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A number of screens were fixed into position. Equipment supported each item on the screen, hard drives, disks, printers, and a keyboard. He clicked at it, his eyes looking at each screen; all of them scrolled green numbers and symbols in a downward motion, quick; flickering so fast that it would be hard to read them. But he could. Tank could.

Everything here that he searched was familiar, everything seemed orderly, and he could see what he wanted, spy upon the world without the plugged people guessing. They had no clue to this man's existence, only inklings of being watched, of which were discarded for the feeling of normality.

It made him wonder, how these people could be so clueless to not see the obviousness of another worldly existence. Of course, he knew, because he was in on it. He had the inkling, he had a clue, he could see how this world, no, Matrix, was being controlled. This world was at the mercy to all the programs that ran it. Everything that made the Matrix what it is now, this very instant.

He knew all these programs, the rogue one that accounted for the belief and supposed existence of ghosts, werewolves, and vampires; he knew the program that maintained order and control. He knew them all. That was until…

'Morpheus? I think you should come see this.'

The man known as Morpheus turned towards him, looking over his shoulder.

'What is it Tank?'

'This program, it's like nothing I've seen before.'

'What do you mean?'

'Look here.' Tank pointed to a place on a screen, one that wasn't bombarded with symbols and numbers. It showed places in a greyscale imaging. 'This is the program in action.'

'Walls being moulded from the ground? That shouldn't be possible.'

'I know, but it's happening in front of us. Someone must have fed a new program into the Matrix.'

'You say it as if it's possible.' Morpheus frowned.

'I know, but how else can we explain this program?'

'Hang on; get a landscape view of this place. I don't think this a city we know.'

After numerous clicks on the keyboard, they could now see the whole city. Its buildings were unfamiliar, and not nearly as tall as the ones of Manhattan. The people as well were different; their clothes seemed old fashioned. Their cars were definitely old fashioned. 'Are we in the far past or something?' Tank awed.

'No, I don't even think this is the Matrix anymore. Can you find out the name of this city?'

'I could find a sign for you.' Clicking once again, his view neared closer towards what seemed to be the city's border. 'This sign here says, Central city. That's definitely not one we know. It's not even a city on Earth.'

'I don't think this is the Matrix. It must be some other Matrix.'

'How can you be sure?'

'I'm not. But I know someone who is sure. Get me connected. I'm going to the Oracle.'

'Wait, how shall we refer to this Matrix, for now?'

'It's the second world we've seen so…the Beta-Matrix.'

'Well, the Greeks always did seem to have the right idea.'

'While I'm gone, keep an eye on the Beta-Matrix, and make sure you tell me any new developments or discoveries you find.'

With that, Morpheus slid down into the seat, while Tank strode over to slide the plug in to his head.

'You're the boss.' Tank frowned inwardly. Suddenly, he didn't seem like he knew all the programs anymore. He was a student to this new Matrix, the Beta-Matrix.


These walls of green were familiar to him, in a sense of nostalgia that felt somewhat homely. It was the same old kitchen, the same old table that he sat at now with the same old smell of cookies that produced from the oven. The scent filled the whole room and would often linger. Of course, he didn't take much care in the lingering scent; it was just his mind, making him think it was cookies he was smelling. Whatever it was, it was pretty convincing.

The door from where he'd entered was itself an arch with an assortment of different coloured brown beads hanging like the improvising door they were. But as he sat, it wasn't long before their rattle filled the air as she pushed through them gently.

To say it had been a while since their last visit, she hadn't changed much. Well, this place hadn't changed much. The last time he had set foot in this apartment was when they needed to take Neo here, to see if he really was the One. Although the Oracle had said no to this thought, he still proved her wrong many times over. Anyone who could stop bullets in mid air was definitely the One, no doubt about it.

'Now, you wanted to see me about something.' She smiled graciously as she sat down at the table with him. 'You have discovered something…new.'

