Molly seemed to cook her son's favorite comfort food with a happiness that belied just how furious she was over someone marring his beautiful face with a black eye. This would not do at all, those little dears were never meant to harm one another, especially not Hermione. She was going to be a wonderfully meek and docile wife that acquiesced to her husband's every demand.

It was only proper after all, since she was just a silly muggle-born girl, and didn't know the proper way of things in the magical world. Unlike herself, she knew how things worked, and was making sure that it worked in her favor. Her family's favor, that is.

All she did, she did for her family after all.

Putting the chicken into the heated lard, she smiled as it began hissing nicely, before turning to wave her wand over the potatoes. After all, what was fried chicken without potatoes? Or greens? Improper to say the least. Sadly he'd have to settle for a simple lettuce salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and some custard for dessert. It was terribly last minute after all.

The poor baby needed some lovin' and nothing said I love you than a stomach full of food and a mother's arms to hold a person safe and warm. That was what she was there for, to love and take care of her little, darling babies and ensure that they were on the proper path.

She could recover from this, all she had to do was find out what went wrong, and correct matters before the potions in the cookies and tea wore off completely. Once that happened she was screwed, the potion remaining in their system would ensure complete immunity to anything like it.

What she didn't know was the cookies hadn't ever really effected Harry, his immunity to the Imperious curse made such trivial things as the slightly mind altering cookies completely worthless. Only his own fear of rejection and fear of hurting his friends allowed them even the tiniest of footholds into his mind. Add to that protection of his mind with the basilisk venom and phoenix tears and anything that was required to enter his blood stream was immediately and without question destroyed, decimated, and irrevocably eradicated. Even Veratiserum was worthless against him, he'd have a few seconds of his mind wanting to tell the truth, but nothing on par with how it should effect him.

As for Hermione, one thing that Molly had never encountered was someone with a greater will, and a stronger mind than her own. As this was the Magical world, it is not as surprising as in the Muggle world, but what it did mean was it created a challenge for her to overcome. One that she utterly failed to recognize and comprehend.

What the potion in the cookies and tea did was basically create a highly suggestive state in a person, however it only worked to the same level as hypnosis. If it went completely and utterly against the very nature of the person, it would not take hold in their mind. Even if it did go with their nature, but not with something they felt strongly about, there would be tell-tale clues for the person to use to break the hold.

What she missed past even THAT was that now that Hermione suspected about the influence being snuck into her life, she would do all in her powers to rid herself of the stain on her mind. Once she'd cured herself, she would track down the person that had been dosing her. After she found the person, they were going to regret every, single, drop of potion they ever brewed in their life. After Hermione was finished, Harry would step in and even Voldemort would pity the poor soul who did it by the time Harry got done.

Setting the food on the table, Molly called up the stairs for Ron to come and eat. She had to build up little Ronnie's energy levels so that he could go back and convince Hermione to take him back. All of her plans hinged on the two of them being a happy little couple, because if she was left to her own devices Hermione could throw a major monkey wrench into all of Molly's carefully laid plans.

That girl was too curious and intelligent for her own good sometimes, and Molly needed to curb some of that. The silly little dear was even thinking of having a full time career outside of the house! Oh no, that would never do. No, no, no... She had to be shown the proper Pureblood way.

Hearing Ron tromp down the stairs, she smiled and settled in across the table from where she'd set his place. It was time to have a good long talk with the dear, sweet Ronnikins, and find out just what the little darling had done. That way she could figure out the best way to solve the little problem he'd been having with his future wife.

"Hey mum," Ron stated as he dragged himself into the room, stopping only a moment to give her a kiss on the cheek before sitting down and poking at the food in front of him.

This caused Molly to frown, recognizing that he must be troubled about something very much to not wolf down his meal as fast as he could. "Don't worry so Ronnie, I'm sure that once Hermione has calmed down, she'll realize that she made a mistake. Then you two can get back together," Molly offered with a wide smile as she nudged the chicken plate closer. "Now eat dear, you're far too skinny."

