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Ch. 12 Tearful smile

Five years later-

POV: Wally

It's been five years since that whole thing with Anti-Wally; he kept his word to Kuki. No one has seen him of heard from him since. As far as anyone is concerned he just never existed. But some people still worry about him. Namely one person.

Kuki. Every now and again she'll bring him up, but it's only to say that she hopes he's doing okay. Sometimes Kuki can be to kind for her own good. But that's one of the many things I love about her.

And I must say that if Anti-Wally didn't take her, I would have never realized how much I truly loved her. To that I guess I thank him.

But today is not a day to be all wrapped up in memories. Well…it is but not about him.

Today is the day Kuki becomes my wife.

I'm standing in front of all our family and friend, with a monkey suit on. The church isn't that big but Kuki and I couldn't care less. There was enough room for our family and friends and that was enough for us. Hoagie and Nigel are standing beside me with the same monkey suits.

Hoagie had no hat on and had his hair slicked back, the suit makes him look like he has muscle, even though he's skinner than ever. He was still wearing his trade mark goggles. But one thing that stuck out on him, to me at least, was the golden band on his left hand.

He hadn't been married two months yet. He's the one that suggested this church to Kuki and me when we told him that we were getting married.

Nigel also had a ring on his hand too. He still didn't have any hair and he wore his sun glasses wherever he went but he did change a little in the personality department. He became a lot gentler, I guess. But who could blame him; after all he had a kid on the way in a couple of weeks.

I was the last one out of my friends to get married. But I didn't mind in the least. I would have waited a hundred years if that's what it would take to make Kuki my wife.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of a piano playing the wedding march. I could feel myself tense up as I heard the double doors open. Everyone in the pews stood up and turned towards the doors.

Mushi was the first one to come to out. Kuki made her flower girl so of course she would come out first. Mushi was wearing a pink floor length dress, with thick straps that kind of fell of her shoulders. Her hair was done up in a bun with a white flower placed in it. She looked just like her sister when she was her was her age.

Before any of the brides maids came out, I looked over to my best men and them a nervous smile.

Hoagie smiled at me and gave me a small thumbs up. Nigel smirked at me and looked over his sunglasses at me. He was giving me a look that told me that he was proud of me, and he nodded his head at me. I gave them one last nervous smile before turning back to the aisle.

Abby was the one who came out first. She was leading the march down the aisle. And I must say that even though I didn't see more than a sister, I must admit that she looked stunning in her dress.

The pink floor length dress was the same as Mushi except that it was strapless and it hugged her figure. The color of the dress made her dark skin look radiant. And for the third time since I've known her she wasn't wearing her red hat. The other two times were at Nigel's wedding and at her own wedding.

Instead of a braid, her thick black hair fell gently down her back and fell past her waist a little. And it naturally curled so it looked beautiful. A few strands of hair came around to the front to frame her face quite nicely.

As Abby made it to the middle of the aisle the next girl stepped out. The second girl leading behind Abby was Holly. The dress she was wearing matched Abby's perfectly except that it didn't hug her figure. Instead it hang loosely off her round large belly.

Holly was eight months pregnant and she looked healthier than ever. Her smile seemed to glow as well as her whole being. Is that what people call a motherly glow? Or something like that, I'm a poet.

I glanced over at Nigel to see a gentle smile play across his face, as he watched his wife of one and half years walk down the aisle again.

Looking at Hoagie I saw he had a goofy grin on his face. I looked at his eyes and saw what looked like lust as he watched Abby walk down the aisle. It looked like he was undressing her with his eyes, it looked like he was about to run out and grab her so I nudged him in the shoulder to bring him back to our world.

He shook his head and looked at me out of the corner of his eye. I could see a blush come across his face as he readjusted his goggles.

I chuckled at him and looked back to Holly. Her waist long brown hair was put up in a lose bun and her chin length bangs framed her heart shaped face perfectly.

Just when Holly reached the middle of the aisle Kellie came out. She was walking down the aisle with arm hooked under Seth's arm.

Kellie like the other women was wearing a pink floor length dress. The dress hugged her curves that just seemed to appear one day. She grew into a beautiful young woman, her shoulder long brown hair was curled and it made her look older, and like I promised her, Kellie became a part of our family.