'Yes.' Morpheus began. 'We seem to have come upon a different world to even this one, a different Matrix. As far as we know, it exists alongside this one.'

'You're saying you've found a parallel Matrix, and it is a cause for concern.'

'I didn't say that.'

'But you were implying it.'

A smile crept up on Morpheus' face. 'Tank is doing more research on it, but as far as we've seen, it seems to exist in a time far further back than this one. Like, it's still the 1900's. The towns seem similar, but different. And also, there's a new program that hasn't been heard of before. It makes walls pop up from the ground. It's unexplainable. Like, maybe, a rogue program.'

'You mean like the program here that accounts for werewolves, ghosts and vampires.'

'Exactly. And-.'

'I see.' She sighed smoothly. 'I know the questions on your mind Morpheus, and I know what you want to ask.'

'If this new Matrix exists side by side with this one, then is there a program similar to Neo's? Is there a 'One' that exists in this second Matrix?'

'I already know my answer because I have already seen you ask this question. Yes, but he's not the 'One'. There is only one 'One'. Otherwise he wouldn't be the One.' She chuckled softly.

'So, how do we find him, or her? How will I know? This person could be vital to our fight against the machines, and I can't afford to spend as much time as I did finding Neo.'

'I understand your distress, but I cannot tell you where this person is in this Matrix. The Beta-Matrix I believe you've called it?' Morpheus nodded briefly. 'Look, as long as the Beta-Matrix exists, it will always stand parallel to our own. Some things, significant things, may stand opposing what we too know as significant. All I can really say is that this program exists as our guide. We should heed its information.'

'I see, Neo may walk this path alone, but he needs a guide, if he is to survive it.'

'No man should walk this path alone. I would take advantage of this opportunity, if we are to survive the machines.'

Getting up from his seat, Morpheus nodded his thanks and made for the bead curtains.

'Oh, and Morpheus, never judge by appearance. He's smart you know. You should listen to what he has to say.'

'Yes, thank you.' And Morpheus shifted through the bead curtains, alight with new hope and determination once again.


A white void stretched out before him. These sights? There was nothing to see, just the white. No, not even white. Just emptiness. This feeling? Nothing really, but it was somehow familiar, if a little different. He'd seen a white void before, but there was always a gate to look up at in both awe…and fear. There was nothing here this time. No smell; no sound. Just himself.

With each step he took, nothing in front of him belied movement, only that he could feel himself move, his boots clacking on the floor. It was the only feeling so far; the only sound so far.

This walk, it seemed to stretch on forever, and there was no exhaustion, just walking.

Where am I anyway? This place, why am I here? Where does it lead?

No sooner had the questions formulated, that a door materialised, the foreground before him to disrupt, like a television with bad reception. The door before him righted its reception and it stood there. Unmoving, still, the door shut before, and it took was for him to run towards.

It was his escape from this void, not an ominous gate, but a white plain door. The only thing that distinguished it, as anything was the shining silver door handle. He peered towards it narrowing his eyes.

Is that really the way out? I'm sure it is but…why should I worry? A door's a door!

He wasn't going to miss this, let him pass by, and he broke into a run, his right hand stretched out to catch the handle.

This is my answer, I'm sure. Why I'm here, What I'm doing here, Where I am, How I got here, Who I am in this place, When I can leave.

But before he could grab the handle, the door glitched out, and disappeared. As a result, he fell flat on his face, cursing angrily.

Dammit! Damn door! Why does the answer always slip through my fingers?

Picking him up, the white void was as normal, as it was before. He turned around on the spot, looking out at the vastness White. Rubbing his face from the ache, he scowled.

Surely, it'll turn up again. There's always an answer.

Suddenly, another glitch in the vast white, and another door, seemingly the same one.

This time, I won't miss!

Again, he ran for it, his arm outstretched. Quickly, he jumped, intending to dive into it. But, it disappeared just before his side could collide into the door.

