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CHAPTER 1: Gotcha!

"Forget it Rabbit" she said with a fear on her tone. Rabbit just tap her in the shoulder and ran inside the rig and drove it around as the sniper aims on his location.

The sniper keeps on shooting the rig but didn't get a chance on shooting rabbit. When he finally stops, shielding two of his colleagues, the sniper got an aim on him and shoots. He then feels a warm drip on his chest. He felt it with his hands and look at it when he sees his own blood dripping from his chest.

"Nancy…" he said on his radio.

"Reuben, get out of the van NOW!"

"Nance… I… I can.. I can't…."

"What do you mean you can't?! Wait, wait.., are you okay?!"

"Sir, we have a location on the suspect, Northeast side of the Building 4th floor, now proceeding."

"Reuben! Talk to me!" as the sound of her voice is terribly terrified.

"Captain, we need to go get him right now, he's not fine!"

"I know, but we can't the SWAT doesn't clear us up. We can't disobey protocol."

"Screw protocol, I'm going."

"Nancy! Wait!" Glenn follows his partner as they proceed to get Reuben out of the rig.

"Nancy!" captain shouted. "You better get your team in line or they'll be in serious trouble captain." Swat captain said.

As the SWAT approaches the suspect's location, they threw a grenade bomb that distracts the sniper from shooting another paramedic/firefighter/police.

"We got the suspect; we need a paramedic here ASAP."

Glenn helped Nancy to get Rabbit out of the rig so they can treat him.

"Reuben… Reuben… Can you hear me? Come on... Say something!"

His lips are too heavy to let the words out and his eyes are deep closed as if they are in excruciating pain. Well he is, he was a shot by a sniper that the bullet rips his left arm and chest. The bulletproof vest was useless. He shouldn't have worn that in the first place he thought.

He never thought of being a patient again after the copter crash he experienced that almost got him dead. And again, he is in the same position again, the life and death situation.

"Prep the OR" as Dr. Joe ordered Diana.

"He's going to be just fine" as Glenn comforts her in the waiting room.

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