Girls do not have powers

Chapter 1 : Hawaii

The 5 girls were in Stella's bed room helping her pack. "I can't believe this!" Stella said. "Why do we have to move?!" Stella's parents were famous artists, and had decided to move to Hawaii to paint the beautiful sunsets there. "Don't worry, sweetie, we'll do this together." Flora tried to comfort Stella. "Yeah, look on the bright side!" Musa chimed in. "What bright side?" Stella demanded. "Well, at least we're all going together!" She replied. "Yeah," Bloom said. "It's a good thing our parents are all such good friends, Stella!" Tecna walked around the corner. "Guys, what's the matter?" Bloom sighed and replied, "Stella is upset that we have to move." "To be honest," Tecna began, "I'm a little down about it myself." Musa picked up Stella's mirror and put it inside her suitcase. "Gardenia just won't be the same without us, will it, Stell?" Stella shook her head sadly. "Well, think of it this way, Stella. Maybe we'll change Hawaii too! It could definitely use a little more … Stella." Bloom said. "Aww, you guys are the best." Stella said. "Group hug!" They all hugged each other happily. The moment was broken by Stella's dad shouting, "Girls, are you all packed?" "Yes!" Stella replied. "Well good, because our plane leaves in an hour." Stella looked around her room forlornly. She was sad to see it go, but thanks to her friends, ready for some fun in Hawaii!

The girls all hurried down and piled into the car. They were all riding with Stella's parents while their own families would catch a later flight. They rushed through security and made it to the plane just in time. After three hours of being bored on a plane, they all hopped out excitedly. "So, what should we do first?" Bloom asked. Stella immediately shouted "Shopping!" Musa motioned for Stella to be quiet; everyone was staring at them. "How 'bout we chill by the beach instead?" She said. Flora voted on checking out the apartment first, along with Bloom and Tecna. They were all sharing their own little apartment this year. Their parents had agreed to it, figuring it would help prepare the girls for when they actually did live on their own. Unfortunately for Stella and Musa, Stella's mom decided on going to the girls' apartment. "I wonder what it'll be like!" She exclaimed.

The girls walked into their new apartment, and gasped. There was a main area with a kitchen and living room in it, and 5 doors leading into their bedrooms complete with bathrooms. Stella was the only one who had ever had her own bathroom before, "It's amazing!" Stella gushed. "So you like it?" Her mother asked. "No," Bloom said. "We love it!" The girls all squealed with glee. "Okay, well I'll leave you girls to unpack." Stella's mom said, leaving the room. "The phone is in the kitchen with important numbers if you need anything."The girls all waved. "Bye!"They called. The second she was out the door, Stella shouted, "Let's pick rooms!" The rooms all had small differences. In one there was a larger walk in closet than the rest, one of them had 2 window seats, one had cool shelving on the walls, another had a more comfortable bed, and the last had a more up-to-date computer. "I claim the one with the walk in closet!" Stella yelled. Tecna said she wanted the one with the newest computer. Musa requested the one with shelves. "They're perfect for my music collection!" "Well, I want the one with the more comfortable bed. It reminds me of home. Or did you want that one Flora?" Bloom said. "No," Flora replied, "I actually wanted the one with the window seats. It has more light so plants can grow better there." Stella grinned. "Perfect! This place rocks!"

The girls all unpacked slowly, taking time to adapt to the new apartment. Bloom and Stella had realized that there rooms looked over the ocean. After they finished, they spent the rest of the day exploring. They shopped for new bathing suits in the morning and surfed and sunbathed at the beach that afternoon. They were having a wonderful day. They had just gotten back when the phone rang. "I'll get it!" Flora announced, answering the phone. The others only heard parts of her conversation. "Hello? … Really? ... That's great! I'll tell the other girls. We'll be right there!" She said goodbye, hung up, and turned to face the girls. "Guess what?!" She said, excited. The girls just looked at her expectantly. "Our parents are here! They want us to see the big house they're sharing!" The girls all smiled, excited. They ran out the door and onto the street. Bloom stopped abruptly. "What is it Bloom?" Musa asked. "Get out of

the way!" Stella snapped. "Do we know where their house is?" She replied. Flora looked a little sheepish. "Um, all I know is that it's a beach house called 'Drift wood'." "So?" Stella demanded. "We'll just walk along the beach and look for a house that says drifted wood on it!" The other girls agreed. So they all went along the beach to find their parents. They showed them pictures of the new apartment and helped unpack. They were all very happy, even Stella, who had resented coming in the first place. After a while Musa said she was tired and thought they should go home. They were just standing up when Bloom's mom said "Oh! We almost forgot! You guys are starting school tomorrow! Here's the address and name of the school." "What?!" The girls exclaimed.