Defying Gravity
Kiss Me Goodbye

Pairing: Rachel Berry x Girl! Jesse St. James

Rating: M (For Language, Sexuality and Heavy Angst)

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Seriously, why haven't Quinn and Rachel gone Canon already? I suggest we write angry letters. ;)

Summary:Right after Sectionals, Rachel Berry is fed up with the constant mistreatment she receives from her fellow peers and actually stands up for herself. The Gleeks find themselves feeling incredibly guilty by the end of her emotional rant and when Brittany attempts to soothe her, Rachel pushes her away and declares that she's thinking of resigning from the Glee club and transferring to a different high school which would meet both her academic and social needs. This secretly breaks everyone's hearts and they'll do anything to show her that she's important to them. Little do they know, they've lost her to Vocal Adrenaline and Jesse St. James. Manipulative! Possessive! (Female!) Jesse.

A/N: I was in a seriously bad mood when I came up with this idea. I'm a huge Rachel Berry fan girl and it breaks my heart that she doesn't have any real friends. We all know she has an intense personality and can be overbearing but that's why I love her for it(I hope she never changes). I decided to come up with a little history as to why she acts the way she does and it all relates to the many years of abuse she's faced from everyone around her. Jesse is still manipulative but there are no ulterior motives when it comes to her relationship with Rachel; she truly loves her and goes out of her way to defend her and protect her from the other Gleeks. (She also has a shitty way of showing Rachel how much she loves her)The Glee club will learn that they don't know what they've got until it's gone.

Rachel was in an absolutely irrevocable foul mood. No, she was certainly not preparing to throw yet another one of her infamous diva tantrums, but she was fairly certain that she was going to break down sometime soon if this horrible day didn't end already. She sighed wistfully to herself, knowing fully well that by the end of the day she would be heading home while sobbing uncontrollably onto one of her father's shoulders yet again. Sometimes she found herself wondering if God truly existed because by the end of each day, she felt abandoned and unloved by an entity she used to have so much faith in. When the Glee club improved dramatically after Finn Hudson and company joined, Rachel Berry's misery outside of the club only increased tenfold as well. There was so much unnecessary drama she had unwittingly created that she never realized how much of it she would later regret. It was physically painful and it broke her heart even more after she started caring about the fact that nobody liked her very much. Wait. That's an understatement. She rightfully believes that everybody loathes her for illogical reasons that she can no longer pretend to comprehend anymore.

The singer definitely doesn't want her mind wandering towards this direction anymore, she's already distracted herself from her role in Glee and it's making the other Gleeks stare at her like she's not supposed to be this vulnerable. She no longer finds the floor interesting and decides to chance a risky glance at every single member of New Directions. It was yet another big mistake on her part, her heart clenching at the sight of everyone laughing and enjoying each other's company, except hers of course. Rachel wishes she knew what it felt like to have a friend in her life. It was a foreign concept that she wants to familiarize herself with until suddenly, she starts berating herself for being so pathetic. She was untouchable, unwanted, and very, very unlikable. Why the hell did she deserve a friendship/relationship of any kind in the first place? The brunette should know by now that nobody would ever show interest in befriending her without having ulterior motives in mind. She actually flinched at the memory of Finn's selfish intentions when he attempted to convince her to join Glee again, which she once again inexplicably regrets. Tears begin to well up in her eyes and she's cursing herself for being so damn weak since she never once gave in to the temptation of exposing her susceptibility to others but this time, Rachel's walls are finally breaking and it feels so wrong.

Almost everybody in the choir room is unaware of the diva's normally obnoxious presence, which they're currently grateful for her silence, until Brittany takes notice of the sadness surrounding the usually talkative brunette. Her lips jut out into a pout and her brows furrow, wondering what could have made Rachel Berry so monumentally depressed. "Rachel, is something wrong? We won Sectionals, don't you think that's enough reason to turn that frown upside down?" She suddenly asked, her question evoking a choked sobbing sound to erupt from the tiny girl and that particular sound eventually earned everybody's attention. The singer inwardly groaned, disliking the fact that the blond Cheerio was perceptive when it came to people. The said girl would have been clueless if Rachel had been more careful but today, her usual defense mechanisms were no longer working properly. She knew if Brittany continued prying information out of her, she would be released from all her inhibitions and her insecurities would slip through her lips, giving four particular people in her group ammunition to degrade her further if needed.

