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Naruto could feel the pain. It came again, a roaring monster that wished to remind him just what he was: Disposable. Similar to a tissue, he would be used then thrown away, another human (or tissue) appearing to take it's place. He was nothing more then a wisp, and he had forgotten that. A vapor in life that would soon fizzle out.

This pain was a reminder.

It was a reminder that he didn't have forever. It was a reminder that it was unfair to people - to his friends - to Hinata especially. His impression had always been that if one died at a young age, you were usually forgotten. And there weren't many people to really remember Naruto. Even Iruka was nothing more then a temporary stop here on earth.

Nothing was permanent. He once had Nothing to lose. But now…now…with this fresh reminder he suddenly felt like he did have something to lose. He had friends he would lose. A girlfriend. Life. It was precious. One needed to use it, while they could.


The world was fading…

Life was precious.


Itachi Uchiha was walking. Through his memories. It was an odd feeling, scary and terrifying. His first memory was of when Sasuke was born. The baby had no hair, closed eyes, a red face. But the only thing Itachi could think of was the ears. Perhaps it was because he was a child but his first words to his little brother happened to be "He has ears!"

His mother laughed good naturedly and his father gave a slight smile. This shocked Itachi, mostly because his father's face had always seemed like stone. A set firm line, watchful eyes, a commanding and noble look. Smiles weren't a part of his stoic mask, not part of his person at all.

"He's perfect." Itachi whispered just loud enough for his family to hear. His mother smiled again and stroked the head of the baby. His father frowned.

"We'll see. Hopefully he'll have the genius of his older brother."

"Fugaku!" Itachi's mother protested, shooting her husband a look. "He's a baby! And I'm sure he'll be perfect just the way he is." She said the most of it for his fathers benefit, Itachi could tell. But still, even though the words were supposed to be in praise for him they made him feel terrible inside. He looked at the baby and imagined what life would be like if his father continued to compare the two siblings. Something cold rattled in his chest making a heavy sickness fill his heart with ice.

"I'll always be there for you." Itachi whispered, a promise for only the ears of the new baby. Sasuke's hand came up and his fingers curled around Itachi's.

The next memory was of when Sasuke was just entering pre-school. No longer bald and now speaking, Sasuke had started developing a personality of his own. He looked up to his big brother, something that secretly pleased Itachi immensely. They were sitting at the breakfast table, eating biscuits and gravy.

"Daddy, daddy! I learned all my letters!" Sasuke shrieked, happily informing his father. Fugaku frowned down at him.

"You're a little late aren't you?"

Another memory came, one of Sasuke in his room, crying. Itachi peered into his bedroom, hurting. He knew exactly why little bro was crying, and it was because of him. He felt the cold thing rattle in his chest again, causing a dreadful disturbance.

"Hey," He said, knocking on the door. "Go away!" Sasuke almost yelled, and maybe it might have been if not for the sound of crying choking the harshness away. Itachi felt tears pool in his own eyes but shook them away.

"Dad didn't mean it, really. He was just angry. Look, please Sasuke, let me in." The door opened and his brother appeared, eyes a little red and puffy but all other evidence of tears erased. Itachi swallowed, not knowing what to say. Encouragement and words spoken flippantly would sound empty and hollow. It had to come from the heart.

"I'm sorry for what he said. You must really hate me, and in truth no one could blame you. But Sasuke, I love you. Okay? You're my brother and I'm always going to be there for you, whether or not I'm wanted. If I'm a log for you to overcome then so be it, as long as it makes you stronger. If I have to be knocked over by your own hands in order for you to be strong then I'll make it happen. Can you understand that Sasuke?"

Whether or not he did, Sasuke didn't show. He seemed to realize, however, that these were not words that were spoken in flattery but rather in truth. Forgiveness replaced his look of anger.

Another memory came. One that haunted him day and night afterwards. A man with a dark suit who would appear at the house often, seemingly watching it. Finally Itachi approached him, without his parents knowledge.

The words revealed a hurt, a deep and gaping wound. His father was not the man he said he was, not the man Itachi knew him as. His father was a dangerous man, a man that didn't always speak the truth. His once noble face was now cruel in Itachi's still young eyes.

Could the man trust Itachi?

He could.

They needed to arrest his father. It was the right thing to do. Could Itachi keep them informed as to when his father would be alone, as to his weakness? He could. Could he keep this secret from his own family? He could. Could he keep his little brother and his mother away? He tried.

Nobody was supposed to die. But the stubborn fool resisted.

Mama was dead.

Sasuke saw.

How did Sasuke know that Itachi was partly to blame? Something deep within him perhaps? A sixth sense that alerted him to guilt on Itachi's part. It hardly mattered, because somewhere deep within a seed of hatred sprouted and Sasuke could do nothing but water it. Soon the thing bloomed and became a lush forest.

Another memory, a recent one. Sasuke, standing in defiance with eyes that burned. He had become a raging fire and there was nothing Itachi could do to put him out. He was merely kerosene in this situation, a flammable gas ready for explosion.

Sasuke threw the vase and Itachi had enough agility to duck just in time. It shattered behind him, and he could see the fire burning even more bright in those eyes, angered that the object had missed its mark.

"I hope you die!" He yelled. His voice held so much frustration, so much feeling that there was no doubt in Itachi's mind that these were not empty words of hate but of ones that came from the heart.

He couldn't help but flinch and exit promptly, scared that he might cry. He ground his teeth and remembered a bald baby, eyes shut, innocently sleeping and himself.

I'll always be there for you.

Even if he was a log, a hated log that would be consumed by a fire of fury.


He felt ridiculous. Never in his life had Sasuke felt so ridiculous as when Itachi woke up to find him crying. It was an overall humiliating and personal thing. He felt vulnerable and open, a bunny in the eye of a hawk.

His brother stared at him a moment before asking "Are you crying because I woke up?" There was a frailty in his voice that Sasuke had never heard before. It might have come from almost dying, it might have been there all along.

In response Sasuke could only give a half sob half laugh that made him sound like a maniac. It neither confirmed nor denied Itachi's question which seemed to only confuse his poor brother more.

"Itachi…" The words were having trouble coming out. His brother was so small now, so weak in this moment. "I - I - I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for the way that I treated you, I was wrong. I didn't understand - I still don't understand - my anger I had." He coughed, feeling awkward and sentimental. "You aren't a log for me to jump over. You're my brother, you're the log that raises me up to new heights. I just want you to know that as your brother I love you and I'm sorry for being a jerk."

Just like that, a fire put out.


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