesitant to breach the subject.

"I'm sure their fine, baby. You know the only Slayers that get sought out for missions are those who are fully trained." Sephiroth reassured.

"Besides you heard them talking about how breaking up fights is a regular thing. They have plenty of experience." Genesis insisted not only to the others but to himself.

Riku scoffed under his breath and sighed.

"It's just our luck that our mates ended up Slayers. I like the fact they can defend themselves but the thought they could be constantly in danger... is like when you guys were in the military." The mutter made the Soldier Leaders hearts feel heavy. It was similar.

"Then you must do your best to support him, like you did for us." Genesis said comfortingly.

"It's not going to be easy and there will be many trials but I have a feeling they'll be worth it all." Sephiroth pointed out as he put the last of the dishes away. "Now, let's head to bed. We have school tomorrow."

~Strife Residents~

By the time the brothers got back home it was well past midnight. They started the process of disarming themselves while they trudged through the garage door.

"Cloud, do you want us to clean the weapons tonight or later? Please say later." Sora begged, taking off his weapons and supplies belt.

"Later. Just leave them on the kitchen table for now."

"'Kay. Here, let me take yours."

"Thanks, sweetie. I'm going to grab a quick shower then go to bed. You guys need anything?" Cloud asked tiredly, sleep sounded really good right now.

"No, I'm good. Do you need any help with those wounds?" Roxas asked as Sora shook his head, taking Roxas' belt as well then went into the kitchen.

"I can get them, clean yourselves up then straight to bed. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Cloud." They replied.

The blond slowly made his way upstairs and to his room. He started stripping immediately, trying not to aggravate his wounds but failing, and threw the clothing into his hamper making his way into his bathroom. The first thing he did was turn on the shower for the water to get warm.

Looking closely at the bullet injuries he saw the shell in his leg was still there. He grabbed the tweezers, sterilized them and quickly set to pulling it out. Making sure that no stray pieces of metal was in his person he stepped into the steaming shower.

Despite the fact that he drank blood it felt disgusting to be covered in it. Though the hot water was nice as it soothed his muscles and made him want to sleep even more. The blond soaped and rinsed his body and hair with speed.

Turning the shower off he dried and moisturized quickly then got the medical supplies he needed from the cabinet; peroxide, bandages, a surgical needle and dissolving thread. Cloud had to bite down as the peroxide touched the gashes and bubbled angrily before he prepared the needle and got to work on his side. Thankfully it looked like the first bullet didn't go through his torso but created a open gash on his side that he need to close.

After sewing himself together he bandaged the two wounds, put on a pair of briefs and flopped down onto his bed and went into a deep and only slightly fitful sleep.

~Next Day~

An obnoxious ringing filled the room as a tired groan came from the bed. Cloud hit his hand down onto the alarm clock that flashed 6:30AM in green. He rolled onto his back with another, more pain filled, groan.

"Okay. I'm awake. Now I just have to get up."

He moved slowly, getting up gradually to not pull the stitches. Once he was sitting up and he forced his legs to stand and support him.

Cloud first went into his bathroom and cleaned his wounds again, and bandaging them. After it felt secure he brushed his teeth and hair, not bothering to style it and let it be in it's natural messy state. He lined his eyes as usual, only this time he smudged it to give them a smoky effect. Cloud observed while putting on his deodorant and cologne that all the other scrapes and bruises he attained last night were already gone.

He held his side as he made his way to the closet next and started to get his outfit of the day on.

First he put on rusty orange skinny jeans, pairing it with a collarless white button up that had the sleeves already rolled up and the first two buttons undone. Over the shirt and around his hips he double up a long, thin light brown belt. The color of the belt matched his classy ankle boots, a leather cuff with a teal rose detail and to finish the look a weathered brass feather necklace that settled on his chest. Cloud grabbed his brown leather messenger bag, placing his books, chapstick, pain medicine, bandages, and school supplies among other things into it for when they were ready to leave.

Giving himself one last satisfied glance in the mirror he went downstairs and to the kitchen to see Sora there, making breakfast.

"Sora? It's not your turn to cook today, y'know that right?" Cloud asked, confused.

"I can't let you cook like that with a clean conscious. Now sit down, you're having your blood early." The brunette ordered firmly, moving to the fridge where he had a glass waiting for him apparently.


"Don't try to argue with him. I wasn't able to budge him one bit when I came down to make breakfast." Roxas said from the dining room table, already awake and but still in his pajamas.