Fuck! Not again!

Behind him, he heard that familiar white noise that the glitch produced. A door. He twisted around; trying to reach for the handle, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

Stop this! Stay still!

Behind him again, another door transfigured into being, but this time, he didn't reach for it.

Right, if I don't try for the handle, then it'll stay still. Maybe then it'll let me grab hold.

Slowly, he got himself to his feet. He eyed the door with caution, but it did nothing to move. A smirk crept onto his lips.

It'll stay where it is this time. It has to!

Slowly, he stepped forward… it didn't budge. Promptly, he jumped for the door, but it glitched and disappeared. Once again, he landed on his face. But this time, tears pricked in his eyes, he felt so hard down by. His determination had been zapped.

Why? This isn't fair! I just…want to get out of here. I want to be shown the door. Why are you teasing me?

Suddenly, an array of doors glitched into being, surrounding him this time. Surrounding him, all close knit.

I don't care anymore. You'll just disappear again.

"Not unless you don't want it to."

An ominous voice cut through the white, loud, and somehow promising. He clutched his ears tightly; it hurt to hear, as if it was for the first time. Was this why a newborn baby cried, when it first heard the coos of the surrounding doctors and parents, and cringed at their inconsiderate loudness, obviously not aware that it was something it wasn't used to?

What do you mean?

"Every time you search, you're always so determined that this path you're on won't lead to misfortune or tears. So much so that, when the answer finally arrives, and you're so overjoyed, there's always that tinge of disbelief. It's that doubt that keeps you from the answer. When you first found the answer, you weren't sure that its existence was infallible. That's why, when you jumped for the answer, it slipped away. Keeping you from the answer. Once you lost that trust in the answer, every time you found another answer, you treated it with caution, and doubt, so once again it disappeared."

What are you trying to tell me? Never learn from my mistakes?

"No, always learn from your mistakes. Repeating them will be your undoing. What I'm trying to say is that you should never doubt yourself. Doubt brings fear; fear brings incapability, and incapability brings nothing fruitful. If you don't doubt or trust, then you'll never be rewarded."

Curiously, he eyed each door, unsure still. There were so many of them, but which one could he choose?

"Well? Why don't you find out the answer? Do you still doubt?"

How can I be sure which one is the right one? There are more of them. The answer could be anything now.

"Why don't you pick one, and find out for yourself? Nothing can keep you from the answer. Only yourself."

Because of doubt? Right?

"Yes, now you're getting it. You're learning from your mistake."

He picked himself up from the ground, looking at each one.

Who are you? Why are you here?

"Of course, you have the right to question me, but I'm just here to show you the door. All you have to do is walk through it."

Satisfied with that answer, he reached out for a handle, picking at random, but it disappeared.

"You still doubt me."

No! I just want to get back-.

"Home? What is home? What is here? What is there? What is reality? What is fantasy? What is right? What is wrong? What is good? Bad? Black? White? Fallible? Infallible? Tell me, how can you be sure that where you are is not just another dream? Maybe you can tell me, what it's like to live your whole life in a dream? How would you know when you woke up? Would you still be asleep?"

STOP! I don't understand! I don't know the answers! Why won't you tell me?

"Because soon you will understand, soon you will know the answers, because soon I will tell you."


"Yes, just believe that you will, and you will know."

How soon?

"Soon, that's all you need to know."

Behind him, a door clicked open.

How did that happen? I didn't touch it.

"You're starting to believe me. You're losing doubt, and that release of doubt pushed it open. Now, the answer is open to you."

Without hesitation, he whizzed around, looking into the open doorway. This place was dark; the skies were bleak. But what he saw could not compare to anything he could imagine. There were rows; rows upon rows of deep pink egg-like tubs, arranged up black-wired stalks. Large machines glided between each stalk, picking up the eggs that lay upon the black ground, and laying them in their back pouches. It was as if, these eggs were being harvested.

