A/N: This is my first VMars fic, so thank you for being kind enough to click! I always love the the friendship between these two characters, and wished to have learned more about their chidhood/history together. This is simply my fangirl scenario about how these two 09ers came to be best friends. Enjoy! Reviews make my day more than I can ever describe, so do feel free to leave one.

Veronica Mars

Black and Blue

A Back Story

It was the first day of Kindergarten. Daddy had driven him there and walked him by the hand into the classroom buzzing with lots of boys and girls. He looked around nervously while his father was busy chatting up the teacher, flashing that charming, insured-for-millions smile as he easily explained that the black eye his son sported was from falling out of a tree. Kids can be so rambunctious these days, you know? Well of course I'll give you an autograph...

After he left, Ms. Brady suggested he go find someone to play with, but when he approached the boys playing with dinosaurs, they looked warily at his bruised face and relocated to the building blocks. And a tiny girl with blond pigtails zipped by him, intently examining a Barbie with a magnifying glass.

Then he noticed a boy in a blue shirt coloring industriously at a table in the corner.

He walked over, took a deep breath. "Hi."

The boy paused mid-scribble and looked up, flashing large blue eyes. "Hi-whoa! What'd you do to your face??"

But he was never allowed to talk about that, so he shrugged.

"Well can I have one?" The boy pressed eagerly.

Well he certainly knew the mechanics of it, but this boy seemed nice, so it probably wasn't a good idea.

"Uh, I don't think so."

But the boy frowned thoughtfully, looking around. Then his face lit up. He grabbed the black marker in front of him and –squeezing his eyes shut- stirred in circles around his left eye.

"There, look!" said the boy triumphantly, "now I look just like you!"

He looked. In total amazement.

The boy scooted over on his bench and handed him his blue crayon.

"My name's Duncan."

"I'm Logan."