"Why do you care? It's not like I matter anyway so please cease speaking to me immediately and pay attention to what you were doing before." Rachel replies softly, her monotone voice cracking as she spoke and the sadness and frustration she had been feeling for so long now were waiting to be unleashed mercilessly. The straight forward response shocked the members of New Directions but that didn't stop Brittany from expressing her concern for the girl since something was clearly bothering her. The tension floating around in the air only intensified because the short singer was so obviously frustrated that she had been rudely interrupted from her own thoughts. It was terrifying, really, because she looked so ready to tear Brittany a new one so everybody readily prepared to protect the Cheerio from an inevitable verbal lashing.

"Seriously, Berry, you look constipated or something and you're quiet. It's kind of uncomfortable. So quit beating around the fucking bush and tell us what's wrong already, attention whore." Puck pressed on, Brittany whipping her head around to glare at him for being so insensitive. The group laughed out loud anyway, ignoring the facial expressions crossing Rachel's face. She wanted to swallow her tears and courageously stand up to Noah Puckerman like she usually does, but today, his words are having a profound effect on her and it's killing her. Quinn abruptly stops giggling and gasps when she hears a loud cry escape Rachel Berry's throat. It's so loud and sorrowful that Quinn thinks that cry has been suppressed for far too long. The tiny girl is shaking violently, sobs wracking her entire body and while some were suspicious that this spectacle was yet another well rehearsed performance, they would find themselves feeling guilty much later on.

Mr. Schuester and Emma Pillsbury unfortunately walk in with smiles plastered on their faces until they're met with the sight of Rachel Berry breaking down in front of everybody. No one moves or says a thing at first because they're too shocked at the fact that their resident diva was displaying a weakness no one has ever seen before and it offends their hearts just a little bit. When Will makes the mistake to approach the girl, the brunette flails and hisses at him, ordering him to get away from her as she backs herself into the wall, sliding down to the floor until she curls into herself, crying even harder than usual. "Rachel, honey, what's wrong? Does anyone know what happened?" Emma asks, her doe eyes tearing up themselves because this was very unsettling for her, and she's certain that everybody in Glee feels the same way. The brunette scoffs rudely and a hiccup follows, which momentarily begins to calm the singer.

"They wouldn't even begin to know what it's like to be a Lima loser such as myself. I, unlike them, will never know what it's like to belong. What I'm trying to say in order to justify my current state is that…I'm very unhappy, Mr. Schuester, and although I've perfected a deceptive demeanor for the past few years of my life, it's time for me to come clean." Rachel confesses, silent tears flowing endlessly down her cheeks and it's just so unnatural to see the diva looking so fragile. Brittany is disheartened and she wants to cry along with Rachel but she simply clamps her mouth shut with her free hand as she's holding Santana's hand with the other. Quinn Fabray feels herself cringe when she processes the words Rachel Berry is saying and it feels like her heart is ready to plummet to the ground any moment now. Finn Hudson wants to desperately embrace her but he's afraid she'll shake him off like she did with Mr. Schuester. Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie are slack jawed, willing themselves to comfort Rachel by remaining silent though they really wanted to comfort her verbally. As for the rest, Puck remained indifferent though he kept clenching his fists nervously as if he were waiting for Rachel to admit some form of sexual harassment that took place earlier. Matt and Mike were following suit.

"Can you explain what you mean, Rachel? You can trust us, we're here to listen and help because we're family." Will assured her, failing to maintain his confidence as the short singer scowled and rolled her eyes.

"I would be lying to myself and to all of you if I told you I believed that because it should be well known that I distrust you all. While it's true that all of you have become very close friends and civil to one another since Sectionals, you've all continued to exclude me from your activities and actively persecute me while I'm left feeling utterly humiliated and alone. Excuse me if I firmly believe that I remain an outcast in this so called family." Rachel calmly explained, waiting for the former tears to subside as she feels another tug in her heart that will threaten to break her. They need to know what they've done to her, to make her feel like the most unlovable human being on the planet. The Gleeks would probably think she's over-exaggerating but it would be of no surprise to her if they had forgotten what they've done to her when they were younger. She knew that she couldn't keep up the charade any longer because she was indeed a person with feelings yet they had disregarded that her entire life and only saw her as a social pariah and the burden of their existence. Rachel Berry was putting herself up on display, her walls crumbling down as she tries to explain why she's feeling so damaged and broken. In reality, who wouldn't feel this way after many years of torment and humiliation?