When Kuki and I both turned twenty we adopted Kellie as our own kid, at the time Kellie was sixteen but she didn't mind it. The adoption took more than a year but when it finally went through we went out to fancy eating place as a family. That was also the night I proposed to Kuki.

So I watched my little girl walk arm and um…arm up the aisle with Seth, her five year boyfriend. Seth was now eighteen and looked more like a man then ever. Thanks to the two of us hitting the gym every couple of days a week his whole body was ripped. He grew with brown sandy hair out a little so that it was almost reaching his shoulders and a few hairs hung in front of his face.

But even though we worked out together and he was a super nice guy I still couldn't get use to Kellie and him dating. Kellie looked up at me and gave me a smile. I sighed and gave her the best smile I could. Finally when the bride's maids reached the front of the church and lined up. And Kellie got in line behind Holly; Seth went and stood beside Nigel in my line.

Seth was carrying my ring for Kuki in his pocket, while Kellie carried Kuki's. Just as I was getting cold feet about the whole situation, she came out of the double doors. The most beautiful, smartest, caring girl I have ever known.

Kuki. Her veil was down over her face but that didn't dim her beauty at all. As she walked down the aisle walking over the rose buds that her sister laid there, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Her long midnight colored hair fell down pat her waist and it curled around, so it seemed like she was gliding instead of walking.

Her white strapless dress showed off her snow white shoulders. The white dress made her skin look silky and smooth. The dress itself was beautiful when Kuki showed it to me but now that I saw it with her in it, its beauty seemed to dim a little when compared to Kuki's beauty.

A she got closer I couldn't help but feel a big smile pull at the corner of my lip. I didn't fight it; in fact I smiled even more. As she reached the stairs she reached out her hand for mine. She didn't have to ask me twice. I held out my hand, she put her hand in mine and walked up the rest of stairs.

I could see her violet eyes through her veil as she stood in front of me. Her eyes seemed alive with excitement. The music stopped and the holy man started his piece. To be honest I only listened to half of what he said, I was too busy looking at Kuki.

"Do you have the rings?" The holy man asked. That brought me out of my day dreaming. I turned to Seth as he walked over to me and placed the ring in the middle of my hand. Kellie gave Kuki hers and smiled at her.

I looked to Kuki and Kuki looked at me. I gently took her hand in mine and slipped on the golden band. Kuki took my hand and did the same for me.

"Do you Wallabe Beetles; take this woman to be your wife?" The man asked me. I turned to Kuki and took her hands in mine.

"I do," I whispered. I could see that through the veil that Kuki had a wide smile.

"Now do you Kuki Sonbon; take this man to be your husband?" He asked her. She closed her eyes and whispered.

"I do." The man closed his bible and smiled at both of us.

"You may kiss the bride!" He cheered. I gently lifted up Kuki's veil to see that she had tears in her eyes. I cupped her face in my hands and smiled down at her. I leaned over to kiss her, but right before I did I whispered something so quietly so only she would hear.

"You are my reason to smile." With that I kissed my new my bride. At first I could hear cheering all around me but slowly it started to fade as Kuki and I kept kissing. When we finally had to stop to get some air we looked towards the people in the pews.

They were all smiling and clapping. I heard a few wolf whistles but that was all. I raised my hand up above my head and waved to everyone. After that I looked to Kuki who was giggling beside me, I grabbed her hand and started to run back down the aisle.

The best men and brides maids were right behind us. When we reached the doors that lead outside, Kuki and I pushed them open. The bright noon sun was harsh on our eyes but once our eyes got adjusted we saw that people were already out there throwing rice and sprinkles at us. The limo was waiting just down the stairs.

I opened the door to the limo and turned back to see Kuki hugging her braids maids. MY best men came over and each of them patted me on the shoulder.

"Come on Kuki. You'll see everyone in thirty minutes at the after party," I called with smile on my face. Kuki turned and gave me a smile.

"Okay coming!" She yelled back. She got away from our friends and ducked into the limo. Before I got in I turned to everyone and bowed like a gentleman.

"Thank you all for coming. See you in thirty minutes," I smiled. After that I ducked into the limo and held Kuki's hand in mine.

After party-

POV: Kuki

Wally and I made it to the after party with time to spare. The limo driver parked around back so Wally and I could leave without getting in the way when people wanted to leave. The after party was at a fancy five star hotel.

