Custom Concern

A Twilight Fanfic

By Sylamesio123



Bella glanced up to see Jessica's short legs disappear behind the corner of the hallway. Of course it was Jessica who muttered the insult. She did not realize it did not bother Bella in the least.

Bella smirked as she slammed her locker shut, drawing the attention of many. She grinned once more.

Attention was her favorite thing.


"The name is Cullen. My siblings and I enrolled for the fall semester. We were told by a woman named," He glanced down at the sticky note on his hand, "Sandra to check in at the main office." Edward spoke very clearly as he glanced at his brother, Jasper.

He was told to keep an eye on Jasper by his mother. Jasper was heavily into some very bad, self destructive things. They had tried everything to keep him away, but he always found a way back.

Jasper was grimacing as he eyed the two girls walking by the office doors. They were dressed in t-shirts and sweat pants. Edward did not see a problem with this but, of course, Jasper was oh-so critical.

He took the time to open the door and walk out to them. Edward did not make out what he said, but their expressions told him, whatever it was, was mean.

Edward sighed. He was going to ruin their reputation already.

As he pushed through the doors, back into the office, Edward's eyes followed him with a glare. He smirked. How Edward despised his twin brother.

Thankfully, someone other than Edward noticed what had happened. Emmett, their oldest brother, approached Jasper.

"Not again, Jasper. You said this bullshit would stop." He said through his teeth.

Jasper laughed. "I lied." And walked out of the office once more.

Emmett and Edward both knew going after him was of no use. They then turned back to the woman at the front desk. She had not been watching them, thankfully. She had been retrieving their schedules from the councilor.

She explained how things worked: the four minute passing periods, how to open our lockers, etc. She handed Emmett his, and Edward, his. She also gave Edward Jasper's schedule.

Edward and Emmett glanced at each other. They both knew they had to find Jasper. Though neither of them wanted to.


As Bella walked into her first period, her friend, Eric, handed her a note. She slid into her assigned seat, that sat right next to the window.

Dear Bella,

You're so gorgeous. I love you to deathhh!

Meet me at Mike's house after school. Mkkkkay?

Love you,

Alice Brandon

Bella smiled as she read the note from her best friend. She then glanced at the other side of the classroom to soon realize the class held three new faces.

The first she noticed was tall, very tall. He was muscular, obviously a jock, and definitely not her type. But he was hot enough to bang, to say in the least. The next had dark brown hair, with a tint of red, and big green eyes. He was good looking, but held only average features. The last was skinny, blonde, and had the darkest blue eyes she'd ever seen. He wore a gray hoodie and dark blue, slim fit jeans.

Bella smiled as she noticed his most appealing feature: needle marks on the inside of his arms. Finally, someone she could party with. She scolded herself internally for not noticing before. She should have paid more attention to his skinny body, pale skin, and obvious lack of sleep. He was most likely a tweaker. And definitely her type..