"Well, at least I don't have to force you awake today." Roxas glared at the smirking Cloud, who sat down at the table where his glass was waiting for him.

"I'm still angry about that." Roxas grumbled, chugging a bit of his blood down with a wince.

"How's your wrist this morning?" Cloud asked when he linked the wince with the others twitching wrist set in a brace. Bones are a pain to heal, even with their increased healing rate. It's one thing to heal surface tissue but bones can be complicated if it isn't set right, out of joint or shattered.

"It's fine. Hurts like a bitch but the ibuprofen and blood are helping with that. How about you? Did you get your cuts cleaned and closed properly?"

"You know I did. And they hurt when I move a certain way but I'll be good by tomorrow if not today. What about you Sora?" The blond asked his younger brother as he came back into the dining room with their food.

"What about me?" He asked.

"Any injuries from last night?"

"Nope! Not even an ache." The brunette said cheerfully.

"Lucky duck." Roxas said. "But thanks for the help yesterday. You've been getting better with your shielding. You can conjure them quicker without it losing its strength."

"Thank you." Sora said bashfully.

"He's right Sora. You've been working really hard on your powers lately and it's showing." Cloud praised him proudly.

"Oh, stop it. You two are making me blush." Roxas and Cloud laughed as the brunette really did flush red. "And I have our lunches ready too. So we just need to eat, get dressed and go. I'm tired of being late to class." Sora directed towards Roxas, as they all began to eat.

"Hey it's not my fault!" The blond defended.

"Well it's not mine."

"Well then it's Clouds fault."

"No, it really is your fault most of the time." Cloud said nonchalantly not looking up from his grilled salmon.


After Breakfast

"Okay, you guys ready?" Cloud asked as he stood in front of the garage door, checking to see if they were all ready.

Sora was wearing a loose dark grey shirt that had a silhouette of a mermaid on a ocean blue backdrop, that showed a bit of his stomach if he raised his arms, with teal blue jeans to match the similar color on his shirt. He paired it with velvety black boots that almost reached to his knee, checkered black and silver studded belt and a snail shell silver necklace. He carried all of his things in a black canvas bookbag.

Roxas chose to wear three quarter sleeve raglan with a giant tattered yellow and grey smiley face on the front; it had black sleeves and the backdrop of the smiley face was white. With the shirt he wore faded black jeggings that had small tears on his right thigh and left knee and his shoes were completely black high tops. He accessorized with a rose gold treble clef ear cuff and a black and gold mustache ring that went around two fingers. All of his things were in a black messenger bag that had melodies and lyrics on it.

"We have our books, phones, and I got extra medical supplies for us just in case." Sora said, looking through his bags to make sure they were there. Roxas gave a thumbs up once he searched his own bag.

"What about your homework?" Cloud requested and it caused the boys to freeze, looks of dawning horror on their faces.

"I forgot." They groaned simultaneously.

"You mean you forgot it upstairs right?" Cloud asked pleadingly.

"Um, well... It seems with all the excitement yesterday... we didn't do our homework." Roxas confessed. Cloud stared at them for a moment then heaved a great sigh.

"Go get it and do the work for whatever class is first in the car. Do the same in Homeroom and with luck you'll be fine." The twins rushed off to get it and were downstairs within a minute.

"We good to go now?" At the twins nods they shuffled into the car and started their way to school.

"Oh and Cloud?" Sora said.


"Make sure you have your scent completely masked until those gashes heal."

"I know, Sora. I was the one to teach you boys how to hide your scents remember?" Cloud reminded him adoringly. Sora rolled his eyes.

"Stop being such a worrywart." Roxas said. "Cloud will be fine."

"Alright!" Sora huffed throwing his hands up. "Let's get started on our work. What do we have first again?"

"Where is that bloody schedule?" Roxas gripped digging through his bag again. "Aha! Let's see... Oh thank god."

"What?" Sora asked.

"Nothings due until Friday! We start new classes today since it is Wednesday." The twins high-fived. They became slightly sheepish when Cloud spoke again, saying,

"I'm still making you do it today. Though you can save it for after school."

"Fine." They groaned in annoyance.

At the School

Axel lounged in the shade of the gazebo that was in the front of Twilight High School, laying on the table placed in it. Riku was with him only he was seated on the bench with Zexion and a pacing Leon in front of them.

"Why are we sitting here again and not in our usual place?" Leon asked grouchily, the stares of the incoming students already getting to him.

"Because, we want you to meet the new students." Axel reminded him.

"And why would I want to meet a couple of gawking humans? If you weren't aware, we're surrounded by them." Leon said, waving a hand to the many around them.

