Defying Gravity

Together, It Doesn't Feel Right At All

Rated: M (For Language, Sexuality and Angst)

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A/N: After watching Bad Reputation, I decided to change a few things in this story. While I said this story would deal with abuse (emotional, not physical), it'll only be temporary because Jesse is intense and she doesn't know how to handle her serious relationship with Rachel at first but they'll learn together how to make it work. Quinn and the Gleeks managed to piss me off a lot in this episode so I'm thinking this will not become Rachel/Quinn after all, but a potential friendship is possible. Ugh. I was also listening to Together by Avril Lavigne and the lyrics perfectly describe Rachel's feelings about Glee. This chapter mainly deals with their reactions of her departure so thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. *EDIT: I messed up the first time I uploaded this. All mistakes are mine.*

It had been seven days since Rachel stepped foot in McKinley High, and though her presence was rarely acknowledged, the members of New Directions actually noticed that not only had she been absent from Glee, but school as well. Today would be the day that she would be making her return and this was their only opportunity to show the girl how much she meant to them. Noah Puckerman was reluctant to participate, however, claiming that the diva was simply being a drama queen and she would have gotten over whatever was bugging her by now. During lunch, Brittany humiliated the football player by gathering all the Cheerios she knew to slushy him for being such an insensitive asshole, and those were Santana's words. The Latina knew she shouldn't encourage Brittany's optimistic belief that Rachel would return to Glee by throwing her this party because it wouldn't do any good. When the brunette set her heart onto something, it would be difficult to sway her from any of the decisions she would be making to achieve her goal. The Cheerio couldn't deny Brittany's requests though because she loved her and she knew the girl had good intentions. Maybe that would be enough to persuade Rachel to stay…

Rachel Berry, however, was thinking quite differently as she sat quietly still in the passenger seat of Jesse's car. On her lap, she'd been holding the papers she needed her teachers to sign and the only signature she needed before turning them in was from Mr. Schuester. She sighed, obviously quite anxious because there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that was telling her this would be a very complicated departure. Jesse placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and squeezed, "If you'd like, Rachel, I could accompany you. You said you were going to say goodbye through song and I could assist you if there's any trouble." The energetic singer was staring at Rachel Berry with hopeful eyes, thinking that she could at least catch a brief glimpse of what belonged to Rachel's past. The brunette turned her attention to the only friend she'd ever come to known and politely smiled before shaking her head.

"Believe me, Jesse, it would be in your best interest if you do not set foot in that school because you'll be tainted forever once you do. It's a cesspool that swallowed me whole the moment I began my freshman year here and the quality of my life lessened each day since then until this very moment. Thank you for the offer." Rachel replied sadly, unlocking the door and unbuckling her seat belt before stepping out of the vehicle. Jesse sighed in defeat, desperately wanting to understand why the shorter girl hated McKinley High so much. She knew whenever Rachel spoke of her past, she would look so heartbroken and defeated, and that broke something inside of Jesse as well. She'll do whatever it takes to protect Rachel, and despite her growing attraction to the girl, she wasn't going to allow selfish motivations to prevent her from doing the right thing. Sitting here and waiting for the girl to return was definitely not the right thing to do so without second guessing herself, Jesse stepped out of her car and followed Rachel's path towards the school the brunette deemed as her own personal hell.

By the time Rachel reached the choir room, the door was closed and she could hear the Glee kids singing happily together and that alone wrenched her heart. When she opened the door and walked right in, however, they all abruptly stopped singing and welcomed Rachel with a well rehearsed enthusiastic greeting. They were well dressed in certain uniforms that reminded the girl of some of their best performances. Tina was smiling brightly at her in her 'Push It' outfit, Two Cheerios and a former one sporting their dresses from Sectionals, Mercedes and Kurt dressed in the 'Don't Stop Believin' costumes while the rest varied from 'Somebody to Love' to 'It's My Life/Confessions.' Mr. Schuester's smile was the first one to falter, however, because Rachel didn't look pleased. In fact, her lips were twitching in order to frown but she forced herself to remain neutral.

