Chapter 30

The next few days were horrible for both the girls and the boys. The girls were absolutely frantic, and Helia, if possible, was more. The rest of the boys not only worried about Flora, but about Helia as well. That's why everyone was feeling very hopeful when Ms. Faragonda called them to her office that morning. They burst through the door without even knocking.

"Is there any news?" Brandon demanded immediately.

"Yes, we've found her," Ms. Faragonda said, turning around to face them.

"Is she alright?" Stella asked, noticing Ms. F's serious face.

"She's in the infirmary. You can go see her now," the headmistress replied. They all raced out without another word.

When they found Flora in the infirmary, they immediately ran up to her and hugged her and asked if she was OK.

"I'm fine, guys," Flora said.

"What happened?" Stella asked after they had all calmed down.

"Well," Flora began, "The door disappeared and I felt something grab me and cover my mouth,"


The door opened and Flora was yanked backwards. She tried to scream but something was covering her mouth – a hand. She turned around and saw Icy grinning wickedly at her and dragging her outdoors. When they were safely in the woods, and far enough away that no one could hear them, Icy took her hand off Flora's mouth.

"Let go of me!" Flora insisted.

"Or what?" Icy demanded. Flora was stumped. She couldn't do anything, at least not while Icy had a tight grip on her arm.

"That's what I thought," Icy said smugly. Flora frowned.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

"Somewhere far away so I can drain your powers without interruption," Icy said. She then hurled a block of ice at Flora's face which knocked her out. When she woke up, around the same time of day (which led her to believe she'd been knocked out an entire 24 hours), she was still in the forest yet farther out then she'd ever gone before. Icy was still asleep but stirring. Flora knew if she was going to get out she'd better go now. Icy woke up just in time to see Flora running back towards Alfea. Icy got up and flew after her, catching up quickly. Flora realized that Icy was behind her and thought, 'trees help me to get back to Alfea. Carry me on your branches, quickly, so I can escape this pursuer'. Immediately the nearest tree branch bent down and scooped her up. The branch wound around the tree before another branch pulled her from the first one. It continued in this fashion for about a day, and Icy gave up after two hours of chase during which she was slowly getting farther and farther from Flora.

When Flora finally arrived at Alfea, the branches gently set her down in the quad and luckily a student had seen her from a window and went to help get her to the infirmary.

End of Flashback

"So that's my story," Flora finished. The girls and boys just stared at her, astonished.

OK I know that was really short but I've got writers block and can't figure out what to write next. Any suggestions?