"Everybody hates me, and that is something I came to absolute terms with though it was excruciatingly difficult at first. During my high school career, I've dealt with childish name calling, being thrown into dumpsters, daily slushy facials that have me bringing a spare outfit to school every day because they simply will not stop, and pornographic renderings of myself amongst other things. You know what's ironic about being a part of this so-called family, Mr. Schue? Half of my tormentors are in this club and have found new ways to further humiliate me." The singer said darkly, tossing everyone else in the room a dirty look before turning her attention to the only adults in the choir room. The palpable tension only arose when something known as guilt began to settle within the students of New Directions, each looking at one another with concern etched in their facial expressions. Before one of them could interrupt Rachel, the singer simply dismissed them with a wave of the hand as she continued.

"I am perfectly aware that you all only tolerate me for my talent and only pretend to be my friend in order to motivate me to stay focused on overcoming any obstacle that involves the Glee club. I have reached my limits, however, because I'm finally cracking under the pressure you've all put me under. I know that I'm high maintenance and my personality makes it complicated for you to understand who I am so that's why you continue to harm me socially. I haven't always been this way and a part of each of you should know that but you obviously have forgotten." With that last part of her sentence, she whispered it as she closed her eyes, replaying memories of the worst childhood she wished she could reclaim. She didn't realized that she had been thinking and talking about certain memories at the same time until she heard a few gasps and the smacking of Noah Puckerman's arms. Rachel talked about how she didn't understand why people started hating her in the third grade but maybe it started because she revealed the fact she had two fathers. After that, Noah was the main bully that made it a sport to embarrass and hurt Rachel as she was constantly pushed onto the pavement of elementary school during recess, her lunch money was stolen on a daily basis, the athletic fifth graders purposely kicking a soccer ball towards her and knocking her out every other day. The girls were the worst, as they always have been towards other girls who were considered inferior, and Santana was the leader in making sure Rachel Berry was never happy wherever she went. And she wasn't, but everyday she came to school determined and seemingly eager to learn despite the consequences of simply being alive.

"I never broke down as much as I did in those years because my fathers assured me that I was the bigger person by never requesting a change of schools. Despite what you've done to me, I still wanted to befriend you all and I wanted to be strong as the abuse never stopped since then. It wasn't until middle school that I started building these concrete walls around my heart because I knew I would always be alone for the rest of my school years. I am the way I am now because I encouraged myself to push people away in order to make myself feel…safer, but that obviously didn't turn out so well because high school is hell. Even though I still aspire to become a Broadway star, friends didn't exactly matter to me until this year, I've never felt so alone before and it's painful to know that people would never like me unless they had ulterior motives in mind. Don't protest this, Finn Hudson, you know it's a fact." The brunette diva finished with a sigh, a few more tears escaping though she did nothing to stop them. Emma cautiously walked over to the younger girl and draped an arm over her shoulder, pulling her in for a meaningful hug. Will Schuester remained deep in thought, concern for the girl increasing rapidly the more she expressed her feelings on this uncomfortable subject.

Quinn Fabray was the first to break the silence, cautiously taking a step towards the brunette though the singer wasn't opposing it very much. "Rachel, can you please stop talking about the past because it's already making us feel worse than before. If we had known how you felt…" Words failed Quinn at that exact moment, not knowing where the hell she was going with this. What could you possibly say to atone for all the sins you've committed to one person your entire life who was finally expressing how she felt about it all? Brittany and Santana walked over to where Quinn stood and they all stared at the short singer with glossy eyes. They felt like monsters, and perhaps they were. How could they possibly make up for it all? One thing they were impressed with was how long the girl lasted all by herself after all she's been through. She deserved better, and just because they thought she was annoying on occasion, she didn't deserve to be mistreated for that reason alone.