"Welcome back, Rachel. As you can see, we obviously missed you. Where have you been all our lives?" He asked playfully, hoping that it would break the ice since Rachel was glaring at each and every one of them spitefully. This was absolute garbage. She was less than impressed and as she hovered above a table filled with trays of colorful cookies, one particular cookie caught her eye and it was a care bear shaped one covered in pink, yellow and red frosting. There was a sticky note on the table, obviously written by Brittany, and it told her that the blond remembered what her favorite colors were. What surprised Rachel at that moment was the fact she felt absolutely nothing as she glanced over the note and over to Brittany. It meant absolutely nothing to her since this was obviously the cheapest way to buy someone back into a little pathetic club. They only wanted her talent, and nothing else. The brunette sighed and closed her eyes, taking a moment to absorb what the Glee club had been wanting to do to gain her talent back.

Instead of trying to strike up a conversation with any of them, which left them all feeling confused and nervous, Rachel walked up to Mr. Schuester and thrust the papers into his hands. "I'm officially resigning from the Glee club, there's a formal letter stating exactly what my reasons are for leaving, aside from the major reason being that I finally transferred out of McKinley High. I also need your signature since you are indeed my Spanish teacher and I have to turn these in before I'm allowed to enter the other school. Please make this quick as I have a song I'd like to sing as a personal goodbye to all of you." Rachel said in a cold, heartless tone. Her jaw was clenched, and her eyes were slightly narrowed. Irrational anger had quickly built up within her ever since she entered the room, and it only intensified as she observed everybody's reactions. Of course this was going to be complicated; Rachel Berry was never allowed a break. This wasn't supposed to happen, they were all supposed to willingly let her go since she didn't mean anything to any of them.

"What the hell? You do realize you're making the biggest mistake of your life, Berry. Yeah, things haven't been easy but we're all friends here. You're important to us." Noah tried to reason with her but failed miserably as he watched Rachel's nostrils flare repeatedly. She attempted to calm herself down before she spoke but it was impossible because childhood memories began replaying once again in the back of her mind and she had to let him have it. Finally, too, because it was about damned time she told each of these kids off. They made her believe she was a loser her entire life so why shouldn't she jump at the chance at making them feel guilty for what they had done to her?

"How am I important to anyone in this group, especially you Noah Puckerman!? You only dated me that week just to get into my pants though you grew irritable with the fact I refused to put out to a Neanderthal such as yourself. We were honest with each other and I offered you friendship and predictably you turned me away, just like everyone else did." Rachel told him through gritted teeth, stepping away from the silent, solemn football player. He hung his head down in shame, remembering that he quickly went back to picking on the diva right after they broke up. Puck usually had a witty remark prepared but today, he just didn't have it in him to respond to her. Truth be told, he was only doing this so Santana and Brittany wouldn't bitch at him. Now that he knew that Rachel was definitely leaving permanently, he wanted nothing more than to convince the girl into staying with the Glee club. She belonged with them, but she couldn't see that anymore because they hadn't shown her how much of a friend she was to them. Despite the obstacles that the girl faced, she tried to overcome them but she couldn't do it alone and no one gave her a chance. This was their punishment and it certainly hurt like hell.

Kurt Hummel stared at Rachel warily for a second before speaking, knowing that he probably didn't have a good chance at convincing the girl to stay but he wanted to try anyway. "Listen, Rachel, we're nothing without you and I don't just mean your talent. Your personality is what makes you who you are and although we're irritated with you most of the time, we just wouldn't be a Glee club without our own resident diva by the end of the day." The other students nodded in agreement but that did him no good. Rachel was angrier than she was before so she glanced over at Mr. Schuester to see if he had signed the papers yet, which he hasn't, so the girl growled with annoyance and responded to Kurt.

"It shouldn't be too difficult to replace me though, would it? I have to say, I'm flattered that you insult me while trying to persuade me to stay with New Directions though there is no reason for me to anymore. Before anyone else speaks by the way, don't think I haven't armed myself to the teeth with knowledge of your wrongdoings." Rachel warned, turning her attention to Mr. Schuester and asking if he could please sign the papers already before she reported this to Mr. Figgins. She was interrupted by Finn Hudson, who walked over to her with a sad, pathetic expression written on his face. This only infuriated the tiny diva, she couldn't stand being around these people anymore. Finn, who stood up for her on many different occasions, was a complete idiot and she felt stupid herself for thinking that he could ever keep up with her. She wanted something challenging and Finn, well, he was just too simple.

