What it's like being used…

It's like sacrificing your youth

Day in day out for the sake of your family

Without as much as a thank you

Unable to enjoy being yourself…or life

It's like giving up all possibility of freedom

Or having a whole life

These thoughts fill my head

Causing empty sleepless nights

It's like bottling every thing up inside

To the point where your heart feels like it's going to explode

Not allowed to Show any real emotions

It's like living life for everyone else

But yourself

Merely a puppet in the hands of society

It's like being unable to keep friends

Because you inevitably end up hurting them

Your opinion doesn't count in the matters of your life

Like how you act isn't your decision

You're strangled in this world of forced emotions

Not even brave enough to commit suicide

It's like feeling that everything bad in your life

Is punishment for your own stupidity

It's like sleeping in a rain of disappointment

Feeling used, unwanted, unimportant

Like a napkin,

You're used to wipe down everyone problems

Then thrown away

Like a rusty tool in your dads garage

That he doesn't use anymore

Too far along to be your own person

It's like being lost,

Feeling unappreciated,

Like hating yourself

Being used by everyone you love

Slowly disappearing yet no one seems to notice

It's like…being me

By khaleel Barrett