When Rachel Berry pulled out of the awkward embrace, the girl wiped a few tears away and squared her shoulders and put on whatever was left of her mask. She wasn't going to deal with this anymore, she had an announcement to make since this had been lingering in the back of her mind for quite some time now. Even though it felt wonderful to let out everything she had been holding back for so many years, it was time to continue the journey to happiness. "Don't worry about it, Quinn, you never have before so why should you bother now? Anyway, I'm doing all of you a favor that I know you'll be quite pleased with for the most part, though I suspect you'll only miss my talent. I've been researching different high schools in the area that would meet both my social and academic needs as well as the talent residing within me that would be properly nurtured by experienced show choir directors. What I am trying to say is that I'm considering leaving McKinley High, which means I have to resign from Glee as well. I'll be back by the end of the week with my final decision so don't celebrate just yet." Rachel Berry says confidently, a smile breaking across her face at the thought of finally leaving this school and for some reason that really doesn't sit well with anyone in the room. As Rachel gathers her belongings in the room, everybody rushes to assure her that she belonged with them, that she was going to regret this decision and many other things that the brunette diva happily ignored. When Brittany approached her and tried to pull her in for a bear hug, Rachel politely pushed her away though that left the Cheerio feeling sadder than she ever felt before.

"I thought we were friends." The blond cheerleader said, attempting to tone down the misery creeping over her. Rachel's bitter smile told her differently, and that's when the blond staggered backwards into Santana's arms.

"We were never friends, Brittany. Don't you remember that I don't know what it's like to have a friend? Well, I'm going to actively pursue that because I feel like I deserve some form of happiness that doesn't just involve singing." Rachel told her, the rest of the Gleeks listening to their conversation and though Rachel could never hear it, their hearts shattered because the moment the diva walked out of the choir room, they somehow felt like she had already made her decision. Maybe she had, maybe she hadn't but now they knew what it felt like to be abandoned by someone they cared about. They felt like real bastards at that moment because Mr. Schuester was still in shock from the unexpected announcement and now he was breaking out of it with anger and disappointment. He shot up straight from where he was sitting and kicked the chair over, which slid over to where Ms. Pillsbury was currently standing. He tossed the sheet music he was holding in his hands over at the kids and furiously ran his fingers through his hair.

"What the hell is the matter with all of you? Haven't we discussed so many times before in the past that we're supposed to be a team? We just possibly lost one of our best singers and although you're all too reluctant to admit it, you lost a friend indefinitely! This needs to be fixed. Now!" He yelled, pacing back and forth while everybody remained uncomfortable from the sight of their teacher losing his mind. Courageously, Kurt stepped up and glanced around the room in order to observe the sullen looks on everybody's faces. They did, in fact, just lose a friend because if it were the exact opposite, they would have carried on with their previous activities and conversations as she ranted. They were disappointed with themselves and because of what she just announced, the guilt finally settled within them all. Rachel had every right to want to escape the hell she had endured her entire life.

"Maybe when she returns, we should have a surprise party waiting for her. We should all, like, give her gifts and welcome her back with a song that shows how much we care about her. Rachel is our friend, but we have to admit, we had a really crappy way of showing her that she meant a lot to us." Brittany says, her brilliant idea sinking into everybody's minds as they nod their heads, vehemently agreeing to what she had suggested. Will finally cracked a small smile, and it only widened when Emma placed a hand on his shoulder and pressed her lips against his for a just a quick second. Brittany gathered them all into a small group as they huddled together, discussing things that they should bring, what songs Rachel would enjoy, and what kind of cookies to bake for Rachel since cookies made people feel better. They all laughed pleasantly for the first time, everyone doing their best to convince themselves and each other that they could bring Rachel back to her senses. Little did they know, they've already lost her to Vocal Adrenaline and Jesse St. James, but for how long?

Rachel didn't feel like she was betraying New Directions or McKinley High as she stood outside of the double doors that led inside to one of the most prestigious schools in Lima that housed one of the most talented show choir groups she had ever known; Vocal Adrenaline. She had definitely done her research and her fathers were willing to transfer her to this school if she was truly interested in going and when she checked out the competition every other day when she could, the diva certainly wanted to be apart of this group more than anything. Her social status would remain neutral and she would no longer remain at the bottom of the social ladder. No more slushy facials, no more dealing with ridiculous dating drama, and she would no longer have to deal with the fact people only liked her for her talent, and not her personality. She was willing to change anything as long as it wasn't too much; if there's anything more unpleasant than being a Lima loser it was being a stranger to herself. As Rachel entered the building and studied the environment, the more her heart soared at the idea of attending this school as an entirely different person than she was forced to be at McKinley High.

