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"I can't believe you let Sarah spend the night." Edward softly grumbled as he lifted a sleeping bronze haired boy from the car seat and carefully laying his head on his shoulder.

"I think your overreacting." I teased grabbing the bags from the car and heading toward the house.

"No, I'm not. I'm still angry that Alice was so careless with her words around her." He fumed.

I sighed. "I know I agree but it was unintentional, she didn't know Sarah was listening. Charlie already gave her an earful and she knows we're upset and she feels bad that's why she wanted to spend some time with her and make things right. And considering she was nice enough to throw us an anniversary party which she had planned for a very long time I might add I think she deserves that chance."

I stopped and placed the gifts we had received in the office as Edward grumbled more and handed me Masen. I sighed; I knew he was going upstairs to sulk. I climbed the stairs slowly to Masen's room and smiled as I laid him in his toddler bed, kissing his forehead. I would have never imagined my life as it was now, I couldn't believe how much things had changed for me in the last ten years.

When Edward and I married it was the happiest day of my life, the birth of Sarah was a close second and I assumed life would go virtually back to normal but instead everything seemed to change. I thought Charlie thrived being a grandfather which surprised me considering that although he was a wonderful father he was a bit distant and uncomfortable. He romped and played and even made silly faces. I enjoyed watching this part of him I had never known.

Edward, well Edward stayed as smitten as ever, if it wasn't for me reigning him in I believe she would be the most spoiled child in the world. His mother didn't help matters either, she was equally in love with the small girl and we visited them often. Esme was like the mother I didn't have, and she spoiled me as equally as she did the baby. We spent at least two weeks a year with them in Alaska each summer and they visited us two weeks each winter at the inn.

Speaking of the inn against my wishes Edward insisted that we renovate it soon after we were married. He stated that if he was going to live in a B&B the least he could have would be a hot shower. So with the help of Esme we have restored and even expanded the house to almost new condition.

We also added the addition of our second child Masen Edward about two years ago. He has Edwards's eyes and mop of bronze which with I couldn't be more pleased…it was his ability to cause as much havoc as his father that has left me without words.

I also enrolled last fall in a community college in Port Angeles. It wasn't exactly my aspiration but Edward encouraged me and I find that I do enjoy it for the most part. Edward didn't finish his medical classes instead he switched to the local vocational school learning more about his passion; construction and renovations. He opened a small business and is doing quite well. As a matter of fact he also had a partner…well somewhat anyway. Alice.

She opened her home design firm shortly after her graduation and thanks to Edward has an expanding business. Edward recommends her to all his clients and she is amazing, I don't think I've ever heard of a customer complaint. Jasper on the other hand complains that with her busy schedule he hardly gets to see his wife.

They, of course, married after a very long engagement. Alice planned their wedding for two years. Every detail was perfect. They still live in the house she lived in as a child where she also runs the business. Her father passed away shortly after giving her away to Jasper. Although he gave him his blessing Jasper swears it he died of a broken heart from giving away his little girl. They still don't have any children although I have a feeling that's about to change shortly.

I was still staring at my sleeping son, my mind wandering throughout time, when I felt a pair of arms slip around my waist. A deep and velvet voice whispered in my ear to come to bed, kissing my neck.

"Edward, do you ever regret it?" I turned staring into the green eyes that had made me weak every time I looked in them.

"Regret what?" he hummed into my neck.

"Everything? Me, Sarah, The Inn, Giving up medical school, Tanya? I mean you could have had a totally different life. "I murmured.

"Isabella Cullen, are you seriously asking me after ten years, if I would be happier without you?" He said shocked.

The blush on my cheeks rose and I buried my head in his chest.

"Let me tell you something," he raised my head until I was staring at him. "You are the most hardheaded and absolutely infuriating woman I have ever met in my life. Every day we find something else to fight about but Bella I swear to you, I've never loved anyone the way I love you. I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else and you and the kids have given me more happiness in the last ten years than I have ever known. Would I go back to Tanya…never. Would I go back to medical school? Maybe if I ever felt the inkling, would I ever want a different life that didn't include you?" He shook his head. "You are my life now, Isabella."

I hugged him tightly as he picked me up and carried me to our bedroom.

"Maybe it is a good thing that Sarah spent the night at Alice's." he wiggled his eyebrows as he door shut behind us and I could help but laugh at the thought that we were indeed…living happily ever after.