5 years. It had been 5 whole years since the Doctor had got into his blue box.

"I'll be 5 minutes!" He had promised me brightly. I waited......and waited......and waited. 5 minutes turned slowly into an hour then a day. Eventually I gave up. Clearly he was breaking his promise to me again, and it hurt so much more this time, having seen the wonders of the universe.

After everything in Venice with Rory, I had agreed that I did not want to marry him, not really and so I was to travel with the Doctor. 5 minutes he had told me, just to sort out a TARDIS blip whilst I packed some of my own clothes. This was a long 5 years.

I sighed as for the umpteenth time his face flickered through my mind; I could actually hear it, the sound of the TARDIS wheezing. I must be going mad!

And yet the sound shut off and I could hear a door open and close. "It isn't real." I told myself. But I had to check anyway. Just in case. And there it was. The TARDIS! In full view of my window with the Doctor waiting patiently outside it.

I heaved myself out of bed and padded across the room to grab a big cardigan. I struggled down the stairs and popped my head out of the door.

"Why are you here?" I asked in a cold voice.

He looked up, surprised. "I'm waiting for you to pack up your stuff, come on! Let's get going then!"

My face was blank as I looked across my bedraggled lawn into his face and I heard a movement upstairs, I must have woken him. "Doctor," I began, unsure how to continue. "It's just. You're late. Again." My voice must have been pretty unfriendly as his face was wary as he replied. "What like a day?"

I stepped outside and his eyebrows shot up. "More like 5 years." I watched his eyes roam across my body.

"Amy..." he whispered in shock.