Rachel was trying to relocate the auditorium and she wasn't paying much attention to the people walking by her until she felt her body collide with another. Her face had gone red, several different emotions running through her as she felt her heart shrink a little on the inside at the thought of already becoming the social pariah at a different school. The lilting voice she heard profusely apologizing to her told her differently, however. "Oh, I sincerely apologize! I was rushing out of the library and I totally didn't see you there. Are you alright?" The kindhearted voice asked, pausing to inhale sharply as the girl gave Rachel Berry a not-so-innocent once-over. The brunette furiously blushed as she realized the beautiful girl standing before her was the ever so famous Jesse St. James, the female lead belonging to Vocal Adrenaline. She had beautifully deep cerulean eyes, slightly thin but luscious lips, a strong jaw line and prominent chin complete with impeccable dirty blond locks that shone brilliantly underneath the available sunlight reaching the hallways…Rachel found herself swooning at the sight before her, though she thought it was strange because she was another female.

"You're Jesse St. James from Vocal Adrenaline, am I correct? It's a pleasure to meet you, I am…" Rachel began nervously before she was interrupted by the excitable girl extending her arm out as well to greet the former Glee club diva.

"Rachel Berry, I know, you're with McKinley High's New Directions. I was there at Sectionals checking out the competition when you blew me away with your performance of Don't Rain on My Parade. Granted, you lacked the emotional depth Streisand had but you're talented as hell. What brings you here, little one?" Jesse asked playfully, a sexy smirk playing with her lips that left Rachel trembling with intimidation. Since when the hell did she ever feel intimidated by anything other than loneliness? She exhaled a deep breath she didn't realize she'd been holding and awkwardly coughed when she tried to regain her composure. Sure, she had a long, troubling week but that was no excuse to make a fool out of herself in front of the most talented person in Lima, Ohio.

"I'm here on a mission, actually. Clearly, New Directions has a lot of potential to become even greater than before but I feel as if I'm not appreciated there anymore. I'm thinking of transferring over to this school, mainly for academic and social purposes, but I'm also hoping that maybe Vocal Adrenaline would have room for one more, perhaps?" Rachel said in one breath, observing the pleasant reaction from Jesse that left her feeling relieved and hopeful. Jesse was positively beaming at this point, not only at the possibility of gaining yet another talented singer that would guarantee their win at Regionals, but definitely another really cute girl to eventually conquer and claim as her own. The short singer was definitely her type; long, beautiful dark hair, twinkling chocolate brown eyes, and pair of really kissable thick lips. If Jesse thought the girl was sexy in that black dress she had worn at sectionals, the girl was definitely pulling off this cute little outfit she had worn. Argyle and Knee-Hi Socks would quickly become her next favorite things.

Jesse took Rachel's hand and lifted it up to kiss her knuckles before interlocking their fingers together. "Come on, I'll show where the auditorium is. Shelby, our instructor, will definitely be pleased with you as a newcomer. And if you're ready now, we'd definitely like to see you audition before any serious decisions are made. How does that sound?" She asked, hope clearly lacing the tone of her voice and Rachel felt a warm feeling overcoming her, now familiarizing herself with the fact that somebody was eager to simply be in her presence. The diva nodded and smiled a brilliant smile that seemed absolutely genuine. The two young girls skipped over to the auditorium where the rest of the members of Vocal Adrenaline were patiently awaiting their young star's arrival. When Shelby noticed Jesse walk in with Rachel Berry in tow, the woman raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Everybody gasped when they recognized the shorter singer, but they said nothing as they made their way towards the stage and Shelby. Jesse took a deep breath and pushed Rachel forward so she could introduce her to Shelby but her instructor spoke first. "Rachel Berry, McKinley High's very own talented diva. I'm Shelby as you may already know and although I suspect you're probably checking out the competition for Regionals so you can tell your dysfunctional friends all about it, it's nice to actually meet you." The woman spoke sharply and quickly, obviously tactless when it came to expressing honest opinions but Rachel didn't mind since that reminded her of how she was as well.