As we walked into the big dining room where the party was being held, I noticed that at the top of high ceiling there was a magnificent chandler. It was made of glass and from all the lights reflecting on it, it made it look even more beautiful.

We walked through the crowd saying hello to everyone on the way. But we were stopped half way there.

"Mom! Dad! Abby I found them! There over here!" Kellie yelled. I looked over to see Kellie a few feet away pulling Seth by his hand through the crowd. When she made it through the crowd she let go of Seth's hand and ran over to us.

She jumped up and hugged Wally around his neck. Thankfully Wally was excepting it so he was able to catch her around the waist and hug her. Kellie kissed his cheek, jumped off of him and ran over to me.

She hugged me around the neck tightly and I hugged her as well. She stepped out of the hug and beamed at me.

"Mom, you were so beautiful today," she smiled. "Unlike dad, he looked like he was about ready to puke." Kellie laughed. I looked over at Wally to see he was blushing.

"No I wasn't I was calm and collected," he told her in a high voice. He only sounded like that when he was trying to cover up a lie.

"No you didn't Wally. It looked like you were about to pass out," Abby told him. I looked over to see Abby, Hoagie, Nigel and Holly walking over to us. Abby grabbed me into a hug while Hoagie went over to talk with Wally, along with Nigel and Seth.

Holly waddled over to us eating some food she got from the buffet.

"Kuki the whole wedding was just wonderful," Abby told me with a calm smile. I looked up to see that she had put her hat back on.

"Thank you Abby. And I can see that you can't go long without your hat now can you," I joked.

"The food is good too," Holly also added before she stuffed her mouth full of more food. I laughed at how childish she looked.

"Remember to chew Holly," Kellie laughed. Holly gave Kellie a fake glare and started laughing with her. All us girls just kept laughing and joking until Wally came over. He came and stood behind me.

"Would you ladies mind if I burrowed Kuki for a bit," he asked them like a gentleman.

"Not at all," they all told him at the same time. I looked at the girls and saw them all smirking at me. Wally pulled me way before I had a chance to ask them why they gave me those looks. Wally came to stop and pulled me into a hug.

"Wally, what are you doing?" I asked. I looked around to see that all the people had cleared the dance floor and somehow we were under a spot light. Wally gently lifted my arms so that they were around his shoulders, after that he put his arms around my waist and pulled our bodies closer together.

He leaned down so I could hear his breathing in my ear.

"It's our privilege to have the first dance. And besides no one will dance until we dance," he whispered into my ear. I nodded my head as soft music started to sweep through the huge speakers that were sitting in each of the corners in the room.

Wally stood a good five feet above me but I couldn't care less. Everyone else seemed to fade away and all that was left was Wally and me, dancing the night away. Wally bent down so that our foreheads were touching each other.

He stood back up and smiled down at me. I gave him a small smile and leaned my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. I opened them back up to see that the spot light was gone and that other couples were dancing.

The song started too slowly to fade away and as it did we slowed our dancing until we were at a complete stop. I looked up at Wally one last time while we were on the dance floor and he softly kissed my forehead, I giggled and kissed his nose.

We walked hand in hand off the dance floor and headed for the cake. Everyone gathered around taking pictures of us cutting the cake and feeding each other the first piece of it. After that we played the normal wedding games.

I threw my little thing of flowers into the crowded girls behind me. I turned around in time to see Kellie jump up and catch it. The next thing we played was with Wally. I sat down in a chair and he took the thing off my leg and through it into the crowd of guys behind him.

The thing landed on Nigel's bare head. His whole face turned to a deep red; thankfully Seth was kind enough to take the thing off Nigel's head. The party was going well, everyone was having fun. I was sitting with Wally at one of the many tables when we both heard an ear piercing scream.

"That sounded like Holly," I told Wally. I stood up, grabbed Wally's hand and dragged him to the crowd of people. I pushed my way through to the center.

Nigel was sitting her up, while Abby and Hoagie kneeled beside her. Seth was holding on to his sister's hand while she started to breath heavily.

"Holly!" I yelled and ran over to her. As I got closer I could see that was all over the floor.

'Oh no! Her water broke!' I looked at Abby and she nodded her head. Thankfully Abby knew what was going on. After all she went to college for the last five years becoming a doctor like her dad. Abby stood up and cleared her throat.