Percy realized why Molly was looking at him expectantly. He realized that Ron never ever poked at his food. Nodding at his mom with Ron's idiotic grin, he grabbed a piece of white meat and tore into it with gusto and a complete abandoning of any manners he'd ever learned. In fact, he ate so fast that he very nearly threw up as the food went down his throat. How did Ron ever eat this fast?

Putting down the last bone, Percy wondered just how Ron ate like this every day. After one meal, he felt like he should be rolled into a shallow grave and left to rot and after a couple days, cut open to feed a village of starving people. That's when he noticed something odd going on, the full feeling was fading, and instead he was getting hungry again.

That was it, wasn't it? Ron was in a constant state of being hungry, so he ate like a starving man because he felt he was. How curious...

"There we are Ronniekins, now who hit you to give you that nasty black eye?" the woman that was his biological female progenitor asked as she vanished the remains of the feast. It was time for Percy's acting skilled to come into play.

"Oh mum, it was horrible! I went to talk to Hermione like you told me to, and then I let slip about those letters of Harry's. After that, she kicked me out. Since the lease is in her name, well the wards of the house recognized her over me and sent me flying out the door! I was about to run back in to talk to her again, when that bloody door slammed shut right in my face!" Percy exclaimed with a hint of a whine as he 'nursed' the black-eye. "Worst still, I got hit in the face by that door knocker you sent us... you remember the big metal ring."

"Oh my poor baby!" Molly gushed as she rushed over and cradled her little Ronniekins close, stroking his hair while muttering soothing words, "I'm so sorry my gift hurt you dearie, I'll find something better for you soon. Then you can take that over to Hermione and you two will be back on track. I know the perfect thing... my Grandma's wedding band is on the little box on the mantle. Why don't you go and propose to her with it?"

"I don't know mum, she's completely barmy this time... calling me a terrible friend, a backstabber, and the most deplorable person on the planet... what does deplorable mean?"

Oh poor little Ronnie, if only he'd been a girl instead of a boy, this would be so much easier as she wouldn't have to bother setting her dumbest son up with the brightest witch his age. She could have just sold Ronnie off to some wizard to be his wife and that would have been that. Or if she was really lucky, Ronnie would have gotten in on the fast track with Harry, and been set for life.

After all, since Harry was a half-blood, all Ronnie would have to do is put out once, and he'd be stuck in a magically binding marriage contract. However, right now Ronald needed her, and her dream daughter of Ronnie would have to wait.

"It just means she's upset dear, now let's get you some dessert, and we'll talk about how we'll fix your little problem," Molly stated, having figured herself to be in a salvageable position after all. It would take a little more work, but she could get back on track if Hermione had some tea and cookies within the next month.

With that in mind, she completely missed how her son's face turned an interesting shade of Slytherin green before he smiled sheepishly and pushed back from the table. "If it's alright mum... I think I need a little lie down before trying to figure this out..."

"That's fine dear, go and take a rest, momma will take care of everything. Would you like me to bring you some biscuits later?" Molly offered with a warm smile as she waved him up to the stairs.

"If you want mum, that'd be great..." Percy answered as he began dragging himself upstairs. "I think that waiting until breakfast might be better... I'm really tired."

"Sleep well dear," Molly agreed as she saw her youngest son going upstairs. Oh that vile temptress of a muggle-born would pay for how she'd hurt her precious little Ronniekins. If she wasn't the perfect one for him, Molly would just abandon her support of the girl, and leave her to rot in whatever minimal position she could get.

No, steady there Molly old girl, she can still be valuable, and if you can just tame that wild side of her to help Ron, all the better. Yawning slightly, she decided that it might be time for herself to retire for the evening. After all, Ronniepoo would be up at the crack of noon absolutely ravenous, and she had to have a meal ready by then.