"Hello, ma'am, it's actually quite an honor meeting you. Contrary to your belief, I actually have a request and Jesse seems intrigued by the idea. It's a major possibility that I may be transferring over to this school and I was hoping that I could become a part of Vocal Adrenaline once I do. I'll audition if you need me to, and I already have Defying Gravity in mind." Rachel blurted out, wanting to continue until Jesse gently placed a finger on her lips, smiling at how cute the shorter singer was when she rambled. Shelby's eyes widened at the revelation, but then a small smile overcame her previous disapproving features. Rachel Berry exposed her talent to the world during Sectionals, and Shelby was honored that the short girl was interested in pursuing a better environment and if she thought that was being in Vocal Adrenaline, then Shelby will give her a chance. This would only monumentally increase their chances to win Regionals anyway.

"I'm certain that your director, Mr. Schuester, wasn't too enthusiastic with the idea of you leaving them, but considering the types of freaks they have in that group, you're better off with Vocal Adrenaline, honey. Okay, I've already seen what kind of potential you already have but my kids are feeling lazy today so entertain us. Show us what you've got that Mr. Schuester and company refuse to appreciate." She replied, falling into her usual seat and ordering her students to leave the stage so Rachel Berry could prove herself to them. There was excitement buzzing in the air and the short singer could feel it and it only encouraged her further. So this was what it was like to be slightly admired before truly showing off her talent to anybody new to her. Rachel could get used to this.

Something has changed within me, something is not the same.

I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game.

Too late for second-guessing, too late to go back to sleep. It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap!

It's time to try defying gravity, I think I'll try defying gravity and you can't pull me down...

It became obviously clear that the abundance of Rachel's talent also came with the demanding presence she held on stage and it was absolutely mesmerizing. As the short singer continued to belt out the lyrics passionately, she felt her heart swell from the fervent response she was receiving from the members of Vocal Adrenaline and she couldn't help but feel a little smug. These were incredibly talented students and they were watching her with awe as they wondered how a tiny girl such as herself could hold so much power. By the time Rachel reached the end of the song, everybody had already begun whistling and applauding the young girl as the girl clutched onto her heart for dear life. She had never felt so anxious for approval before but this…it was absolutely wonderful and it made her happy.

Jesse was staring at her like a piece of meat but Rachel assumed that look was simply out of respect and she returned the same brilliant smile she displayed earlier to the girl. That only provoked Jesse to grin at her wickedly and before she could say anything, Shelby stood up from where she sat and everybody in the auditorium glanced up at her curiously and hopefully. Rachel would definitely become another excellent asset to the team and the girl just held so much explosive power that ought to belong to Vocal Adrenaline rather than New Directions. "That was impressive, Rachel Berry, and although I recommend a little touching up and more movement as you sing, I have to say that there's definitely a spot open especially for you. I mean, if you decide to transfer to this school that is and if you really want it…" Before the older woman continued, Rachel interrupted eagerly.

"I'm already yours. By the end of the week, I'll no longer be a student at McKinley High and I will rightfully belong in Vocal Adrenaline where I fully believe that my talent will nourish along with the rest of you. Thank you so much!" Rachel replied, bouncing up and down in place while the other members shouted and congratulated her with joy. Shelby merely smirked and excused herself to pick up a few things Rachel was definitely going to need if she were going to be a part of Vocal Adrenaline. After most of the members introduced themselves to Rachel, Jesse pulled the shorter girl aside before anyone else could capture her attention. "You were terrific, Rachel. I doubt anyone else has ever said that to you and meant it like I do. This looks like the beautiful beginning of an interesting…friendship, don't you think?" Jesse suggested, waggling her eyebrows for effect.

Rachel blushed and ducked her head for a moment before she gathered the courage to stare right into the eyes of Jesse St. James. "Would you like to hang out sometime, you know, and do something together? Anything would be just fine with me." She asked uncharacteristically shy, waiting for a harsh rejection that never came. Instead, Jesse picked up one of her hands again and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles before winking and nodding.

Rachel didn't know this, but she may have just signed her soul over to the devil. She will come to realize who her true friends really are and that she's capable of being truly loved by someone who really cares for her. Will Jesse St. James remain that person?

A/N: Originally, this was supposed to be a one-shot but it would have been too long like the other one I recently posted. I'm not sure how people will react to this, but I had to get the anxiety out of my system. This story will deal with minor emotional abuse within a relationship and Rachel's strength will be tested. How will the other Gleeks react? Eventually, this might potentially become Quinn/Rachel at the end. I'm not entirely sure though. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.