What is this place?

"Well, what was the question to this answer?"

Is there something more to life, a reason for why when I wake up, things happen that I can't control. Or, why I can only look through my own eyes, and never know what other people are seeing. To put it simply, life. I guess the question to this answer is life.

"You're beginning to question your existence, your very purpose in this reality, and you want to know if this is all there is, or if there's something more to see. Or maybe, if what you see is really there, if the colour you see is red or really blue. If what you feel, or smell is something solid and existing, or just something triggered by what your mind wants you to believe. You seem to think that your mind keeps playing tricks on you. That what you see is really something created in the way that someone else wants you to see it. You don't feel in control of your life; like someone else is pulling the strings."

How can you be sure that this is what I'm wondering?

"Because the wonder always starts the same. Life is the first subject to be put under question, and before you know it you're questioning your very sense of existence. I know because the feeling was the same for me once before. That was, until I began to truly see."

See? But I'm seeing now.

"No, you're not. All you see is white. I would call that nothing. Only 'til you open your eyes and truly begin to see will you understand your own curiosity."

I don't understand. I can see through this doorway. I can see the eggs and the machines.

"Because through that doorway, you're seeing what you want to know. On this side, you're seeing what you do know, and what you've seen for your whole life."


"Yes, nothing; now, open your eyes and you'll see. You'll see what I mean."

What will I see, when my eyes are opened?

"That, you'll find out, once your eyes are opened."

When will that be?

"Soon, my friend, soon. Be patient, but it won't be long. Now, open your eyes."


'So, what did she say?' Came Tank's inevitable question as Morpheus was unplugged from the fur-lined seat.

'First, what else have you found out?' He strolled towards Tank, looking over his shoulder at the screens.

'Central city seems to be the country's capital. The country itself seems to be called Amestris, well, from as far as I could make out from signposts anyway. Its people don't speak the English language, or any I've heard as of yet. They would be hard to communicate with.' Tank reasoned. 'Now, what did the Oracle tell you?'

'There's a program in the Beta-Matrix, one that's similar to Neo, its essential though inferior to Neo's purpose.'

'So, another wild goose-chase?' He sighed.

'Not necessarily, we have a better idea of what we're looking for this time. We need to look for someone who stands parallel to Neo, his exact opposite you could say, though a boy, so I've been told.'

'So we're looking for a boy who's short with light, long hair, light eyes, and smart?'

'You say it as if it's the hardest thing in the world to track down.'

'But there's no way this kid is going to pop up right when we need him. We'll have to search the whole country, even the neighbouring ones if we have to, and with the little information I have on this Beta-Matrix, it's going to take a while to adjust to its surroundings. You might not realise it, but this search will take weeks to complete, maybe even years, which we don't have.'

'Then I suggest you start now. We have no time to waste, as you have so clearly pointed out. I want you to download whatever resources you can from this Matrix and pull up as many profiles on civilians and servicemen alike as possible and as fast as possible. I want to see maps, data, communications, medical logs, unfamiliar technology and other resources on things that we don't know in our computer log. We have to keep references to what we find.'

Tank frowned forlornly, already setting to work. There was no way he could complain, not while his master had a tight clutch on his leash, ready to snap it back whenever he fell off track and into distraction.

'Oh, and just so you know. If this Matrix has existed long before we've found it, then chances are the Agents already know of it, there may be some walking in there now. Be careful, and be quick. This program has to be found, before the Agents get an idea into their heads to destroy it, so, no pressure.' He smirked finally.

Quietly, he left Tank's side and made away from the room. Though this would be hard from here on out, this discovered existence was new, and he had to admit: it had been a long while since he'd felt the thrill of the chase, of searching for something, and oh how he missed it. He was glad to feel it tugging at his chest, making it beat faster and harder with anxiety. Hopefully, this anxiety would be soothed sooner than last time. He couldn't bear to deal with it for years like last time.

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