"They're not humans." Zexion supplied before Axel could.


"They're vampires, Leon." Riku said. Leon still looked at them a little bewildered.

"Okay? So I couldn't have met them at lunch?"

"Well if you don't want to meet our mates then you can wait." Riku said nonchalantly. The brunette swerved to look at them.

"You found your mates?" Riku and Axel grinned at him. "That's wonderful!"

"What's wonderful?" Genesis asked as he and his lovers walked to them from the office.

"Only that these two have gotten their mates finally!" Leon smirked, happy for his friends.

"That is wonderful isn't it?" Angeal said as the four newcomers took a seat at the table.

"Where's Reno? He said he was going to be here." Axel asked, sitting up to look around.

"Where else?" Zack asked sarcastically.

"With Rufus and Tseng." Everyone said at once.

Just then then the black Maruti Suzuki Swift pulled in, pausing a little ways away before finding a parking spot. Leon's eyes narrowed, examing the car. Riku noticed the pensive look and asked,

"What is it?"

"Nothing, it just looks very familiar to the car my... friend owns." He replied, not taking his gaze off the vehicle.

"Huh, small world." The silvertte remarked walking towards the vehicle with Axel.

"Yeah." The brunette was about to follow but was stopped.

"Leon." Zexion called. Leon turned towards him.


"Can you help me with this problem? I just can't figure it out."

"Sure." He said walking over to the smaller boy and leaned over his shoulder, not noticing the figures getting out of the car.

With the Strifes

"Should I park the car closest or farthest from the school?" Cloud asked as he entered the parking lot of the campus.

"Why should it matter?" Roxas asked shrugging.

"If I park the closest to the school then nobody will try something with my car since the office has clear view of those parking places. However I can also park furthest away then they won't have enough time to slip out and try something without looking suspicious. So what should I do?" Cloud questioned, as he paused the car away from the entrance of the lot. The twins eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Are you quizzing us again?" Roxas asked.

"Yup. Strategy training. The cars safety is our objective. Now what is the answer?"

Sora looked around, concentrated and contemplative. However Roxas closed his eyes to think, muttering to himself under his breath.

"Hmm, well if the staff is on the enemies side then the safest choice is farthest away." Sora said, uncertain.

"However they haven't shown themselves as hostile and if we need to protect the car then the closest is best." Roxas answered, as unsure as his brother.

"Not bad." Cloud said smiling, putting the car back into motion and parked closest to the buildings but furthest to the side, making it as far as a walk as it is to go to the complete back of the lot.

"Oooh." The twins said, nodding their heads in understanding. Cloud turned to look at them.

"While it is important to keep your objective safe never let them out of your site Sora, as the other vehicles would have blocked not only their view but ours two. And it's good that you observed those in your surrounding Roxas but never give anyone your complete trust unless you're more then positive that they've earned it. With my power it's a bit easier to judge someone but I'm not always going to be around you two on missions." The eldest explained.

"So ready for another day in hell?" Roxas asked with a smile grabbing his bag and opening the door.

"Oh Roxas, you big drama queen." Sora sighed.

"Well this isn't the worst hell we've been to but it still isn't heaven, sweetie." Cloud said, pretending not to notice the two coming up behind him.

"Well we'll take that as a compliment then." Riku said as he and Axel walked up.

"Hi Riku! Hi Axel!" Sora said, happily waving.

"Hey." Roxas said waving his braced hand. Axel and Riku's eyes widened at it.

"What the fuck happened?" Axel asked as he rushed over, grabbing the arm gently and tentatively, giving Roxas the choice of moving away. But the blond let him and explained,

"We got a bit banged up last night. No worries, it will most likely be healed by tomorrow."

"We?" Riku asked, looking to Sora to inspect for injuries.

"Oh I'm fine! Nothing but a few bruises and contusions that are already gone." The brunette said as he showed off his arms and did a spin for the silverette.

"Then are you okay Cloud?" Riku asked, genuinely concerned which surprised the blond. Cloud waved off his worries.

"I'm good." He didn't want to confess that he was vulnerable right now and the twins knew that so they continued to change the subject.

"So did you need anything? Since you came all the way over here and all." Roxas asked as he tried to shift his bag further up his shoulder but made it fall instead. Sora grabbed it from his brother with a glare when it looked like Roxas was going to protest and swung it onto his own shoulder.

"Uh yeah, we wanted to introduce a couple of friends of ours." Riku replied, gesturing behind him at the front of the school.

