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Vows are spoken, to be broken,

Feelings are intense, words are trivial,

Pleasures remain, so does the pain,

Words are meaningless, and forgettable.

Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode


It wasn't an imprint. I had seen him during the almost-war over the half-vampire baby, and I'd not felt that irresistible pull I'd seen happen to my male counterparts so many times before. At the time, I hadn't even given him a second thought; now I could think of little else. I paced up and down the clearing in wolf form as I waited. Was this a mistake? A trap? Should I really be meeting a vampire alone in the forest at night?

Probably not, but I'd agreed to come.

I hated vampires; what the hell was I doing there anyway? Weren't they supposed to be my mortal enemy? I wondered why I hadn't torn him apart at the first opportunity, like my instincts told me to. I guessed that I'd spent so much time around bloodsuckers recently that the line between mortal enemies and bosom buddies was getting a little blurred, and look where it had brought me. And this vampire wasn't your watered down, vegetarian, altruistic type; he was the real deal. Yes, this probably wasn't a good idea, and if the pack found out I'd be in big trouble.

He was a smooth operator; I had to give him that. I had been leaving my aromatherapy evening class, and smelled him long before I got to the parking lot; his aroma was like expensive hand cream, very strong and very perfumed. Yet it wasn't as disgusting to me as I found other bloodsuckers' stenches; it was overpowering but not bleach to the nostrils.

I'd sought him out with my eyes and found him quickly. He stood out like a sore thumb with his pale, luminescent skin and dark fashionable clothing; a little too styled for Peninsula College, Port Angeles. Seeing him there standing by my battered old car made me realise just how well the Cullens blended in amongst humans. Yes, this was an entirely different breed of vampire.

I'd approached apprehensively, my hackles up, but I held back from phasing in front of my fellow students. He was as unlikely to tear my throat out in public as I was to burst into werewolf form, but I was not letting my guard down for a second. Why was he waiting here, by my car? It could only be either for my benefit or detriment.

Once I'd gotten close enough, he'd smiled widely with those dead, crystalline lips. "Hello Miss Clearwater," he began in a smooth voice. It was melted caramel for the ears.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I'd snapped back. I wasn't about to exchange pleasantries with a leech. It was then that I recognised him; he was one of the vampire Gestapo, or whatever they called them. I guessed that meant he didn't eat Thumper and Bambi. I wondered whether his diet of choice included wolves and suppressed a growl.

"My name is Demetri." He spoke with an English accent. His fair hair was spiked and his skin had an unnatural sheen, while his eyes were dark with a red rim. I guessed you could say he was attractive, if you were into the whole necrophilia thing. "I'm here on behalf of the Volturi; we have a proposal for you if you would be willing to listen. Would you like to discuss the matter somewhere a little more... private?"

"No," I replied suspiciously. "Here will do just fine. Say what you've got to say and go. I doubt you have any kind of offer that I'd be interested in." My nostrils flared, taking in more of his scent.

He paused for a moment and looked a little irritated. "We should at least talk inside the car. I'd rather not discuss what I have to say here, in the open. Please?" He gestured to my door and headed around to the passenger side. The movement was graceful, as if he was floating on air. I reluctantly climbed inside and let him in. I wasn't used to anyone other than my lanky brother sharing the car with me, and I was a little disconcerted at having to spend time in an enclosed space with my natural enemy.

He wasn't overly tall; we were similar in height, but that didn't make him any less intimidating. Around his neck, I saw defined muscle and sinew that suggested he was stronger than he appeared and his shoulders were broad. I found it difficult to estimate his age; he looked in his twenties but something about his crimson eyes told me he was older. His granite face was exceptionally well sculpted - handsome even - its boyish charm contradicting his aged eyes. But weren't all vampires beautiful? He is moving crystal, I reminded myself, not a flesh and blood man.

"Do you mind if I call you Leah?" he asked softly. He was exceptionally polite and well spoken, making even Edward Cullen seem coarse. He made me feel rough like sandpaper.

"I'd rather you didn't call me anything," I snorted. "Why are you here? How did you find me?"

The vampire smiled. "I found you because that is what I do, and I'm very good at it. I'm exceptional, which is part of the reason I am here. The Volturi are a collection of only the best, most talented amongst our kind. We are now of the idea that maybe our number shouldn't be limited to just vampires. We would never consider a true werewolf, but your tribe interests us. We would like to know more about you and give you the opportunity to do likewise.

"I have been sent here to find a shape shifter who may be open to the idea of joining us in Volterra. I have been watching you from a distance for quite some time. I believe you are a little unhappy here in Washington, so you were my first choice. I'd like you to return with me to Italy."

"You want me to come and hang around with a bunch of vampires in Europe?" I laughed out loud, and for a moment I was unable to form any words. Something in the good-looking leech's face told me that the offer was in fact genuine, and that sobered my humour.

"Thanks, but no thanks. You eat humans, right? I don't fancy being lunch."

"I can assure you that I don't think of you as food." He grinned back at me. "You aren't completely human, in the generally accepted sense."