"Okay, I need everyone's help! Nigel you stay where you are and try your best to coach her through each contraction. Seth! Wally! I want you two to hold her hands. Kellie get that limo driver around back to pull up to the front, as close as he possibly can. Hoagie! You be sure to get some water for her. Kuki you and I are going to get the limo set up for Holly. Now let's move it people!" She ordered.

POV: Hoagie

I was so proud and happy that I was married to a woman like her. I watched as Abby, Kuki, and Kellie run out of the room. Wally and Seth looked like they were in pain, because every time Holly screamed out in pain she would grab each of their hands so hard that they would turn a beat red color.

Nigel reminded her how to breath. After the contraction pasted Holly looked up at me.

"P-please…some…water," she choked. I ran over to table of food and grabbed a bottle of water from a cooler. I ran back over, opened the bottle and handed it to her. She couldn't move her hands so instead Nigel took the bottle.

He put the bottle gently to her lips and she took a long drink. After the drink she took along sigh and gave me a tired smile.

"T-thanks Hoagie," she whispered. Holly didn't have any more contractions. Kellie came running back in and was gasping for breath. After her breathing returned to normal she looked at us.

"The limo is around front, Abby and Kuki are waiting in the back," Kellie told us.

"Okay. Sweetie we have to move you," Nigel told his wife in a calming voice. Holly just nodded her head. Nigel hooked his arms under her armpits while I picked her up by her feet. Wally and Seth didn't let go of her hands for a second.

On the way to the limo Holly screamed again.

"Nigel it's another contraction," she screamed. We finally made it to the limo and we gently sat her down in the back seat. We found that Kuki and Abby had towels and a tub of water on the floor. We all squeezed into the back.

"Driver! To the hospital Quick!" Abby ordered. The driver took off from the hotel. Holly was screaming in pain from another contraction.

Abby opened Holly's legs, while pulling her dress up some.

"Okay Holly the baby is crowning," she told her. Nigel kneeled beside his wife and held her hand while she screamed in pain again. Kuki was right beside Abby incase she needed any help.

"Nigel Uno! You did this to me! I'm going to kill you!" Holly screamed.

"Okay Holly. One more push and the baby will be out," Abby told her calmly. Holly's whole face went red as she gave one last final push.

"Damn it!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

POV: Holly

Pain was still going through my whole system when I heard the baby scream. But after that I don't remember anything. I woke up to the sound of beeping. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a hospital room.

Wally was asleep sitting up in a chair with a sleeping Kuki on his lap. Hoagie and Abby were both asleep sitting down on the floor across from my bed. I also saw that they were all out of their wedding clothes. I looked over to my right to find my husband.

His face was lying towards me and he was using one of his arms as a pillow. With his other hand he was holding my hand. I smiled down at his sleeping form and placed my other hand on his head. His eyes opened slowly and his eyes met mine.

"Hello Nigel," I smiled. He leaned up and pressed his lips to mine.

"I love you too," I giggled. I could see a blush form on his cheeks. Then I remembered the baby. I shot up and tried to get up.

"Nigel where's our baby?" I asked with worry. He smiled down at me and put his hand on my cheek.

"Our baby is fine. The doctor said she was perfectly healthy. They were more worried about you, you lost a lot of blood," he told me quietly. I looked at his face and saw both pain and worry flash through his eyes. I leaned up and kissed him.

"I'm sorry I worried you," I told him. After a bit more kissing I looked up at him.

"Nigel can I see our baby?" I asked. He smiled at me and picked me up like a bride. HE walked quietly out of the room and down a hallway. The doctors and patients that were in the hallway gave us weird looks but neither of us cared.

Nigel gently sat me on my feet when we made it to a clear window. I looked inside and saw babies all asleep. That's when I realized that it was dark outside.

"Nigel how long was out?" I asked/ He rubbed the back of his neck and looked out the hospital window.

"You were out yesterday and today. So two days but don't worry everything was taken care of," he smiled at me. He put an arm around my waist. And kissed my forehead, I turned towards the window with the babies and looked at all their sleeping faces.

That's when I saw a baby with the last name Uno taped to the front of her bed. The little girl had a pink cap on, little pink socks and a pink gown. I could feel tears come to my eyes.

