This is just going to hold some notes about this little project; if you're not interested in reading them right away, just skip to chapter one, but come back if you ever get a little confused.

First, this isn't actually Marvel continuity. Think of it as an alternate Earth if you want, but chances are that any similarities to Marvel heroes will be coincidental. The reason I stuck it in Marvel was 1) it's pretty much my favorite comic collection, and 2) the fact that it's set in what was once the New York area make it closer to Marvel than to DC. You'll probably notice a whole bunch of different influences from different comics, most notably Civil War, Watchmen, (which, yes, is technically closer to DC. XD ) and some Kick-Ass, er, kicked in.

Second, I hope to expand on character and location histories over time, so if a character or place is introduced, it might be awhile before you learn any of the details you want to know. Hell, even the idea of what the First and Second age ARE might take awhile to unravel fully.

Third, for any looking for just one type of the other of story, some chapters will be much more action-inclined, while others might just have character development without a trace of violence to be found. You are hereby warned. =D