Author's note: The starting point was just the idea of stealing a rose. Then I just improvised. I like it. Note: I'm not very active here in and all my texts are NOT posted in here. To see my full archive, visit retafics .blogspot .com (remove the blanks).

Attention: The bolded parts are thoughts that Gary would only say to Ash when no-one else could hear it.

Funny how

I stole a rose from a flower shop just to make you happy.

I did it with a smile; the shop keeper's daughter couldn't stop staring at me when I gave her that one look. Meanwhile my hands were quick like I bet you know they are. She didn't realize that the sexy vagabond she saw was truly just a lousy semi-romantic thief. But it isn't my fault they're so easily controllable. I can't help it; is it my eyes or the grin itself? You know it, you should tell me.

Funny how you're the only one I really want to give that kind of smile to.

I'm a traveler; I meet new people every day. I've learnt to read their body language better than any words on the paper. I know how to deal with them, I know what makes them like me, melt for me, fall for me. I learnt it a long after you fell for me; back then I wasn't even aware of the existence of a power like that. Then it just happened. You showed me I could be anything. So, even though I leave behind a bunch of broken-hearted people when I leave yet another city, to you I can't pretend. You were the first one to love me, and you were the one who awakened the beast in me. My nerve is as firm as my knees are; I don't care if I make people cry because of their high hopes. But time after time I still come back home to you.

Funny how you make my traveler's knees all weak.

I like your jealousy. I know I'm a bastard. I know you've been on the edge of throwing me out of your life several times because I am who I am. I remember the times when we were just dancing on the knife. We were both free to go, but we just didn't let go of each other. So technically I wasn't doing anything wrong when I kissed and touched those strangers to get a place to sleep over. Let's say it was a great way to learn – if I had never done that, your experiences with me wouldn't be half as memorable. But hey, no matter how adorable your jealousy is, it's pointless now. I don't take it that far anymore.

Funny how you make me forget all those girls who are probably still daydreaming about me.

Funny how hard I've tried to become the one you daydream of.

The third car driver I lifted my thumb for gave me a ride with her expensive sports car. The car smelled like exotic fruits, sweetness and overwhelming femininity, and so did the woman. When we were near Pallet Town and I said I'd like to drop out here, she stopped the car and put her hand on my inner thigh, expression reminding me about a rutty Nidoqueen – you know how they are? But it's not a problem, really, I've gotten used to that kind of treatment. I simply told her my deepest apologizes and that I had to go because my boyfriend was waiting for me. Not staying to enjoy her deliciously frozen expression, I got up and walked away, rising my hand in a nonchalant goodbye. Yet another manner you must know almost too well.

The rose is deep red, almost crimson red. In your hands the color seems to fade when I compare it with your smile. I don't answer when you ask why I brought you a rose. Your laughter allures me.

Funny how your hair feels softer every time I shove my fingers into it.

Funny how kissing after a journey always tastes like our first kiss; enthusiastic and spicy, sweetening when we get further.

I give you that one look, and you put the rose down to the table which I'll soon push you onto.

After a while I'll be able to say I haven't only stolen a rose, but also you.