"That's our baby," I told Nigel. He nodded and pulled me closer to him.

"Yes, our beautiful baby girl. And she looks just like you," he told me before kissing me. I looked back at her and one name popped into my mind.

"Emily," I whispered.

"What was that dear?" Nigel asked. I looked up at him and smiled.

"I want one of her names to be Emily," I told him. He looked down at me and smiled.

"How about her name be Emily Jane Uno," he told me.

"Emily Jane…Yes! I love it!" I cheered as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again.

(Second part) seven years later-

POV: Nigel

"That's not fair Emily!" Cried my four year old son, I sighed and looked to Holly. Holly got up from the table and went to see what was going on. Right when she left the room the door bell rang. I got up from the table and headed towards the front door.

I opened and smiled at Abby and Hoagie. They both gave me one back. They were bundled up in warm coats. Each one of them held one of their kids.

"Come on in," I told them as I opened the door wider. They walked on in and sat their boys down; I closed the door behind them. Abby's and Hoagie's boys were twins but looked nothing alike. Hoagie helped Hoagie Jr. the third with his red jacket, while Abby helped James with his blue one.

Abby still wore her old hat and Hoagie still wore his yellow tinted goggles.

James wore a blue hat like to much his mothers. He smiled up at Abby and giggled. His eyes reflected Abby's and his hair did as well but other than that he looked like his dad.

While Hoagie Jr. looked like his mother all except for his eyes that were his dad's and his light brown hair. He wore yellow tinted goggles to match his dad as well.

When it came to personality James and Hoagie Jr. were completely different. James acted like his dad when it came to building stuff and had a cool head like his mom. And unlike his twin he was the quieter and shy one out of the two.

Hoagie Jr. on the other hand was a born leader. He was loud and wasn't scared to get his point across, which he got from his mom. Sadly though he did pick up on his dad's lame jokes and tried to tell a few. Let's just say that the jokes were funnier when Hoagie tells them.

Abby and Hoagie hang their coats and their kid's coats on the coat rack. Both the twins ran over to me and hugged my legs.

"Hi Uncle Nigel," they told me at the same time. I knelt down and gave them both a hug.

"Hello James and Hoagie," I smiled. "Emily and Jack are playing in the other room," I told them. With that they ran off in search of their friends. I stood up and laughed.

"Did your boys really miss us that much?" I joked. Abby punched me lightly in the shoulder and laughed.

"I guess you could say that," she told me. She walked on ahead to find Holly. That just left Hoagie and I in the front hall. WE both started walking towards the dining room.

"So Hoagie is Abby still wanting another kid since you had the twins," I told him. Hoagie shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Nope. And we had the twins five years ago. But she said that two kids were plenty, which I totally agree," he told me with a goofy grin. We made it to the dining room to find Abby and Holly talking about something while sipping on some coffee. Holly looked up at us and she sat her mug down.

"Oh where are my manners. Hoagie would you like some coffee?"Holly asked him with a smile. Hoagie smiled and nodded his head. He went and sat down beside his wife and kissed her. I followed my wife into the kitchen.

I was going to help her with the coffee when the door bell rang again.

"Get the door will you hon?" She asked me. I nodded and opened it once again. I looked outside to find Wally, Kuki and their smiling daughter. Autumn was standing in the middle of her mom and dad, holding both their hands.

"Please come in," I told them. They walked in and took off their jackets and Autumn's. I closed the door behind them before any cold air could get in. I turned and looked down at Autumn who was beaming at her dad who was helping her with her jacket.

Autumn looked and acted just like her mother except that she was a little more tomboy-ish and she had his green piercing eyes. As soon as she was out of her coat Autumn skipped over to me and hugged me around the legs.

I picked her up and hugged her.

"Hi Uncle Nigel!" Autumn cheered.

"Hello Autumn," I told her. I put her on the floor and she ran off to play. I turned to Kuki and Wally and they both smiled at me.

Kuki walked hand in hand with Wally until she saw Holly, she walked over to her and helped her with the coffee. Wally and I walked in silence as we walked back into the dining room.

POV: Abby

Wally sat down next to Hoagie and said hello. Nigel went sat down across from Abby and nodded his head at her. Holly and Kuki came in carrying a mug of coffee in each hand. Kuki sat down beside Wally and gave him a mug.