"Come on, you can't leave us just because we all did some bad stuff to you. I'm sure there's a way we can make it up to you somehow. All I know is that I'm sorry for what I personally did to hurt your feelings, Rachel." Finn told her, encouraging the group behind him to do the same as well. Everybody simultaneously apologized to the short singer, with the exception of Quinn Fabray who stared at her with a shocked expression on her face. She couldn't believe that Rachel Berry was actually leaving the school and that wasn't going well for her at all. Was this what they all had reduced her to? She angrily waddled over to Rachel Berry and slapped her hard across the face, which wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do while attempting to kiss ass. Everybody in the room gasped, Brittany almost in tears because this wasn't going the way she had originally planned.

"Jesus Christ, Rachel, I never would have expected you to be so weak. We get that you're pissed off at all of us, but is this how you really want to go? You're abandoning the Glee club and that sure as hell isn't a respectable quality. You've held your head up high all these years and put up with more crap than any of us and now is the time you want to bitch about it?" The words that were spewing out of the ex-cheerleader's mouth were sinking in and Rachel was horribly offended. She thought that she was being a coward. Was she also assuming that she was just escaping responsibility that she felt she didn't owe to New Directions anymore?

"You have a lot of nerve, Fabray. I don't expect anything from any of you because you honestly think 'I'm Sorry' is going to automatically excuse you all from committing those terrible crimes to me all throughout my life? Do you honestly believe an apology is going to win me over after all that you put me through? I AM A HUMAN BEING, QUINN, WHY AM I BEING DENIED A CHANCE TO PURSUE HAPPINESS FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE?!" Rachel screamed the last sentence, causing a few people to flinch a little as they gawked at the diva, the explosive rage the tiny girl had been suppressing for far too long discouraging them from contributing to the conversation. "I assure you, I am not abandoning the Glee club when it was the Glee club that has abandoned me. You all have been holding me back for far too long now, is it so wrong of me to desire a healthier environment where I'm treated like a person rather than an object used to win competitions!? I deserve better than that." The brunette finished, tears streaking across her face. Quinn was once again speechless, not knowing how to respond to Rachel after that.

"I've made my share of mistakes, many of them attributing to the drama I created during the journey to Sectionals and I've apologized countless times and I've tried to make up for them but you all still push me away. I no longer feel connected with any of you, and I haven't for awhile now, not since the Keep Holding On performance and I would like to express my goodbye to you all. I will not be bound by you any longer because being together has made me fall apart." Rachel says calmly, before handing the music sheet over to the pianist who looked incredibly uncomfortable this entire time. When the sad music begins to play, Rachel walks over to the stage and stares at each individual in the room as she sings.

Something's just isn't right, I can feel it inside. The truth isn't far behind me, you can't deny…

When I turn the lights out, when I close my eyes, reality overcomes me. I'm living a lie…

When I'm alone, I feel so much better! And when I'm around you, I don't feel… together!

It doesn't feel right at all, together! Together we've built a wall, together holding hands we'll fall,

hands we'll fall!

Brittany was sobbing into Santana's shoulders at this point, feeling worthless because her plan to bring Rachel back to her senses backfired and her heart burst at the sight of Quinn and Rachel squaring off. They were supposed to be friends, they were supposed to be a family, they were supposed to be everything else but this. Rachel was singing the last few lines of the song, turning her head away from everybody else in the choir room. This was horribly awkward, but it needed to come out and it felt good to finally be honest with everybody about how she felt. She thought about many of their performances together and sure, they had fun performing but being on the end of constant mistreatment lessened her interest in the Glee club. Half of them were responsible for coming up with such nicknames as Man-Hands, Treasure Trail and Stubbles, and some were responsible for slushy attacks, dumpster tossing, and other forms of public humiliation. She was just sick of it all –no, she was sick of them all, and she felt like this would be doing the right thing; leaving, and no one was going to question her for it anymore.

She stood there on stage, hugging herself tightly because she needed to be held, even if it meant comforting herself when no one else would. "Do you honestly feel like that, Rachel? I thought everything had been going well for everyone after sectionals-," Will was interrupted, eyes clearly glazed over because he was so tempted to cry in that moment. Another figure burst into the choir room, nervously laughing as the strange girl ignored the depressing vibe in the pointlessly decorated room. "Rachel, oh my God, I got worried about you so I tried following you into this cesspool of a school and then I got lost. Some poor asshole out there was pinned against the lockers and this dick of a jock dumped some kind of beverage over his face. It was freaking awful…Rachel? Are you okay?" Jesse asked, finally realizing that she had just walked in during an uncomfortable moment. She quickly made her way over to the short brunette, enveloping the girl into a tight, comforting embrace.

