Why Gosling Ran Away

Summary: Just a drabble I threw together

Gosling carefully and quietly slipped his satchel over his shoulder. He looked around the dorm at all his fellows, knowing that he would not miss one of them even a little bit. There was nothing here for him to miss anymore. Rossamund was gone. At first Gosling had tried to convince himself he was happy, but life soon became miserable without Rosy Posy to torment. He thought about why he longed, almost needed for his old nemesis to come back. The conclusion was quite as scary as one might imagine. He was in love with Rossamund, in the smallest, maybe even least significant way. Somehow he'd become used to having Madam Rosy around, and that familiarity had led to feelings he didn't realize he had. Now Gosling must leave Madam Opera's. He thought about what he'd do once he was gone. Would he travel the world becoming friends with monsters? Would he befriend a Skoald or a Lhazar? Would he meet Rossamund again? Would he love him, kiss him, hold him tight, and never let him go again? Or would he hate him? All these things Gosling pondered, as he slipped silently out of Madam Opera's onto the silent streets of Boschenberg.