Kellie gave one of her mugs to hoagie and the other to Nigel. For a couple of hours all we did was sit there and chat it up.

"Can you believe that just a week ago Seth and Kellie got married?" Holly asked us with excitement. Wally shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck.

"No I can't, it just doesn't seem real yet," he told us with a small smile on his face. Kuki leaned her head against his shoulder and looked up at him

"Well Wally, you were the one who was crying when you had to give Kellie away and you wouldn't let go of her hand," Kuki giggled. Wally's whole face went to a bright red color.

"It's not like that! I was just making sure she was ready that's all," he whispered. Kuki kissed him on the cheek and giggled again.

"And that's what makes you a great dad," Kuki told him softly.

"That is one thing I'm afraid," Hoagie told us.

"What is that?" Abby asked him.

"I'm afraid that I won't be able to give my sons' away," he told us sadly. Abby rolled her eyes and smacked him in the head with her red hat.

"You don't give your son's away Hoagie," Nigel told him, trying to hold back his laughter. Abby looked at the clock and saw that it was four.

"Hoagie it's about time we get leaving," Abby told her husband. Hoagie nodded to Abby and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Your right Abby, I'll get the kids," Hoagie told Abby with a smile.

"I guess it's time we get going too," Kuki told Holly and Nigel as she stood up. Abby went to the other room to see if Hoagie could use some help.

Hoagie was sitting at a little pink table with Emily and Autumn. Hoagie looked up at Abby and gave her a smile.

"Sorry but I just couldn't refuse," he laughed. Abby rolled her eyes and went over to where her boys were playing with Jack.

"Come on boy's time to go," I told them. They both looked at Abby and nodded.

"Yes mommy," they told Abby at the same time. They both followed Abby to the front door and Abby handed them each their coats. Hoagie came walking towards me with a smile on his face. He grabbed his coat and put it on. He bent down and picked James up, while Abby picked up Hoagie Jr.

"Let's get going Abby," he told me. Nigel and Holly opened the door for us and Abby's family headed home.

"Good bye," Holly yelled to us. We looked back and saw the couple waving at us.

POV: Kuki

Wally went to go talk with Nigel and Holly for a bit so I decided to see what my little girl was doing. I walked into the play room and saw that Emily, Jack and Autumn were playing tag. I smiled down at them and watched for a couple of minutes.

Emily was a little image of Holly. All except for her nose which she got from Nigel, she got her long thick hair dark hair from her mother thank goodness. Jack looked just Nigel; he looked nothing like his mother, except for his hair. But he did act just like her, while Emily acted like Nigel.

"Autumn," I called. My six year old daughter ran over to me and hugged me. I picked her up and gave her a big hug.

"It's time we get going," I smiled at her. Autumn nodded her head and beamed at me.

"Bye Emily! Bye Jack!" Autumn cheered as she waved at them. I carried her to the front door where Wally was talking to Holly and Nigel. I sat Autumn down and hugged each of them.

"Thank you, we had a good time," I smiled. "Next week at Abby's house right?"

"Yes. Then it's at your house," Holly told me. I nodded and reached over to the coat hanger for Autumn's purple coat. I gave it to Wally as I slipped my coat on. Wally already had his jacket on.

POV: Wally

I kneeled down in front of my little girl and helped her into her purple jacket.

"Daddy! Do you think we could stop by the park on the way home? Please," she begged me. It was the same look that Kuki used on me when she wanted something. They both knew I couldn't say no to that face. I sighed in defeat and nodded my head.

Autumn jumped up and down and clapped her small hands together. She reached up with small arms and hugged me around my neck.

"Thank you daddy!" She giggled. I picked her up and faced Holly and Nigel and smiled.

"Thank you for the coffee. Kuki is right we had a great time," I told them calmly. Nigel opened the door for us and we walked into the chilly air of fall. We waved good bye to Nigel and Holly, and started walking home.

On the walk though Autumn just happened to see the park.

"Look daddy! You promised me that we could go to the park before we went home," my little girl told me with a wide smile.

"Yeah that's right. Sorry Kuki, I hope you don't mind," I told her. Kuki gave me a look and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Wally you know very well that I love the park," Kuki laughed.