"Excuse us, miss, you're not supposed to be in here unless you're a member of New Directions." Will said, steadying his voice as he said this, but the girl didn't respond until a few seconds later. "Huh, no wonder I smelled failure. Is this some kind of cheap setting where you try to convince this amazing girl that she belongs in your club?" The blond sneered, shooting a death glare over at Will as she took in the setting surrounding her. She instantly felt dirty, making a mental note to jump in the shower when she got the chance after all of this was over. Santana growled at the trespasser who unknowingly offended Brittany some more.

"Who are you and what is your relationship with Rachel exactly?" Quinn suddenly asked, her brows furrowed at the sight of the strange girl rubbing soothing circles on the diva's back. What gave that…bitch the right to speak to all of them like that without knowing who they were? Jesse St. James pecked Rachel Berry on the cheek before walking down the steps, looking around and checking out the competition for regionals. She wasn't impressed and she decided to gloat a little bit, teasing them for losing their only chance at winning anything anymore to Vocal Adrenaline. "The name's Jesse St. James, I'm the female lead for Vocal Adrenaline. You must be William Schuester, the douche bag Shelby was telling us about. I hope she got the bitter taste of you out of her mouth." The choir director paled immediately, thankful that Emma wasn't in the room listening to what she just said. Rachel joined Jesse on the floor and together, their fingers interlocked and Quinn was suddenly very annoyed that their former star was allowing Jesse St. Cunt insult their leader like that.

"What do we have here, Rachel? Tell me these Gleeks aren't serious about competing in Regionals. I mean look at them, there's a clearly irresponsible pregnant teenager on the team, a cripple who has the potential of killing any mood New Directions is trying to set, and a retarded looking blond who's obviously responsible for this mess of a party. Seriously, do you think Rachel would fall for this crap? She's better off in Vocal Adrenaline, where she's respected not only for her talent, but as a person as well. She's made an excellent addition by the way." Jesse dropped the bomb right when Santana was ready to launch herself at the snobby bitch until she implied that Rachel had joined Vocal Adrenaline…was she just fucking with them or was she absolutely serious? The furious Latina felt her jaw drop to the floor at the news, her fists unclenching as her eyes, including everybody else's, darted over to Rachel Berry. She wasn't denying anything. That couldn't be right…

"Is that true, Rachel? Did you just ultimately betray us by joining Vocal Adrenaline or is she lying? Please tell me it's the latter because I don't think I could handle that right now." Mr. Schue said, running his hands through his hair, desperately trying to grasp onto the reality of the situation. Rachel's lips formed a thin straight line, looking up at Jesse who was definitely getting off on the misery that could be felt in the air. The diva sighed and nodded, taking a quick glance around the room before speaking.

"I'm not betraying any of you. I am simply pursuing a better education and healthier environment over at Carmel High School while my talent is being nourished by not only a fabulous and experienced show choir director but by an amazing team of students who share my similar dreams of being great. Excuse me, once again, for wishing eternal happiness to finally being bestowed upon me." She replied briskly, squeezing Jesse's hand though the other girl didn't mind as she was far too busy enjoying the looks on several of her competitor's faces. It was delicious…

Finn exploded. "How could you do that to us, Rachel? You're heartless, you know that!? You joined Vocal Adrenaline, and you know how hard we've been working to become better than them and you're off gallivanting with them like a whore-," His rant was cut off when Jesse loudly whistled and snapped her fingers a few times.

"Hey Frankenstein, show some respect! You know, I didn't think Rachel had it this bad until I experienced it first hand and by God, I will not let any one of you hurt her anymore. Watch your mouth, buddy. Rachel, you know they're only pissed because they lost the most talented singer they'll ever come across, right? They know you were their only chance at winning Regionals, and they don't like you, remember? They only want you for your talent and their frustration is proof that they'll never like you for anything more than that." Jesse whispered into Rachel's ears, the smaller girl pouting and leaning into Jesse as if she were her lifeline. She already knew those facts but hearing them actually being said made her heart clench painfully. "It's their loss but our gain. You're extremely talented, Rachel, but you're also a pretty neat girl to be around." Jesse finished, running her fingers through dark chestnut locks.

