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I felt, wrong. Just wrong. I felt like I had just been doused in ice cold water and it was like I wasn't really there. The Doctor was pacing back and forth muttering to himself but the black was clouding my vision.

"..and so if we can just find out what this all means, why everything is like this we.." I heard him slow down his rambling and stop. All of a sudden his face was level with mine, concern in every line of his expression. "Amy?" I heard him say through the fog. Everything was dull, I saw his lips move but there was no sound. Just, silence.

Suddenly it was back. I gasped in surprise and grabbed the Doctor's arms. "Doctor what was that?" I voiced my fears.

"I don't know." His slow answer did nothing to reassure me. He continued to watch me. "Amy, I'm going to have to go for a minute to the TARDIS, I need to do some checks." Oh for crying out loud, not again, this was just taking the piss. I saw him take in my expression and he took my hands to help me up. "You're coming with me." It wasn't an option and I wouldn't have it any other way, he wasn't leaving me now.

Rory came down the stairs at that exact moment, he was so annoying and had got worse since the Doctor had left. The Doctor looked uncomfortable and mumbled something about the TARDIS and left. "Um, sorry but where are you going?" I turned, not an easy feat I may add, and looked into his eyes, "Rory, I'm going with the Doctor now. There's something that needs to be fixed, I don't know what's going on but I'll see you ok?" I really hoped he wouldn't make a fuss now. But!

"No Amy you're about to have a baby, seriously! Any minute and now you're leaving? With HIM!" His outrage was fair, but since when did I care. He was so hideous to me, taunting me at every opportunity when the Doctor left me.

I snapped at him then, "Rory, look. I was going to leave with the Doctor for a reason and we both know what that is." I saw him crumple a little, I lowered my voice as I continued, "I love that man out there even after he left me and I would follow him to the ends of the earth and back but I won't let him know that. Not now." His look was resigned, finally he was getting it. "You've been great with the baby thing and all but come on, you were leaving town when I told you and it's taken you months to get used to the idea of being a dad, neither of us are ready for this so stop playing the martyr and accept that I'm going with the Doctor." With that I left. It might have been more impressive was I not waddling, God I was huge!

The Doctor was leaning against the TARDIS as I made my way (slowly) towards him and through the door he held open for me. As soon as we were in he made sure I was sat down on the couch next to the console he began jumping around pushing a button here, turning a tap there until the familiar sound of the TARDIS' wheezing filled the room. I had really missed that sound and even under the bizarre circumstances, I smiled.

"Now, ok, right, so! This is wrong, all wrong, I mean look at what's happened, I'm late the first two times, sure, but then I realised I needed to be more careful so I would be on time and wouldn't let you down again. SO. I checked twice, three times even, to be sure and the TARDIS clock says I'm 5 minutes and the TARDIS clock doesn't lie, especially not to me, so why is this so, y'know."

I watched him as he paced, it hit me now just how much I needed him. For the first time in years I felt whole. He continued muttering to himself and I looked around the room I'd missed so much! It hadn't changed a bit of course, I shifted my weight, wincing at the pain in my back, this was one big baby! The Doctor noticed my movement and rushed to my side. "Amy? Are you alright? What hurts, is it...?" He didn't finish his questioning as a dazed look crossed his face. He started to shiver, this was weird, I started to worry. Then almost as suddenly he snapped out of it.

"Doctor?" I whispered, "did it happen to you as well, all cold and dark yeah?" He nodded his reply.

His pacing began again and he slowed, "Amy." He said slowly, "Amy I think I know what this is."

"Great!" I replied enthusiastically. "What is it then?" His face was tense as he turned to me. "Except," he began, "I'll need you to trust me now more than you ever have before. It is more important than ever, understand?"

I wasn't so sure.

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