"Who? We might have seen them around." Cloud requested as they all started to walk to the gazebo.

"You might have seen Zexion but Leon has been absent these past few days." The silverette replied once more.

"Hmm, well I look forward to meeting them." The eldest blond said.

"By the way, why did you park all the way over here? It's a hell of a walk when there were free spaces up front." Axel asked.

"Cloud didn't want his car to be vandalized again so he took safety precautions." Sora justified.

"That make sense." Axel mumbled as they reached the front of the gazebo. "Hey Zexion, Leon! Come meet the new guys!" The redhead called.

"They'll just be a minute. Leon is helping Zexion with his homework." Angeal told them as he and his lovers walked over to them, blocking the view of the table.

"Zexion can do his work later. Come on you two! Before the bell rings!" Axel called again.

Cloud felt a sense of familiarity as he grew closer to the gazebo but it wasn't the buildings or those he was surrounded by. It felt very similar to-

"Alright already! Geez." Leon grumbled as he moved towards the group and when he looked up his eyes widened in surprise. The Strife sibling returned the look and everyone else looked on in confusion.

"Squall?" Cloud whispered in disbelief.


"What are you doing here?" They said at the same time.

"You guys know each other?" Zack asked, though the answer was somewhat obvious. When it became apparent that the two were too busy staring at each other Sora answered for them.

"Squall and Cloud were... partners once. When Roxas and I were too inexperienced to go on missions."

"You're a Slayer?" Riku asked Leon in confusion.

"Forget that, your name is Squall?" Axel asked with amusement.

"Sort of, yeah." The brunette answered distracted, still looking at Cloud though Leon started to look guilty the longer he stared. And as Leon looked guiltier Cloud became enraged.

"You fucking idiot! Do you know how worried I've been?"


"No you fucking listen you bastard! How dare you leave without telling me! I had no idea where you went, how you were! You could have been dead and I would have never known! Did you forget how to use a fucking phone? How to write a goddamn letter?" The blond continued to rage. Everyone was looking between them, getting a little nervous at how angry the blond was becoming. Though the twins were glaring at Squall as well.

"I'm sorry! Okay! I'm sorry! I thought after the last time we spoke you could use time to cool off."

"For two years?! Squall, I don't even remember why were fighting anymore!"


"You know what fuck you, asshole. I'm done." Cloud said, looking exhausted and turned to his brothers. "I'm going to class."

And with that the eldest Strife walked away. Roxas turned to Leon with a judging gaze.

"You done fucked up, man." The blond sighed.

"I didn't think he would care." Leon sounded defeated, staring at the ground but not really looking.

"Squall," Sora began making the brunette look to him. "Cloud cherished you, maybe even loved you. You held him up when we couldn't. When you left he was a wreak, even though he did do his best to hide it." Leon remained silent and made his way the same direction Cloud went. The twins sighed sadly.

"Think they can work though this?" Roxas asked, wrapping an arm around Sora's waist making the brunette lean against him.

"Hmm, maybe."

"What the hell just happened?" Axel spoke making the twins turn to him in surprise, they forgot they weren't alone.

"It's not our place to say really." Sora replied, smiling sadly.

"Anyways, this is Zexion?" Roxas asked, as he held out the hand not around his twin to the slate haired boy. "Nice to meet you, I'm Roxas."

"And I'm Sora. Nice to meet ya. Sorry about the commotion just now. Clouds usually not so scary but he's been pretty stressed lately and seeing Squall was the last straw I guess."

"I understand. Moving can be a stressful thing. But it's a pleasure to meet you both." Zexion said as he shook their hands. They all stood there awkwardly quiet before Sora spoke up.

"So, we're going to go on to class. We have a habit of being late... See ya in a few." And with that the twins walked off.

"Well...That was interesting." Genesis said somewhat sarcastically.

"I have a feeling Squall and Cloud were more than just partners once. At least not just in the field." Axel said.

"I don't think you're wrong..." Sephiroth trailed off thoughtfully.

"But we really hope you are." Zack finished, anxiously bouncing on the balls of his feet. Angeal sighed wrapping an arm around Genesis and Zack's waists.

"Come on, loves. Let's get get to Homeroom." The broader man said leading them away, Sephiroth taking Zacks hands as he caught up to them.

"Oh shit." Axel groaned.

"What?" Riku asked as the two followed behind the others.

"Leons shares Homeroom with us." Axel stated and Riku groaned too.

"And so do the Strifes."

"Well, today should be interesting." The redhead said.

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