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Chapter 2: Revenge

As soon as rabbit came inside the OR, Dr. Joe ordered his interns to prep him as he prepares himself for the surgery. He suddenly looks inside the OR thru the small window from the wash area; he sees rabbit lying down at his operating table and fighting for his life. He wasn't sure if he's going to make it or he's going to be the reason he'll die.

"Doctor! He's crashing" the nurse shouted at him while he goes back to his reality.

Marissa came in the ER finding his partner if his going to be alright then she sees Nancy with Glenn inside the waiting room. She went inside and signaled Glenn saying she wants to talk to her then Glenn went out to do something that would let his mind of the incident.

"Hey" as she approaches Nancy.

Nancy didn't answer nor looked at her. She was really worried and couldn't get her mind out of the incident.

"How are you holding up?" Marissa couldn't just let go of asking her questions. She knew that if she talked to her, it would ease the pain and worry Nancy's having. But Nancy still didn't set a word to reply to her.

The sniper was brought to the same ER as where Rabbit was taken to. There were SWAT teams, police, everyone. Nancy stood up and hurriedly went after the sniper's critical location inside the hospital. Marissa was shocked and followed her co-worker. Nancy immediately blamed him for shooting Rabbit and the rest of her co-workers. She was shouting not to give him any medications and let him die suffering. She was going to remove all the tubes attached to the killer when Marissa pulled her back.

She was still struggling to get her hands on the killer but the nurses, Marissa and even Glenn stop her from doing so. Nancy sighed and she went outside to get some fresh air. Glenn was about to follow her when Marissa stop him and went after her instead.

"Hey" as Marissa saw Nancy sitting at the bench outside the ER.

Nancy looked at her fiercely and nodded then cried.

"I want him dead! All we do is save lives of different people, but him? He just points a gun to someone without any hesitation and kills them. He should die! He should suffer!" Nancy is really pissed at him. Who isn't? Shooting someone you love and trying to cope and hope that he'll going to be just fine.

"I'm sick of everyone telling it's going to be fine but end up not fine!" Nancy pointed out as she knew that Marissa would tell her the same thing.

Marissa didn't say a word as she lends her ear to the grieving co-worker that she treats as a friend. She was going to say something when Glenn walk out and interrupted them.

"Dr. Joe wants to talk to you about….Rabbit. He says his already out of surgery." Nancy immediately stood up and went inside the ER and finds Dr. Joe who is already waiting for her inside his office.

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