Not the best thing I've ever written so sorry about that!

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Oh and this is set before the episode with the vampires in Venice so that's the dynamic between Amy and the Doctor.

The Doctor paced up and down the corridor of the hospital. He hated feeling this helpless. Normally when there was a problem with one of his female companions, he was the one to set it right. Instead he had to wait on a team of doctors to sow Amy back up. Helplessness didn't sit well with him.

Across the hall he spotted Martha. There she was, the brilliant Martha Jones. He hadn't realised how much he missed her. Maybe when all this was over he'd take Amy to meet Martha and Mickey. Maybe bring them for a trip in the Tardis for old times' sake.

Martha looked up and caught him looking at her. The Doctor smiled broadly and Martha returned his grin with a polite half smile before returning her gaze to the charts she was filling in.

Then a voice behind the Doctor interrupted his musings.


The Doctor turned and came face to face with Amy's surgeon. "Yes hello. How is she?" The Doctor asked concerned.

"Amy is just fine. When we opened her up, the appendix was badly swollen but taking it out posed no difficulties. She'll need a couple of days rest, but I don't foresee any long-term problems. We'll be moving her back to the ward in a couple of minutes so you can wait for her there."

Amy slowly opened her eyes. Everything was blurry and her head felt a bit groggy. The light hurt her eyes and she shut them tightly again.

She heard a voice close to her ear. It was a voice she knew, a voice she trusted.

"Amelia Pond. Are you awake? You are aren't you?"

Amy smiled. Making a huge effort she opened her eyes fully. The Doctor was sitting beside her bed, his feet thrown up on a stool, reading O.K.

Amy grinned. "O.K?" she teased. "Wouldn't have taken you for the celebrity gossip type" she finished wearily, managing just a small smile.

The Doctor turned the page to face her. There was a spread on the latest A- list actor to get married. "It's not going to last. I attended her fourth wedding a little while back. It's so annoying being the groom at one of these things, just a lot of standing around waiting for pictures to be taken." he mused.

Amy laid her head back on the pillow and moved her body to get more comfortable. As she did so, she grimaced.

Immediately the Doctor became concerned. "Does that hurt? Should I call the nurse and get some painkillers for you?"

Amy nodded slightly. "Yeah please" she said groggily.

The Doctor headed out into the corridor and ran straight into Martha.

"Martha. Brilliant. Amy is in pain, is there anything you can do?"

Martha nodded. "Of course".

She walked into the room and gave Amy some painkillers.

"How are you feeling?" she asked Amy, glancing at her chart.

"Not too terrible." Amy said with a slight smile.

The Doctor stood with his back to the wall, watching as Amy and Martha chatted and laughed together. He hadn't known how much he'd missed Martha until he'd seen her standing in front of him and he suddenly realised that Martha hadn't seen his new regeneration.

The Doctor turned to Martha. "How much longer do you think she'll be in here?"

"Probably only a few days especially if she recovers as we expect she will."

"Will I have a scar?" Amy asked.

"I'm afraid so." Martha said.

"Cool!" Amy said grinning. "Rory thinks he's so cool with that scar from when he fell off his bike when he was ten and had to get five stitches!"

Martha smiled at Martha. "Is Rory your brother?"

"No he's my fiancé" Amy said closing her eyes.

Martha glanced at the Doctor. "Oh I just assumed you two were..."

Amy shook her head. "And it's not from want of trying believe me. The man is immune to my charms." She finished, drifting off to sleep.

Martha grinned at the Doctor and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't worry. The painkillers she's on are pretty strong. She'll be back to normal soon enough."

The Doctor smiled. "That's what I'm afraid of!"

Martha's phone started to ring in her pocket. She pulled it out and looked at the Doctor apologetically.

"Sorry, do you mind if I take this. It's my sister. We're trying to organise my brothers 21st for next weekend."

The Doctor smiled broadly. "Of course don't mind me. You know what... I think your brother's birthday is going to be a day you never forget...