"Oh yeah. We smell as bad to you as you do to us." I blushed. "Like wet dog, right? Not exactly edible."

"Leah." he shook his head. "The vampires you are more accustomed to, their sense of smell is as off as their taste buds. You don't smell like wet dog. Granted some of your male counterparts do, but you smell like... nature."

"Nature?" I choked. I didn't know if he was toying with me or genuine. Certainly I'd like to think I didn't smell like damp canine.

"Yes, Leah." He smiled down at me. "Like a walk in the woods."

His voice was mesmerizing. For a second I succumbed to his vampire spell, as if I was a regular girl. Then I remembered that those pretty eyes, creasing in the corners as they observed me, were red with human blood.

Damn, the guy was slick.

"I'd much rather have you come with me to Volterra," he said softly. "I get the feeling you'd be much better company than the others in your pack, sei molto bella."

"Say what?" I didn't know what he had said, but it sounded good. My insides were flipping at the sound of the words dripping off his tongue. Leah, he's a freaking vampire, remember that. I should rip his head off right now and save myself. He wasn't to be trusted.

"It means you are very beautiful, Leah," he explained. "I'd rather spend time with the female wolf than the males. I also get the feeling you may be a little more receptive than the boys."

He smiled knowingly; he knew exactly what he was doing to me. I guessed from his point of view he could hear the way my pulse had quickened. Damn vampire. If he thought he was going to get me to go with him, with a wink and a panty-dropping smile, he was greatly mistaken. I wasn't going to be resident guard dog for the Volturi. Did he really think I'd roll over and show him my belly?

Before I could open my mouth to tell him to go to hell, he spoke again. "I can tell you need more time to think about the offer, so I will leave you alone. But tomorrow night, head into the forest outside of your territory around midnight. You know the area better than I, so choose any spot you like. I trust you not to bring the rest of your pack; I like my head and my limbs attached. I will be alone and you will be safe. I only want your answer."

"But how will you know where I am?" I asked, as his hand moved to the door handle.

"I will find you, wherever you are." He smirked. "I'm the world's greatest tracker."

"Right." Was that meant to be reassuring or a threat? I wasn't entirely sure.

"Goodbye, Leah," he said smoothly as he exited my vehicle, looking quite pleased with himself. "Mi piacerebbe da pazzi vederti nuda."

"I don't speak Italian," I growled. I didn't like the effect the language had on me. He had reason to be smug; he'd managed to survive ten minutes in a car with a werewolf without being attacked. In fact, I was sure that he'd noticed that he'd done more than just appeal to my merciful side, and of course I hadn't outright refused his offer. Damn Italian words, rolling off a damn sexy vampire tongue.

"I know, ciao bella." He winked at me and walked away, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

First of all, I did not have to give his question a second thought. I was not leaving La Push to go hang out in Italy with a bunch of evil, sadistic vampires. I thought back to the almost-war and remembered how sneaky and devious they were; they'd tell me anything, so long as it served their own purposes. They most likely wanted to experiment on me. I was not the type of werewolf they were accustomed to, and they probably thought that Demetri could sweet talk me into following him with a flutter of his eyelashes. How stupid did they think I was?

Hmm, part of me mused, I might not be planning to take up the opportunity they had so generously laid in front of me, but the eyelash fluttering had certainly caught my attention. After he had left, I thought about very little other than the Italian-speaking corpse. I felt sick to my stomach for lusting after him.

The amount of time I spent with half-naked, particularly buff men I shouldn't be reacting so much to one fully-clothed vampire boy. Maybe it was the mystery? Perhaps it was the fancy clothes, the exotic accent and his graceful demeanour. Or maybe just the fact that this vampire elicited more of a response from the human girl than the inner wolf.

I thought about meeting him in the woods and telling him to go back to Europe. I tried not to think about how the prospect of seeing him again gave me a little thrill, and how the memory of the earlier meeting in the car encouraged my imagination to get carried away. I was less than successful.

In the little scenario I was building in my head, things were less complicated. He was just a particularly pale, smoking hot human boy, and I was just Leah. Not Leah who was likely to have grey fur burst out all over at the first sign of anger, but just a girl. It was crazy, but I wondered if he found me as attractive as I found him. But why would he? Vampires didn't get it on with werewolves, or shape shifters.

I replayed his words over and over again in my mind. "Mi piacerebbe da pazzi vederti nuda." What did that mean anyway? It sounded sexy, and the way he had looked at me when he said it had my internal organs dancing. Maybe there was hope yet.

I remembered his well sculpted face, his shoulders, the muscle and sinew on his neck, all preserved perfectly in my mind, and wondered how well-formed the rest of him would be. I stopped myself. Why was I torturing myself by fantasising over a vampire? I needed to get my head examined. Wolf and vampire, the combination just wasn't going to happen.



Sei molto bella – You are very beautiful.

Mi piacerebbe da pazzi vederti nuda. – I would like to see you naked later.

Ciao bella. – 'Bye beautiful.


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