They could hear loud protests in the background, but the only thing Rachel focused on was the sound of Will scribbling his signature on the papers she threw at him. He had a few tears running down his face, jaw clenched, but he remained silent as he handed Rachel her property back. Things like "You can't let her do this, Mr. Schuester!" and "You've got to stop her, she belongs with us!' could be heard and it only added even more weight on Rachel's shoulders though she would ignore that feeling and interpret it later. She roughly took back the crumpled papers and muttered an insincere thank you before she and Jesse made their way towards the door. Rachel stopped for a moment, however, and turned around only to catch a glimpse of a truly horrible mess. "Mr. Schuester, I hope this teaches you a valuable lesson. That lesson is if you teach your students to rely on the most gifted member of the pack, you really don't have much faith in them to pull their own weight and you aren't doing your job. We'll see you at Regionals and good luck." With that said, Rachel and Jesse stormed out of McKinley High with heads held up high as their hands remained locked in place with one another's.

When they reached Jesse's car though, that's when Rachel almost broke down again. She looked over to Jesse in the driver's seat and whimpered. "I know we haven't known each other long, so I apologize for unloading all of this onto you. You certainly don't deserve it, but thank you so much for being there for me. I-I am so very sorry Jesse if this makes you question our friendship." Rachel began crying softly again and Jesse immediately pulled over to the side of the road, unbuckled her seat belt and pulled the sad girl onto her lap and held her close as she tried to comfort her the best she could. It was true that they hadn't known each other long but Jesse was too smitten with the girl to turn her back on her when she needed somebody in her life to make her feel like she belonged. The blond cooed in her ears, telling her that everything would be alright and that she promised to make the brunette feel a lot better by the end of the day. She didn't know how Rachel survived but she admired the girl for her incredible strength and will to carry on. Jesse knew that Rachel was vulnerable right now and she would do everything she could to be the friend the diva needed now more than anything else. She assured herself that though they would start off as friends, things would quickly escalate into becoming something more. The two girls had quite a bit in common, and with the both of them being the female leads of Vocal Adrenaline, it would make sense if the two became more than friendly with each other. A romantic relationship was inevitable, but for now, she settled for an "innocent" friendship.

"Rachel, how about I invite my friends over to hang out with us at the roller rink tonight? Chantal and Holly, the twins from our group, they'd definitely get along with you. What do you say, babe?" Jesse asked sweetly, enjoying the lit up expression overcoming Rachel's features. She definitely needed a pick me up and a night out at the roller rink sounded like the perfect distraction. "Jesse, that sounds wonderful. Thank you!" Rachel exclaimed, burying her face into the crook of Jesse's neck. The other girl was just smiling with devilish flair, blushing as she felt the brunette's warm breath tickling her skin. This was going to be good night, she would be determined to make it so.

They were skating over at the local roller rink near Rachel's home and the two girls were currently awaiting the arrival of Jesse's best friends. Jesse was enjoying the sight of a happier looking Rachel Berry because the girl was wearing a shorter skirt than usual, rainbow knee-hi socks complete with a fitted white camisole and rainbow gloves and rainbow suspenders. She was looking super cute this evening and it was all because Jesse convinced her to go out with them tonight. "You were right, Jesse, I'm actually having fun tonight. I needed this distraction more than anything, I truly appreciate everything you've done for me." Rachel shyly confessed, her toes curling over and over again from the inside of her skates. Her companion only winked and smiled brilliantly in response. "I expect the favor to be returned you know." She playfully added, before they were greeted with the sounds of two girls loudly calling for their attention.

Two identical looking girls slammed their bodies against Jesse, which nearly sent all three girls over the edge of the wall behind them. The twins and Jesse were laughing uncontrollably, smoothing over their outfits before turning their attention to a bewildered Rachel. Chantal and Holly were also apart of Vocal Adrenaline, and not only were they extremely good-looking, but they were excellent dancers as well. "Hey, Rachel, I'm sure you remember both of these lovely sluts. Chantal is the creepy ginger wannabe and Holly is the she-hulk." Jesse joked, provoking the twins to smack her arms at the same time. Rachel giggled, realizing why Jesse was teasing these girls mercilessly. Chantal was a gorgeous red head, though not a natural one like Emma Pillsbury was, and her sister was muscular though not as exaggeratingly so; her arms were toned and she definitely looked like she was capable of knocking out Noah Puckerman.

