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Leads To Something More

Ziva David opened her eyes but she felt her head aching so she closed them back. Why would her head hurt? She had no idea….wait. She opened her eyes again ignoring the headache it caused. There was a wine red wall facing her. That was not the wall she usually saw when she woke up in her bed. So was definitely not at her home. The question was: where was she?

She sat up and looked around. A big TV in front of the bed, a minibar next to it, what seemed to be a huge bathroom, a wardrobe, a leather sofa, and an elegant table with a pair of chairs. Stuff that a hotel had, just that this looked like an expensive one. Hold on, she thought, if she actually was at a hotel of that quality then who had paid for it? She couldn't have gone there on her own. Someone must have accompanied her.

She turned her head to the left and saw the back of a man. Wait. She knew that back. From where? She didn't remember but she had to find out. She placed a hand on the man's arm and rolled him over so that she could see his face. What he saw shocked her. She lifted the sheets covering them and saw that they had no clothes on. Great.

What was Anthony DiNozzo doing in bed with her? At a hotel? And naked?

They weren't on an undercover mission again. She was sure about that. And she wouldn't have done willingly what she thought she had done. Unless…..she got really, completely, drunk. That was a possibility. A crazy one, cause why would she get drunk with HIM?, but it was the only logic explanation.

She slowly got out of bed trying not to wake him and ran to the bathroom to put on a robe. After she tied the robe, she washed her face and dried it with a towel she found there. When she was about to put it where she took it from she noticed a logo on it. It said Mirage. She had heard about that hotel, it was in……Las Vegas?

"No" she said under her breath as she rushed out of the bathroom looking for the nearest window. She opened the curtains and saw what she didn't want to see. The beautiful city of Las Vegas.

She closed her eyes and banged her head against the glass of the window. She had got drunk with Tony, gone to Las Vegas with Tony, and probably had sex with him!!

"Gibbs is going to kill us" she said to herself. She made her way to the side of the bed where he was lying and shook him a little. When she saw he didn't react at her touch she shook him harder but she got the same response. So she grabbed a pillow and hit him one time as she yelled "DiNozzo!!"

Tony jumped out of bed when he heard his name "What!?"

"First, grab that sheet and cover yourself" Ziva said looking away from his exposed body.

Tony looked at what she was referring to and quickly put the sheets around his waist. He looked around and realized the situation in which they were. "What happened?"

"We are at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and I think we did something stupid" Ziva explained.

"Something really stupid" he said as he stared at something on his right hand.

"What is it?" she asked stepping closer.

Tony raised the hand he was staring at and asked her "Have one that matches this?" and he showed her a wedding ring.

Ziva looked at her hand and raised just like Tony did, showing a gold ring too. Then she screamed in shock and surprise "WE GOT MARRIED!?!?"

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