Title: Walking the Dog
Author: JenF
Challenge Word: Weight
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchester family, their property, their friends or their enemies. If you recognise something, it's probably not mine.
A/N 1: Happy Birthday Lola Stang. Hope this is what you were after.

He finds it in a drawer in the abandoned office. Blowing the dust off, he wonders if Sam has seen what he's up to. Sam is still buried in yellowing papers though, oblivious to his brother's actions.

He runs his fingers over it, feeling the smooth surface, the satisfying weight of it in his hand, years of use reflected in its decay.

He smiles as he wraps the string around his finger and lets it fly away from him.

"Look, Sammy," he grins. "I'm walking the dog!"

Sam shakes his head as he watches the yo-yo fall to the floor.

A/N2: Walking the Dog is a legitimate yo-yo move. You can find out how to do it on any internet search.