"Thanks for the kind re-introduction, St. James. It's nice to see you outside of Vocal Adrenaline, Berry. I have to be honest, for a girl your size you certainly know how to blow people away with your voice. Tell me, what inspired you to start singing?" Holly asked, taking a swig of her water bottle before crushing it on Jesse's head. The two girls fought for a few seconds before they returned their attention to a stunned Rachel Berry. Nobody ever asked her for details of her personal life, she usually had to force herself to talk about it and for once, she actually felt good about sharing this kind of information with someone who truly wanted to know. The girls spent a good twenty minutes discussing music, theater, future goals and their personal lives before Jesse convinced them to actually start skating again. "Hey, you kids have fun for a little bit while I go order all of us some pizza. Don't let these bitches corrupt you, Rachel." Jesse warned, smiling gently before skating away in the opposite direction.

The twins were skating alongside Rachel, their arms interlocking with each other's as though they have been friends for years. "It's official, Holly, I think we should keep Rachel all to ourselves! Don't tell Jesse, though, she'll get insanely jealous." Chantal said, all three girls beginning to separate from themselves. Holly smirked at her twin as Rachel threw both girls a confused look. What did she mean by that statement? Before she could get any answers from them, she suddenly felt Holly's body press up against her from behind, her arms wrapping securely around Rachel's waist while Chantal was dragging the both of them forward across the rink holding Rachel's hands. She wasn't sure what was going on but then she saw Jesse carrying a tray full of drinks over to a table until she saw the position all three girls were in. Her brows noticeably furrowed as she gasped but that wasn't a good idea; she got so distracted by the sight in front of her that she spilled a drink on her shirt and before they knew it, Jesse was setting down the tray angrily. The twins burst out laughing, all three of them rushing over to their clumsy friend.

"Jesse! Oh here, let me get that for you." Rachel offered, grabbing a few paper towels nearby as she proceeded to dry the irritable girl standing before her. The diva didn't notice how Jesse immediately tensed when her palms were practically massaging her breasts though the singer didn't think of it like that. The blond, however, turned a dark shade of red as she glared at her best friends, who continued laughing at her. They eventually quit and offered to get a replacement drink so they scampered away, leaving Rachel to molest Jesse unknowingly. "I-I think I'm good, Rachel. Thank you for the help." Jesse managed to squeak out and the brunette left her palms on the other girl's breasts for a moment, bashfully murmuring that it was no problem. Her blond companion had to clear her throat a few times to get the shorter girl to notice that she was still kneading her breasts. It was the diva's turn to turn red as she ducked her head in embarrassment, causing Jesse to let out a playful giggle.

After the twins returned, the girls spent another thirty minutes eating and discussing important topics with one another and Rachel was pleasantly surprised that each of the girls valued her strong opinions on certain things. This was the first time she actually felt like she belonged somewhere and she couldn't have been happier. One thing that still lingered in the back of her mind, however, was how the students from McKinley High wanted to prevent her from finally feeling good about herself. She didn't regret her decision for leaving at all. This was paradise.

Across from where Rachel and her new friends were sitting, they didn't notice a very pregnant Quinn Fabray and two of her own friends sitting at their own table silently as they watched the girls interact with Rachel. Santana couldn't stop herself from glaring at Jesse St. James with intense hatred while Brittany looked over at Rachel with a sad, concerned facial expression. Quinn was disappointed with Rachel. All three girls were getting a bad vibe from Jesse St. James and the ex-Cheerio was actually worried about the girl since Rachel easily clouded her own judgment sometimes. There was something about that Jesse character that didn't sit right with her and she didn't like it. Maybe if things had been different, that could have been all four of them instead. Quinn sighed, knowing that Glee would never be the same without Rachel and their chances at Regionals plummeted though she honestly found herself not caring about that very much. "Come on, let's get out of here. We're only making this hard for ourselves and we'll look like creepers stalking Rachel." Quinn said after a few more minutes of watching Rachel. The girl looked actually happy in her own element, and she briefly wondered if she had the chance, could she be able to make the girl smile and laugh like Jesse did?

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