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"So what story shall we read tonight" Charlie asked holding up two books in his large hands. "Anne of Green Gables or Ramona?"

The small girl lay quietly in her large white poster bed pondering her thoughts. She wanted to ask the question all evening and yet she wasn't sure how her grandfather would react.

"What's wrong, Peaches?" Charlie asked noticing his granddaughters distracted stares. "You know you can talk to me about anything."

The girl laid her chocolate curls on the pillow. "Grandpa" she asked nervously. "When I went to Aunt Alice's after school today, I heard her talking to Uncle Jasper about her party , she quickly set up, "oh! don't tell momma and dad about that" she whispered.

Charlie chuckled. "Its ok, peaches, no one is ever surprised by anything Aunt Alice does anymore" he laughed thinking of his daughter's best friend. "But honestly why would that upset you; you love Aunt Alice's parties?"

"Well" the little girl asked hesitantly, hanging her head. "Aunt Alice said something else that bothered me."

"That's not surprising, Aunt Alice says plenty of things that bother me" Charlie sighed. "What did she say this time?"

Whatever it was, he could tell that his granddaughter was deeply troubled by it. Charlie was starting to worry himself.

"She said she wasn't sure if momma was going to marry daddy, that if it wasn't for the baby she might have married someone else.

"Alice" Charlie grumbled in irritation at her carelessness.

"Is it true, Grandpa? Are they only married because of me?" the little eyes brimmed with tears, one sliding down her cheek.

Charlie had a good mind to get up right this second to call Alice and give her a piece of his mind but instead he had a very upset little girl to deal with and that came before anything else. He knew that one day they would have to deal with the subject, but they we're all hoping she would be older.

"Peaches" he sighed again choosing his next words carefully, what Aunt Alice said is true, but not the way you think, would you like to hear the story about your dad and your mother?

Her small head nodded and snuggled deeper into bed as her grandfather's gruff voice began the story.

"Once upon a time..."