"Sissy Kellie also loves the park!" Autumn smiled. As soon as we walked under the iron entrance to Oak Park I put Autumn on the ground. She ran around and twirled under the falling leafs. I grabbed Kuki's hand in mine and looked at her.

"I love you," I whispered. I smiled down at her.

"I love you too," she whispered back. She leaned up and kissed my lips. We both sat down on a bench and waited for Autumn to get tired and want to go home.

POV: Autumn

I was running around pretending that I was a famous dancer. As I danced around I saw a man sitting on a bench with a black hood over his head.

'He looks lonely.' I looked over to my daddy and mommy and saw them kissing.

'EWWW! Mushy stuff!' I giggled into my hands and started walking towards the man. I sat down beside him and poked his arm.

"Excuse me mister. But aren't you lonely?" I asked. The man looked over at me and nodded his head. I couldn't see his face but I could somehow tell that he was sad. I stood up on the bench so I was looking at him.

I reached over and gave him a hug, and I sat back down.

"There you go. Hugs always make me feel better," I told him while giving him a smile.

"Thank you. You're very kind," the man whispered. Something about his voice seemed to remind me of my daddy. I started to kick my feet trying to keep myself entertained.

"Mister, what's your name?" I asked. The man shook his head.

"I can't tell you," he whispered. I stopped kicking my feet and looked at him then to the ground.

"Oh. Well my names Autumn," I cheered. "And you want to know what my full name is?" I asked the man with excitement. The man nodded his head.

"My name is Autumn Rose Beetles. My mommy named after one of her favorite memories she had with a close friend of hers," I told him. The man seemed a little happier to me so I just kept talking to him.

"You know what else people say I look just like my mommy!" I told him proudly.

POV: Wally

I looked over at where Autumn was playing but I didn't see her there anymore. I took a fast look around and saw her talking to some man on a bench. I looked over at Kuki and saw that she was a sleep. I stood up very carefully so I wouldn't wake her.

I walked over to Autumn and saw that she was bothering the man with one of her stories.

"Autumn!" I called. She looked over at me with a smile.

"Daddy!" She cheered. I got closer and grabbed her hand.

"Autumn how many times must I tell you? Don't bother people when they don't want to hear your stories," I told her gently.

"I know daddy but this man seemed to really like them," she told me. I looked over at the man and nodded my head.

"Sorry if my daughter was troubling you sir," I told him. The man shook his head.

'He must be mute.'

"Well thank you for watching my daughter," I told him. The man nodded his head but other than that he didn't move. I grabbed my little girl's hand and started walking back to her mother.

"Watch out for them Wally. Give them what I never could." I heard a voice that I hoped to never hear again. I turned around and saw that the man was gone but he left one single autumn rose on the bench. Autumn got her grasp out of mine. She picked up the rose before I could stop her but she didn't bleed because someone was kind enough to take off all the thorns.

"Look daddy! An autumn rose," my little girl told me. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her away from the bench.

POV: Anti-Wally

I watched from behind a tree, as Wally and his little girl walked over to my only love. Wally gently shook her shoulder to wake her up. When she opened her eyes Autumn climbed into her lap and showed her the good bye present I gave to her.

Kuki looked at the flower and smelled. Even after all these years the beauty of the autumn rose couldn't hold a candle to Kuki. Kuki stood up and while Wally picked Autumn and carried her away from the park.

"Thank you Kuki for naming your own child after one of your moments with me," I whispered. "And I'm sorry I broke my promise to you but I just had to see your little girl once." I watched as the three member family left the park.

"Please make Kuki and Autumn happier than I ever could Wally," I whispered before I went back to my own personal jail.

POV: Wally

I walked hand in hand with Kuki all the way home. Autumn fell asleep and was lightly snoring, her small hand clutching the rose even in her sleep. The leafs were gently falling down around us, as the sun started to set.

I looked over at Kuki then to my little girl who was sleeping on my shoulder. I kissed the top of Autumn's head and smiled.

'Kuki you will always be my reason for smiling. And thanks to you I have a reason to live as well.' I glanced down at Autumn and smiled.

'Yeah, a real good reason.'

That was the longest chapter I have ever written to date. I'm really happy with how this story ended but I have no idea what I should write next. Well I guess whatever comes to me next I'll write about it. Lol.

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